Snow Temple

From the train platform of the Snow Temple, head inside. Kill the Keese, use your sword to cut down the ice crystals, and go through the door straight ahead.

Get the Dungeon's Treasure

Zelda will notice a bell. Behind the bell, there is a sign that shows a musical staff with two bells side-by-side. The bell is on a block that you can push, although you can only push it up and down. Push it up to make it go into the bell slot on the floor. Then hit the bell twice with your sword. A door will open. Go through it.

Push the block down, left, up, right, and up. Then go up the stairs and jump across the block. Then continue on and go through the door.

There is a blue monster in the water that spits a spiky ball downward. Use the whirlwind to blow the spiky ball to the left so that it hits the crystal switch. Go across the bridges and down the stairs.

Push the block to the right so that it lands in the water. Tap on the block to get on top of it. Then use the whirlwind to activate the wind switch across from the ice that you just jumped off of. It will open a door. Then use the whirlwind move yourself to the upper-right part of this area. There is a mini freezard crawling around on the ice. Just hit it with your sword and it will bounce into the water. Jump onto the ice and go through the door that you just opened.

There is an Octive in the water here. When it spits out a ball, use the whirlwind to shoot the ball back at it, killing it. Then use the whirlwind to go into the small area to the south that has a chest containing 20 rupees.

Then make your way around to the north. There are two more Octives here. Once you hop off onto the solid ground up above, you'll pass by some purple tiles and will see a couple of crystal switches up above. Pass those by and walk into the room in the upper-middle part of the area.

Use the whirlwind to stun the keese. Hit them while they are stunned. Once you get rid of all three, a chest will appear that contains the Boomerang.

Ring the Bells

Go back to the purple tiles in the previous area. Use the Boomerang. Draw a path to both of the crystal switches up above. When you hit both, a bridge will appear. Cross it and go up the stairs.

You will find a sign on the wall with four bells. There is a bell below that. Before pushing the bell block, go past the bell and to the right. Use your boomerang to kill the two ice keese, making a chest appear in the corner of the room. Then hit the crystal switch with the boomerang to open the door.

Go up and open the chest that appeared when you killed the ice keese, then push the bell block down, left, up, left, down, right, down, left, and down. That will push it into the bell slot. Then use your boomerang to hit the big bell, then the small bell twice, then the big bell again. This will open a door. Go through it.

There are four unlit torches here and one lit torch in the middle. First, draw a path for your boomerang to go through the lit torch and then over the snow around the torch. The boomerang will take the fire and melt the snow, revealing markings on the floor that tell you what order to light the unlit torches in. When you do it correctly, the door will open. Go up the stairs.

Walk past the locked door, then use your boomerang on the ice torch and draw a path over the water. The boomerang will take the ice and freeze a path in the water. The ice will melt after a while, so be careful. Make a path to the area in the bottom-right corner to reach a chest that contains a small key. There is nothing else to do in here for now, so go back and use the key on the door that you passed.

In here, kill the mini freezards by using the torch and boomerang to melt their eyes, turning them into octoroks. Kill the octoroks with your sword. The two doors will open.

Use the torch and boomerang to melt the wind switch to the right, then use the ice torch and boomerang to make an ice path across to the door at the upper right. While on the ice path, use the whirlwind to activate the wind switch and open the door. Go through.

There are Octives in the water, as well as ice torches. Use the ice torches to make paths to the Octives so you can kill them with your sword. Go to the upper-right area to find the stamp station for this dungeon. Then go to the upper-left of the room and go up the stairs.

There is a giant bell here. Before pushing it around, go through the door to the south. Use the boomerang to kill the fire keese, then use the torches to melt the snow, revealing a song. Make a note of the song if you wish.

Now go back to the last room and go to the giant bell. Push it up, right, down, left, and up. Then make an ice path in the water using the ice torches and push the bell to the right.

Go through the door that the bell just went through, then use one of the ice torches on the left to turn the unlit torch here into an ice torch. Turn the water into ice, then push the bell down, left, down, left, up, and right. Then use the boomerang to hit the big bell, the medium bell twice, the small bell once, and the medium bell once. Once you play the song, the door above will open. Be careful of the mini freezard and go up the stairs.

Get the Big Key

There are some torches to the left. Go south for now and kill the ice chuchus, then walk past the big lock and look at the north wall to find a sign showing you which torches to light. Go back and light the torches the way the sign says.

A door will unlock. Go through and fight four Wolfos. Use your boomerang to stun them. Then a second door will unlock. Go through. Step on the switch to the left to make a bridge appear. Walk onto the bridge and use the whirlwind to blow the Big Key over to the ice. Go pick up the key, take it to the big lock, and unlock it. Go upstairs.

Read the sign to make a blue warp spot appear. Use the boomerang to get healing items from the pots around the room, then go upstairs. You will fight Fraaz. Check the Fraaz Strategy to find out how to defeat him.