Stamp Stations List

After getting the Stamp Book from Niko, you can go to the various Stamp Stations throughout Hyrule to put its unique stamp into the book. Some of them are hard to find, so this guide will help you find the ones that you are missing. Below is a list of where to find all 20 Stamp Stations.

  1. Aboda Village north of Niko's house
  2. Whittleton Village in the northeast area of town
  3. Forest Sanctuary near the middle of the area
  4. Forest Temple in the northeast part of the first floor
  5. Anouki Village behind some trees to the east of the village
  6. Snow Sanctuary up some stairs on the west
  7. Snow Temple across some water in the northeast part of B1F; use boomerang to freeze water
  8. Wellspring Station across the water north of Ferrus's house; use boomerang to freeze water
  9. Hyrule Castle Town bomb the rocks blocking the stairs to the wall, then go to the northwest corner of the wall
  10. Trading Post go through the cave and bomb the block that is in the way
  11. Ocean Temple on the second floor next to the northern staircase, bomb the wall crack on the right, then follow the path to reach the stamp station
  12. Ocean Sanctuary use the song of birds near Carben's doorway to call a bird, then use the whip to hold on while the bird takes you to the stamp station
  13. Papuchia Village go to the area where you found Carben floating with the birds. Latch onto a bird here to reach the eastern island. Go south and then use the birds to get to the southwest island.
  14. Goron Village go to the southwest area, then run north while avoiding boulders and using the whip to reach the stamp station in the northwest.
  15. Fire Sanctuary light torches in the center area and then use the bridges to go go east to the stamp station.
  16. Fire Temple in the room of B1F where you go in a circle on a mine cart, get back in the cart after reaching the center, then shoot the secret switch in the southwest corner of the room to be deposited to where the stamp station is.
  17. Pirate Hideout go to the east and play the song of birds to get a ride to the stamp station
  18. Sand Temple in B1F, go left past the quicksand, then go through the locked door, and then use the sand wand to make a bridge to the left.
  19. Sand Sanctuary use a cucco to reach the southeast island
  20. Tower of Spirits after getting through the Tower of Spirits, go to the top and find the stamp station there