Spool Swamp

After you complete the Snake's Remains dungeon, the Maku Tree tells you to go to Spool Swamp, which is to the west.


Go to Spool Swamp

From the Snake's Remains entrance, go west, then north, and turn it into winter. Then go south until you reach some ice, and walk west over it. Go back to Horon Village and go north from there until you reach the screen with two rocks blocking the path north. Lift them and go north.

There are Buzz Blobs in this area that will electrocute you if you hit them with your sword. You can kill them by throwing an Ember Seed on them.

Get Scent Seeds

North from the entrance to the swamp is a Scent Seed tree. Scent Seeds attract monsters. If you drop one, monsters will walk toward it.

Get Ricky's Gloves

You don't have to go west just yet, but if you do, you find a kangaroo named Ricky. He would help you get to Spool Swamp but he lost his gloves to Blaino.

Go east from the Scent Seed tree (described in the previous section) and go south to find Blaino's Gym. Bet him 10 rupees to fight a boxing match against him. Press A and B to throw punches. Avoid his punches and try to hit him where he's not blocking his body with his gloves. When you push him out of the ring, he gives you Ricky's Gloves.

Be sure to re-equip your items before leaving. Go north then west from Blaino's Gym. Keep going westward, across a small bridge.

Optional: Plant a Gasha Seed

In the screen with the small bridge, go to the west side of the bridge and go north until you reach a screen with a tree trunk that you can crawl through. There are Darknuts in this screen. There is also a hidden patch of soft soil near the middle of this screen that you can reveal by digging with the shovel. You can plant a Gasha Seed there if you wish.

If you continue north, you encounter a Ball and Chain Soldier. Past that, there is a palace that you can't enter because of dark energy. Seems suspicious.

Find Ricky

Please Note! In this game, you can befriend Ricky the kangaroo, Dimitri the Dodongo, or Moosh the bear. If you want to befriend Dimitri you have to win the Strange Flute from the Subrosia Dance Hall (you have to win several times before the Strange Flute is given as the prize). If you want to befriend Moosh, you have to get the Strange Flute from the Horon Village shop. If you don't get one of those flutes before giving Ricky his gloves, Ricky becomes your animal companion for the rest of the game.

Back in the screen with the small bridge, go west, then north to reach Ricky. Talk to him to give him the gloves. If you didn't get one of the flutes mentioned above, he will give you Ricky's Flute, which lets you summon him no matter where you are. You automatically jump into his pouch.

To punch, press A. Hold the A button to charge up a tornado punch. Press B to get out of the pouch. Walk up to Ricky to get back into the pouch.

Enter the Swamp

Go south until you reach a screen with holes blocking the way. Ricky says that he can jump over gaps automatically. Walk into the holes and he'll jump over. Continue south. Ricky doesn't get electrocuted by Buzz Blobs, so just punch them to get rid of them.

Along the way, you will pass by a house. Inside is a woman who says that she feels too hot, and needs something creepy to send chills down her spine. If you have the Ghastly Doll, she will take it and give you an Iron Pot.

North of the woman's house you find a cliff. Ricky explains that he can jump up the cliff in one leap. Just push on the cliff and Ricky will jump onto it. Go north, then Ricky will go back home. The swamp is to the north.

You'll pass by a sign that says Tarm Ruins are to the north. You can't do anything at the ruins right now, so you can just ignore it and go west.

You'll find a Pegasus Seed tree. Hit the seeds with your sword to put them into your seed satchel. If you use a Pegasus Seed, you walk more quickly for a limited time.

As you make your way into the swamp, you'll see Sokra sleeping on a ledge that you can't reach. If you go north then east from him, you find a house where the guy says that he lost the key to the floodgates. There is a lever in the bottom-right corner of the house. Hit it with your sword to drain the pool in the house. The Floodgate Key is there. Take it. The old man says that you can reach the floodgates from the puddle outside. Go outside to discover that the water here has drained, too. Go down the stairs there.

The owl statue says to use Pegasus Seeds. Step on the switch, then use a Pegasus Seed and run across the bridge.

In the next room, push the rightmost green rock up, and the other green rock down. Use the Power Bracelet to pick up the brown rock, then push the bottommost green rock left and the one above you up. Go down the stairs.

Follow the path around this area and lift rocks to reach the stairs at the end. Keep going until you are outside again.

Go south. If you go east, you can talk to Sokra, who says that you need a new power of seasons, so you need to find a new path to Subrosia. Continue south to find a Business Scrub who says that he saw a strange vortex south of the floodgates. He offers a shield for 50 rupees. You can get a cheaper one in Horon Village, so don't bother. There is hidden soft soil in the screen with the Business Scrub.

Go east from the Business Scrub and push the keyhole to use the floodgate key. This lowers the water down below. Go back to where you encountered Sokra and jump down off of the ledge.

Now go north, then west. Use the Rod of Seasons to turn it to Winter. From the tree stump, go east, then south until you are in the swamp.

Spool Swamp with Ricky

If you have Ricky, then just jump up the ledge on the left side of the screen. Make your way west, then south until you encounter another cliff. Go up it and go south. Use a tornado punch (hold A to charge up) to get rid of the bushes between the holes. Jump over them and go south. In the next screen, there is a hidden patch of soft soil under the rock. There are hidden Pincers in holes in the ground in this area, so be careful. If it's winter, keep going east (being careful of more hidden Pincer enemies) until you can't go east anymore. Dig through the snow and bomb the wall and go in. The chest contains the Square Jewel.

Spool Swamp with Dimitri

If you got the Strange Flute from the Subrosia Dance Hall, then from the first screen of the Swamp, go south, then east, then north. You'll find Dimitri surrounded by Moblins. Talk to the Moblins and pay them 80 rupees to leave Dimitri alone. You can now hop onto Dimitri's back. Press B to get off of Dimitri. Press A to make him eat whatever is in front of him. He can eat any enemy. He can swim, and can even go up waterfalls. You can also pick him up and throw him using the Power Bracelet.

With Dimitri, go south until you can't go south anymore. There are hidden Pincer enemies in holes in this area, so be careful. Dimitri can eat the Pincers as soon as their eyes appear. If it's winter, dig through the snow on the right side of the screen and bomb the wall and go inside. In the chest, you find the Square Jewel.

Go back outside. Make your way west. Remember that Dimitri can eat the Pincers as soon as their eyes appear.

When you reach the southwest corner of this area, watch out for the Pincer, and go lift the rock in the corner to find a patch of soft soil. Then use the northeast exit. Lift the rock and use the Subrosia portal.

Spool Swamp with Moosh

If you got the Strange Flute from the Horon Village shop, then from the first screen of the swamp, go south, then use the southwest exit. Go north from there to find Moosh. He'll scare off some Moblins who are harrassing him. Go up and talk to Moosh. The moblins come back, so get rid of them with your sword, then talk to Moosh again.

With Moosh, press A to float in the air. Keep tapping it to stay afloat, but keep in mind that you will slowly float back down. While hovering, hold the A button to charge a Ground Pound. To get off of Moosh, press B.

From where you found Moosh, go south, then east. Float over the holes, and continue south and float over those holes. From there, go east, then south. Be careful of the hidden Pincer monster in this screen.

If it's winter, dig through the snow and bomb the rock wall. Go inside and open the chest to get the Square Jewel. Go back outside. Make your way west, avoiding the hidden Pincer enemies. When you are in the southwest corner, lift the rock to find soft soil. Then go north, lift the rock, and use the Subrosia Portal.

Rosa's Ribbon

When you arrive, you're in a screen with a volcano, so get out of this screen. If you talk to the Subrosians in this area, you learn that Rosa's key can unlock any door. Rosa is apparently a pop idol who is very popular lately. You also learn that blue and red ore can be combined into very hard ore, but it's a secret. You'll see a couple of metallic cylinders marked with an S.

There is a beach to the south where you can find star-shaped ore in the sand. Just dig with your shovel. Someone in the beach area will mention that Rosa lost her ribbon. You find Rosa in the southeastern part of the beach. Her ribbon floated out to sea.

Go to the Subrosia Market. You can get a shield here (the seller thinks it's a cutting board) for 5 Ember Seeds. You can also get a Piece of Heart (the seller calls it a "rare peach stone") for 20 ore chunks and 10 ember seeds. And finally, you can get the ribbon for star-shaped ore. If you don't have star-shaped ore, go south to the beach and dig in the sand until you find it. Then get the ribbon.

Go outside and go back into the market. You can now get a ring for 30 ore chunks, and big bomb bag (it lets you carry more bombs) for 10 bombs and 50 ore chunks.

There will be another ring in the market after you buy the first, and there will be a Gasha seed where the bomb bag was. When you buy a ring, go outside and go back in and there will be a new ring in stock. After you buy a ring for 70 ore chunks, the seller will have ember seeds there instead.

A Date with Rosa

Now that you have the Ribbon, go back to Rosa in the southeastern corner of the beach and give it to her. She'll go on a date with you and ask you to take her to the temple. With Rosa, go north from the market. Push on the locked door and it will unlock with Rosa's key. Go to the west side of the indoor area and unlock the door, then when you are outside, go east to reach the temple.

In the temple, go to the northwest and unlock the door. Inside, lift rocks so that you walk up the middle of the room. Lift the rocks and go up the stairs. Keep going up to reach the altar. The spirit will add the power of Summer to the Rod of Seasons. She tells you to remember that in the summer, vines grow and creeks dry up.

Take Rosa back to the spot on the beach where you found her and she'll thank you for the date.

To the Next Dungeon

Be sure to get a shield before you continue on. You'll need it in the next dungeon. The Subrosia market has one that you can get for ember seeds.

You need to go back to Spool Swamp now, so go use the portal next to the volcano where you first arrived in Subrosia from Spool Swamp.

Lift the rock and go south. Make your way to where you used the floodgate key to the north. After passing through the river, go west to find a tree stump. Use the Rod of Seasons on it to turn it into summer, then go north. Use the vines to climb into the entrance to Poison Moth's Lair.