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Isle of Frost

In the Southeastern Sea, you will find the Isle of Frost, which is encased in ice.

Open the Isle of Frost

Sail to the Southeastern Sea and go to the island in the east that has a white ring around it. Set a circular route around the island and hit the ice chunks with the cannon. You have to hit each ice chunk twice to destroy it. There will also be Eyeball Monsters continually flying toward you that you have to shoot with the cannon as well.

After the ice chunks are all gone, you can dock at the Isle of Frost.

Find the Impostor

To find the whereabouts of the pure metal, you need to talk to the Island Chief. His house is on the hill, northeast of the dock. Agree to help him. He says that one of the Yook is in the Anouki village, impersonating a villager. He asks you to figure out which one is the impostor.

The Island Chief says that the Yook are liars, so you need to talk to the Anouki in the houses to the north to figure out which one is lying.

On the southwest island of the Anouki Estates area, dig in the middle of the stone tiles to get a treasure map.

Now talk to the six Anouki who live in the Anouki Estates. Here is what they say:

  • Aroo says Kumu is lying
  • Fofo says Gumo tells the truth
  • Kumu says either Aroo or Mazo is lying
  • Dobo says Mazo tells the truth
  • Gumo says either Fofo or Aroo is lying
  • Mazo says that Mazo and Dobo tell the truth

Your job is to find contradictions in what the Anouki say to figure out which one is lying. There can only be one liar.

To see the solution, click the button.

After you have talked to all of the Anouki in the Anouki Estates, go talk to the one that you think is lying. If you are correct, the impostor will be revealed. After the cut scene, go talk to the Island Chief. Then you can go east and talk to the Anouki blocking the path to the Great Ice Field, and he will move out of the way. Then you can go north to enter the cave.

Great Ice Field

In the cave, there is a sign that mentions the Yooks' weakness. It seems to be saying that you have to throw something at them when they breathe in.

When you reach the Great Ice Field, a Yook is nearby. It will take a deep breath, then blow freezing air at you. Throw a bomb at the Yook when it is breathing in, and the Yook will be stunned when the bomb explodes. While the Yook is stunned, hit it repeatedly with your sword until it dies.

Be sure to kill all of the Yook in this area. When they are all gone, the path to the Ice Temple will open. Go north toward the temple. You will have to fight another Yook. This one is more aggressive, but can be defeated the same way as the others were.

After it is gone, go north to enter the Temple of Ice.

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