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Temple of Courage

After salvaging the Sun Key, you enter the temple on Molida Island.

Temple of Courage 1F

Go north and walk behind the rolling spike bar, then go into the alcove on the right and wait for the spikes to roll downward. Go north and stand on the brown tiles until the spikes above you start to roll away. Go north and stand on the brown tiles to the right. Before you continue, throw a bomb at the section of wall that has a narrow hallway above it. When the bomb explodes, go up into the narrow hallway to find a chest. Then go south when the spikes are to the left, and go east and south to safety.

There is a spike trap to the south, so stay on the right side. Then get in the path of the spike trap to make it come toward you, and go through the gap where the trap was before you made it move.

Go south, then west, and step on the switch to open the door. Then go north and open the chest to get a key. Go south onto the bridge and jump off the right side, then make the spike trap come back up again, and go to the right when it is going back down. Go north from there and unlock the door.

Go east, then south. You will be trapped in a room with two Moldorms. You have to hit the red segment of their tails. Don't get too close to them or they will come toward you, making it difficult to reach their tail segments. Keep your distance, then attack when they are facing away from you.

When you kill both Moldorms, the south door will open, so go down the stairs there.

Temple of Courage B1

Go to the left and stand on the moving block when it stops there. When the block moves to the platform in the middle, step onto the platform. There is a hardhat beetle on the platform. You can't kill it with the sword, but you can knock it off of the platform.

A moving block will arrive on the left side of the platform, so stand on it. When it goes past another moving block, go down and stand on the lower moving block. Be sure to hit the crystal switch to turn it blue. Then when the block stops at the stairs on the left, go up the stairs.

Temple of Courage 1F, part 2

Be careful to avoid the electric Winder and kill the Gels, then go north. If the red blocks are raised, go south and down the stairs, then use the boomerang from this platform to hit the crystal switch northeast of the stairs, turning it blue.

Go north in the room with the electric Winder. You will reach two stone tablets. Read the rightmost tablet and make a note of the directions that it mentions. Then place a bomb to the right of the leftmost tablet. This will break a hole in the wall, giving you access to the room to the north. Read the map and make a note of the path. You have to switch the map to B1 (tap the 1F on the bottom-left of the map and choose B1).

Go south from the secret room, then go east to the cracked blocks. Use a bomb to get rid of them. The Green Chuchu will hide if you try to hit it, so try doing a spin attack when it stops hiding, or use the boomerang to stun it.

Go east, then south, and walk up the stairs to read the stone tablet on the platform. Make a note of the shape on the platform.

Go south and walk up the stairs. A Pols Voice will fall from the ceiling. Blow into the microphone to stun the Pols Voice, then hit it with your sword. When it dies, it leaves behind a small key.

Go down the stairs and step on the switch to open the door, then go north. Use the key on the locked door, then go up the stairs.

Temple of Courage 2F

There are four switches in this area, but you need to pull them in the correct order. The stone tablet that you saw earlier has the correct order.

The correct order is

There are electric Winders and Beamos enemies in this room. Don't let the Beamos eye see you, or it will shoot a laser beam at you.

When you have pulled the levers in the correct order, a chest appears. Open it to get the square crystal.

Take the crystal downstairs, then go south and up onto the platform. Tap the square pedestal to put the square crystal there. The door will open, so go northeast and down the stairs.

Temple of Courage B1, part 2

The floor is invisible here. There is a map on 1F that shows you the correct path (see previous section on this page). Beware of the hardhat beetles that are on the hidden paths. You can lure the first one onto the platform where you entered the room, but when you encounter others farther ahead, try stabbing the sword straight at them to poke them off of the edges.

Because of the angle of the pillars in this room, you might find it easier to just look at your map as you make your way along the hidden path.

When you reach the platform in the northwest corner, open the chest to get the Bow and Arrows. Face the blue eye in the north wall, then put the stylus on the the touch screen and move so that Link is aiming at the eye. Then lift the stylus to fire an arrow. When you hit the eye, a bridge will extend to the south.

Go south on the bridge. There is a Moldorm here. You can kill it by shooting its red tail segment with an arrow, or just use your sword. Then before you go upstairs, hit the blue thing on the right with your sword until it is pointing to the right, then shoot an arrow at it. The arrow will be sent to the crystal switch, turning it red. Now go upstairs.

Temple of Courage 1F, part 3

Go south. If the blue blocks are in the way, go north and down the stairs and read the previous paragraph to see how to lower the blue blocks.

Go south and there are two Moldorms. Shoot their tail segments with an arrow or hit them with the sword, then go up the stairs. The statue will tell you to go back to where you left the square crystal before and bring it back here.

Go to the east. There is an eye on the east wall. Shoot it with an arrow, then go north and get the square crystal from the northern platform. Then take it to the southwest corner of this room and put it in the pedestal there. The door to the right will open. Go up the stairs there.

Temple of Courage 2F, part 2

There are a bunch of Octoroks in this area. Use your bow and arrows to shoot them. After you have killed all of the Octoroks, a bridge extends from the northwest corner to the northeast.

Cross the bridge, and go east, then south. Quickly get on the moving block because it will move again soon, then when you reach the corner, get on the moving block on the right. Use the bow to shoot the eye in the upper-left corner of this area, then when the moving block touches another block on the right, go to the right until you are standing on the far right block. Shoot an arrow at the eye in the northeast corner of this area. Then you can go to the treasure chest on the northern ledge to get a Power Gem.

Then use the moving blocks to go to the southeast corner, then go north on the next moving block. From there, go east. Run past the spike traps, then shoot the Beamos in the eye with an arrow to stun it. Go south down the left path and jump over the gap, then go east and bomb the cracked rock, but go west and north before the bomb explodes. Then jump back to where the Beamos is (making sure that it is not going to shoot you when you jump across) and go down the path on the right, jumping over the gap and pushing the block down when the spike trap is on the right.

Go back to the Beamos and go down the left path again, then go to the right and push the block to the right until you can go up the north path. You will find a treasure chest and some stairs going down, so open the chest and go down the stairs.

Temple of Courage 1F, part 4

Go west, but try to avoid the electric Winders. At the left side, jump over the gap. Step on the switch to open the door, then go down the nearby stairs.

Temple of Courage B1, part 3

When the moving block arrives on the right, stand on it to go to the southeast corner. Go north on the moving block there, then use the boomerang to light up all of the torches. The spikes to the north will go away, so you can go north from the moving block.

From there, stab the hardhat beetles off of the platform, then use the boomerang on the blue thing on the left until it is pointing to the left, then shoot an arrow at it to change the crystal from red to blue. Go north over the red tiles, then go north and go up the stairs.

Temple of Courage 1F, part 5

Go south and a Pols Voice will appear, so blow into the microphone to stun it, then hit it with your sword. Get the key, and unlock the nearby door. Go north and up the stairs.

Temple of Courage 2F, part 3

Go to the left and hit the statue, then go to the left and stand on the blue block. Then open your map. There is an eye on each of the four columns in this room. You need to hit them in the correct order, which you learned earlier in this temple.

The correct order is

While looking at your map, draw a route for your floating block. Make it go under each column in the correct order, and shoot the eyes on the columns. If you did it in the correct order, a chest appears in the northeast corner. Move the block there and open the chest to get the Big Key. Then stand on the block and draw a route to the southwest corner. Use the Big Key there and go up the stairs.

Temple of Courage 3F

Read the stone tablet to make a blue warp point appear. Before you go up the stairs, go to the north wall and bomb the crack. Go up and open the treasure chest to get a Courage Gem.

Then go upstairs to face the dungeon boss.


Crayk will turn invisible and walk around the room. You will be able to see things from the monster's perspective in the top screen. Equip your bow and arrow, and aim the bow where the monster is. If you can see Link aiming at you in the top screen, fire the arrow to shoot it at Crayk. If Crayk catches you, rub the stylus from side to side to make the monster let go. If you shoot Crayk, it will hide in its shell. Throw bombs at Crayk while it is in its shell, and eventually the shell will break. At this point, you can shoot arrows at Crayk or hit its claws with your sword to make it temporarily shield itself, giving you time to run behind Crayk and hit the blue tail. Keep hitting the tail until Crayk is defeated. You can kill the small Crayklings to get arrows and hearts.

Go back to the ship. Oshus will be there with Linebeck. After a cut scene, you have to go to the Ghost Ship. When you set sail, Linebeck tells you to sail toward the fog. Draw a route to the Northwestern Sea, where you encountered the fog before.

You won't get very far before Jolene stops you. You can try to draw a route away from her, but her ship is faster, so she will ambush you. Try to explore the ship, and Jolene will arrive. You have to fight her.


If you get too close to Jolene, she will hit you with her sword. Keep your distance. Eventually, Jolene will pull back her sword, then hit with a powerful attack. You need to go to the side when she pulls back her sword, then hit her after she does her powerful attack. If your swords get stuck together, rub the stylus from side to side to break free. Eventually, Jolene will drop her sword and leave the room.

Afterward, walk up to the wooden crate in the room to find Linebeck and get a blue rupee.

Then sail north to reach the Northwestern Sea. Then try to sail through the fog in this area. The ship will get stuck. Talk to Linebeck and he will tell you that you have to steer.

While you steer, watch out for bomb barrels and other obstacles. The spirits will flash more when the ship is pointing in the right direction. Watch the upper screen to see the cone where the ship is facing. Turn the wheel until the spirits flash more, then watch the cone to see which way the ship is facing when the spirits are flashing more. Make the ship continue to go in that direction until you reach the Ghost Ship.

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