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Goron Island

After getting the Southeastern Sea Chart from the Temple of the Ocean King, you can visit Goron Island.

Massive Eye

When you go to the Southeastern Sea and try to dock at the island in the bottom-left of the sea chart, the Massive Eye will attack. Shoot the yellow eyes on its sides, then when the eyes turn pink, shoot them as well. When all the eyes have closed, the Massive Eye will die. It can spit out yellow energy balls, and small Eyeball Monsters. You can shoot these with the cannon to get rid of them.

Dock at Goron Island

After you defeat Massive Eye, you can dock at Goron Island.

The Goron near the dock says something about how Gorons don't like to talk to strangers. You have to talk to everyone on the island before the Elder will talk to you.

Follow the path through the island. You will reach a wooden sign. The sign says to shout if you need help, so shout or blow into the microphone to get the Goron across the way to extend the bridge.

Before going across the bridge, go north and up the stairs, and follow the path from there to find a Goron who asks you to get rid of the creatures on the cliff. Dig up the pile of sand and stand on the air vent, then shoot arrows from the ledge to hit the Yellow Chuchus. Afterward, the Goron will give you a treasure map.

Farther up ahead, a Goron will tell you where the elder's house is. Before going there, be sure to go east of the Elder's house and talk to the Goron who is blocking the path.

In the Elder's house, talk to the Elder's son first, then talk to the Elder. If you have talked to everybody, you can play the Elder's guessing game. Pay 20 rupees. Here are all of the possible questions, with their answers.

  • How many Gorons live on this island? 14
  • The Goron at this spot! What is he staring at? Ship
  • How many homes are there on this island? 6
  • What color were the odd creatures on the cliff? Yellow
  • How many rupees have you won so far? Easy! 46
  • How many rocks are there in this home? 3
  • How many Gorons are outside right now? 7
  • What is on this spot? Chest
  • Easy one, stranger! What number question is this?! 4
  • Of those Gorons outside, how many are adults? 4
  • How many Goron children live on this island? 6

When you win, you get a Wisdom Gem. You also have to pay dues of 146 rupees.

Talk to Gongoron, who will lead you to the temple. Go outside. Go west and talk to the Goron standing by the switch on the ground. He will show you where Gongoron went. Go there, and when Gongoron sees you, he will run away again. Go south and talk to the Goron there, and he will say Gongoron went east, so go that way. You can find Gongoron with the guy who was blocking the path. The guy has stopped blocking the path, so go north.

In the next area, bomb the cracked walls. The southernmost path on the left leads to a place where you can get more bombs. The path just north of that leads to a switch that lowers spikes on the other side. To reach the path north of that, you first have to go east and bomb the cracked walls there. The path leads to a chest that contains a big green rupee. It is seemingly a dead end, but you can bomb the wall under the dark mark on the ground even though the wall is not cracked. After bombing this secret wall, go west.

Before continuing west to the next area, go south and east to return to the area where you lowered the spikes. The chest there contains a Power Gem.

Then go west. There is a Like Like down the stairs. Don't get too close to it, or it can eat your shield. You can buy a new shield from the shop in the southwest part of the island. Try to use bombs and other long-range weapons on the Like Like.

After you kill the Like Like, the spikes go down, so go west to reach the temple. Step on the switch to create a shortcut back to the southern part of the island. Then go into the temple.

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