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Washed Ashore

After Tetra gets trapped aboard the Ghost Ship, Link washes ashore on Mercay Island.

Look for Information about the Ghost Ship

After a few cut scenes, Link washes up on an island. After some dialogue, you can walk around by tapping where you want to go. You can tap Menu to save the game. The menu also includes a map that you can draw on with Memo.

Go northeast to the nearby house and go inside. Tap the old man in the house to talk to him.

Afterward, go outside and go east toward the bridge. Talk to the person standing there to learn about a cave that you can go through to reach the east side of the island.

The cave entrance is in the northwest part of the island, north of Oshus's house. Try to go there and Ciela will tell you that it is too dangerous. Go back and talk to Oshus. Afterward, go outside, then go east to the cave next to Oshus's house. Tap the barrel blocking the cave entrance to pick it up, then tap somewhere to throw it.

Go into the cave and go to the back. Ciela will mention that Oshus keeps a sword back there. She knows how to unlock the door: count the number of palm trees on the beach, then write that number on the sign.

The number of palm trees on the beach is...

Tap the sign next to the stone door and write that number on the sign. If you did it correctly, the stone door will open.

Go to the back room and open the chest to get Oshus's sword. You can tap the book for information about how to use the sword.

Now leave the cave. Oshus will meet you and tell you to meet him in his house to learn how to use the sword. Tap Oshus and he will give you a tutorial.

Now go to the path northwest of Oshus's house. Tap the red Chuchus to attack them. You can attack the stone statue in the north end of this area and it will tell you how to roll attack. Roll into the tree on the right to get a red rupee.

Go south from the big tree and kill the chuchus there, then attack the small trees on the right to cut them down. Then go into the cave on the right to enter the Mountain Passage.

Mountain Passage

Go east and tap the boulders to pick them up, then tap anywhere to throw them. Go farther east and you find a locked door. Go east from there and some chuchus will pop out. Kill them, then open the treasure chest on the east side.

Go back to the locked door and tap it to unlock it. Go north and kill any chuchus that get in your way, then go west. The sign explains how to push and pull blocks. Tap the block and push or pull it out of the way. You can keep the stylus on the arrow to continue pushing/pulling it, then pick up the stylus when you are done.

Go to the west and kill the two Keese, then check on the sign. Ciela will tell you how to make notes on your map.

Go to the northeast side of the cave and push or pull the block out of the way, and kill the Keese in this area. Then you can open the chest to get a red rupee. Then check on the sign to find out more about the order in which to pull the levers.

The correct order is:

After you do it correctly, a key falls from above. Take it, and use it to open the locked door and go up the stairs.

Mountain Passage 2F

Kill the rats on this floor. There is a rat holding a key, but the rat keeps running and hiding in the holes in the wall. Go to the northwest corner of this area and pull the block. Put the block in front of the nearby hole in the wall. Then go toward the east side of the cave (the rat won't come out of the hole if you are too close). Before the rat runs back into the hole, stand near the hole, then hit the rat when it comes toward you and take the key. Use it to unlock the door on the right.

Then go through the eastern path, killing Keese along the way, and exit the cave through the southeast exit.

Outside, there will be a cut scene. Go to the southeast area with the boat. The person standing there will say that Linebeck might be at the milk bar.

Go to the big building to the west and tap the guy behind the counter, who tells you that Linebeck went to the Temple of the Ocean King. The bartender points to it on your map. You can press down on the control pad or B to move your map to the touch screen and draw on it while the bartender is pointing at the location.

Go to the northeast path. Be sure to roll attack one of the big trees west of the northeast island. It has a giant rupee in it, worth 100 rupees.

Go west from there and go up to the temple, then go inside.

Temple of the Ocean King

After the cut scene, you can tap the skeletons to hear some information about the temple.

Go north and go through the door there. Go north from there until there is a cut scene where you meet Linebeck. When he asks you to help, say Sure. Go north, and Linebeck will warn you that the temple will drain your life, unless you are standing on the glowing tiles.

Go to the northwest corner of this room and hit the crystal. This will lower the spikes, and Linebeck will run away. Go south to find Linebeck. During a cut scene, he gives you a key. Go back to the northwest corner of this area and use the key on the locked door.

Then go to the northwest corner of the upper area and hit the crystal. This will lower the spikes. Then go to the northeast corner, but be careful to go around the top instead of the bottom of the wall, because there is a trap door in the lower path. Hit the northeast crystal to lower the other spikes and open the door. Go past the door that opened, and open the chest to get a sea chart.

Now go south until you are back outside. After the cut scene, go to the dock, where you find Linebeck and Oshus. When Oshus shows you the map, he says to touch it until you discover its secret. To find the secret, do the following:

After discovering the secret mark on the map, Linebeck asks if you are ready to go. If not, you can come talk to him again when you want to leave. However, Linebeck encourages you to get a shield before you go. You can buy a wooden shield from the triangular shop west of the dock for 80 rupees. If you don't have enough, go to the big tree in the northeastern part of the island. The tree is west of the small northeastern island. Do a roll attack into it (draw a small circle near the edge of the screen) to make a giant rupee fall out.

When you have a shield, go back to Linebeck and tell him you are ready.

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