Dark Realm

Travel on the new tracks that appeared west of Aboda Village to enter the Dark Realm.

You can hit the skulls on the sides of the track to restore hearts.

Kill the Armored Trains

Your task is to destroy all of the Armored Trains on the tracks. To do this, you have to use the Tears of Light to charge up the train. One Tear of Light will power you up enough to kill an Armored Train if you hit it. You can even move at super high speed when you blow the train whistle while you are charged up with a Tear of Light.

Get the nearby Tear of Light to power up, then go on a collision course with an Armored Train. If they go in reverse, just blow the train whistle to speed up.

Use the teleporters, shown as red starbursts on the map, to go to the different sections of track.

Start by getting rid of the trains on the lower part of the track. Then use the middle right teleporter to reach the Tear of Light on the isolated section of track on the left side. Go through the teleporter at the end to come out of the middle teleporter in the upper left and kill the train up there.

To get rid of the trains in the northeast corner, use the Tear of Light on the isolated section of track on the middle left side of the screen. As soon as you get it, hit reverse and blow your train whistle to quickly go back through the same teleporter. Then hurry north, continuing to blow your whistle, and rampage into the trains while still invincible.

Beware: if you defeat all but one train, that one train becomes able to go through teleporters and is not restricted to any section of the track, so it can go anywhere. Carefully get a Tear of Light and defeat this final train.

After defeating all of the evil trains, the final battle will begin!