Starting the Game

This page will walk you through starting a new game and completing the game's first tasks.

Create Your Save Slot

To start a game of Spirit Tracks, tap a New Game slot in the main menu. If there isn't a New Game slot, choose an existing game and then tap Erase to delete that save file. (It can't be recovered after you do this, so be careful.)

After you tap a New Game slot, you will be prompted to enter a name. This is filled in automatically from the name that you put into your DS. If you don't want to use that name, delete it and type in a new name.

The game will ask you if you are right-handed or left-handed. After you make your choice, the new save slot is created. You can tap it and then tap Start to start a new game. Choose Adventure if you want to play through the one-player story, or choose Battle if you want to battle against other players. The following walkthrough is for Adventure Mode.

You can also change options in your save slot. You can set Message Speed to Slow, Normal, or Fast. You can use surround sound, stereo, headphones, or mono. You can choose right hand or left hand. And you can test your microphone. With Tag Mode, you can choose items to trade to other players who have Spirit Tracks.

Aboda Village

Sometimes the game will prompt you to choose from two things to say. It doesn't really matter what you choose at this point.

In this game, you have to use the stylus to move around. The control pad doesn't move Link around. Instead, it controls things like menus.

When you're ready, leave Niko's house. You can go over to the girl dressed in pink and she will ask you to clear the rocks away. If you do, she will give you a red rupee.

There is a boy standing near a tree who teaches you how to do a somersault. Just tap twice in the direction that you want to somersault in. If you hit the tree like the boy says, you will have to somersault away or run into a house. When you talk to the boy afterward, he will give you a trading good. You can use it to get better items later.

After this, you can go to the station where Alfonzo is waiting. Talk to him. You will now have to control the train to reach Hyrule Castle in 300 seconds. Find out how to get through your first train ride.