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Preparations Before the Final Dungeon

Use the Nocturne of Shadow to get to Kakariko quickly. While still in the graveyard, go into Dampé's grave and he'll challenge you to a race. You need to get to the end within a minute to win a piece of heart from him. Run the course as usual, following his flames (being careful not to get hit by them), and then when you get to the second to last room with the ramp around the edge, use the longshot on the torch by the door to get there quickly. This step is essential to winning within a minute. Go through the final door quickly and if you got there within a minute, Dampé will give you a piece of heart!

Make your way out of the grave, to the windmill. Exit, turn it to day time if it isn't already, and use the longshot on the roof of the nearby building to get up above. Talk to the man on the roof to get a piece of heart.

Now turn it to night. Longshot to the roof of Impa's old house (the Cucco pen is to one side of it) to find a gold skulltula, the last you find in Kakariko.

Go to Death Mountain Trail, and into Dodongo's Cavern. There are a couple of gold skulltulas in here that you couldn't reach as a kid.

Dodongo's Cavern

From the room with the Dodongo skull, go through the northwest exit to where you set off a bunch of bombs to make the stairs collapse. You have to do it again, so do it. Climb the stairs, then once at the top, use your longshot on the gold skulltula in the niche above you (stand at the edge or you won't be able to see it).

Return to the Dodongo skull room, and this time use the southeast exit to the room where the baby Dodongos come out of the floor. Get them out of the way, then stand in the middle of the room (centered in the path and between the walls) and play Scarecrow's Song to make Pierre appear above. Longshot him and kill the gold skulltula here. That's the last gold skulltula in this dungeon.

Equip the Goron Tunic and play the Bolero of Fire to get to Death Mountain Crater. Get on the bean sprout and jump off when you reach the smoking pillar. Get the piece of heart from here. That's the last one!

Now play the Nocturne of Shadow to get back to Kakariko, and from here make your way to Zora's River.

Zora's River

Ride the bean sprout to the first high ledge, and jump off. You see a hole and circle of stones here, but ignore that. Turn it to night and longshot the gold skulltula on the south wall by the hole.

Head towards Zora's Domain, and stop when you reach the long fence before the waterfall. At night, a gold skulltula will be on the wall high above the fence.

Play Zelda's Lullaby to get into Zora's Domain.

Zora's Domain

Make sure it's night, and go to King Zora's room and walk through the hall to get to the top of the waterfall. Stand on the edge and turn left to find a gold skulltula.

Now go to Zora's Fountain.

Zora's Fountain

Make sure it's night. Go over to the entrance to the Great Fairy fountain, where there is a grey stone. You can only lift it if you have the silver gauntlets, so lift it, then hammer the small rock that was below it and drop into the hole. Turn on the Lens of Truth to see some hidden regular skulltulas. Kill them and go up the slope to the top, where the hundredth gold skulltula is waiting!

Now that you have killed all 100 gold skulltulas, the father of the cursed skulltula children has returned to normal. He is in the center of the House of Skulltula (which is still really creepy; they could use an interior decorator) and will give you a gold rupee, worth 200 (as if you need it at this point).

Ready? Play the Prelude of Light to get to the Temple of Time.

Temple of Time


You run into the temple (although the warp song should have deposited you at the Triforce symbol), and hear a voice behind you. It's Sheik! He has some things to tell you, a secret Sheikah legend of the Triforce.

He says that the Sacred Realm mirrors the heart of whoever touches the Triforce. If an evil heart touches it, the Realm is filled with evil, but if a pure heart touches it, the Realm becomes a paradise.

The Triforce is a balance of the forces of Power, Wisdom, and Courage. If the one who touches the Triforce has these three forces in balance, he gains the True Force to govern all.

If the Triforce is touched by an imbalanced heart, the Triforce breaks into three pieces. One piece will remain with the person who touched it; that piece that reflects the force the person most believes in. The other two pieces go to two other people chosen by destiny, marked with a Triforce symbol on the back of his or her hand.

Ganondorf's imbalanced heart caused the Triforce to split. He is left with the Triforce of Power in his hand. This piece of the Triforce gave him the power to become an Evil King, but he did not gain the True Force. He has sought out the two others chosen by destiny ever since.

Sheik reveals that the one who holds the Triforce of Courage... is you! The seventh sage holds the Triforce of Wisdom... but who is it?

Suddenly, Sheik reveals a Triforce symbol on the back of his hand! After a blinding flash, it is no longer Sheik who stands before you, but... Princess Zelda!

Zelda explains that she had hoped Ganondorf could never enter the Sacred Realm as long as Link held the Ocarina of Time, but Zelda never expected that Link would be held in the Sacred Realm for seven years. Ganondorf gained the Triforce and invaded the Sacred Realm, which became a world of evil. Zelda disguised herself as Sheik to hide from the Evil King.

Now that you have returned from the Sacred Realm and awakened the Sages, they can open the sealed door and cast Ganondorf back into the Sacred Realm, trapping him there for all time. You must protect Zelda while she binds Ganondorf in the Sacred Realm.

Zelda gives you the power of the Light Arrow, which can penetrate Ganondorf's defenses.

But just as she does this, the Temple starts to rumble..! Zelda is sealed within a crystal, and Ganondorf's voice rings out. He knew Zelda would reveal herself if he let you wander around, but he underestimated your power, the power of the Triforce of Courage.

The crystal floats above and disappears, and Ganondorf's chilling laughter fills the Temple. He tells you to come to his castle if you want to rescue Zelda.

So, what are you going to do? Rescue Zelda, of course!

You will want to have:

- all items
- a full quiver
- full bomb bag
- four bottles, one empty
- at least two fairies in bottles, and at least one blue or green potion

You will need to bottle blue fire in the next dungeon, hence the need for an empty bottle. You can get more fairies for free in the dungeon.

Go to Ganon's Castle, where Hyrule Castle was in the past. Approach it, and the six Sages together will create a rainbow bridge to the castle's door. Cross it and enter the final dungeon...

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