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Bipin and Blossom's son

In Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, you can meet Bipin and Blossom, who have a baby son. Blossom asks you to name her son. As the game progresses, your conversations with Blossom and her son will influence the boy's personality as he grows up. After you beat Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Seasons, you will receive a password that you can use in the other game to start a Linked Game. In the Linked Game, you can meet up with the family again and receive rewards from their son depending on the personality he grew up to have. He can become an Arborist, Warrior, Singer, or Slacker.

Rewards you can Get

Before explaining how to influence the boy's personality, here is a reference for the rewards that you can get from the adult son in a Linked Game.

RewardAdult PersonalityOption
200 Rupees Slacker Give the Slacker 50 rupees when he asks
100 Rupees Warrior Tell the Warrior that Daily Training will make him mightier
Gasha Seed Arborist n/a
Slacker Give the Slacker 10 rupees when he asks
Unlimited full health restores Singer n/a
One-time full health restore Warrior Tell the Warrior that a Caring Heart will make him mightier
One-time seed satchel refill Slacker Give the Slacker 100 rupees when he asks
One-time refill of a single heart Warrior Tell the Warrior that Natural Talent will make him mightier
1 Rupee Warrior Tell the Warrior that "none of the above" will make him mightier

Sequence of Events

The following sequence of events will make Bipin and Blossom's son reach adulthood.

Give Their Son a Name

When you first meet Bipin and Blossom, talk to Blossom to name the child. His name can be at most five characters long. The name doesn't have an effect on his upbringing.

Complete Dungeon #2, then Help the Sick Child

After you complete the second dungeon, go back to Bipin and Blossom. Talk to Blossom and give her some money to help pay for the doctor to help their sick son. The amount that you pay will affect his adult personality. If you want an arborist, you have to pay 50 or 150 rupees. If you want a Slacker, don't pay 150 rupees. Singer and Warrior can be reached no matter what amount you pay at this stage.

Complete Dungeon #6, Help Blossom get the Child to Sleep

After you complete the sixth dungeon, talk to Blossom. She is having trouble getting her son to go to sleep. She will ask whether she should play with him or sing to him. Your answer will affect the child's personality.

Talk to the Family

After telling Blossom whether to play or sing, the child will grow up from a baby and become either a Hyperactive, Curious, or Shy child. Your conversations with Blossom, Bipin, and their son will affect his future progress.

Beat the Game and Begin a Linked Game

To make Bipin and Blossom's son reach adulthood, you have to help him reach childhood as described above, then beat the game. Upon beating the game, you will be shown a password called "Secret to Holodrum" (if you played Oracle of Ages) or "Secret to Labrynna" (if you played Oracle of Seasons).

Make a note of this password, then go to the file select screen of Oracle of Ages (if you have a "Secret to Labrynna") or the file select screen of Oracle of Seasons (if you have a "Secret to Holodrum"). Choose "Secret", then input the password. You will start a new game, but Bipin and Blossom's son will start as either the hyperactive, curious, or shy child you helped raise.

Complete Dungeon #3, Interact with Adult Son

In the Linked Game, complete the third dungeon. The son will become an adult. Talk to the adult son to get the rewards described in the table at the start of this page.

Paths to Adulthood

The following tables explain how to influence the type of adult that Bipin and Blossom's son grows up to be. In columns with a question mark (such as Blossom: Play or Sing?) you have to answer the specified person's question.

Paths to Arborist

Amount Paid for Doctor Blossom: Play or Sing? Child's Personality Blossom: Energetic, Quiet, or Weird? Child: Girlfriend? Child: Strong?

Paths to Warrior

Amount Paid for Doctor Blossom: Play or Sing? Child's Personality Blossom: Energetic, Quiet, or Weird? Child: Girlfriend?

Paths to Singer

Amount Paid for Doctor Blossom: Play or Sing? Child's Personality Blossom: Energetic, Quiet, or Weird? Child: Chicken or Egg? Child: Strong?
1SingCuriousEnergetic or QuietEgg
50SingShyEnergetic or QuietNo

Paths to Slacker

Amount Paid for Doctor Blossom: Play or Sing? Child's Personality Blossom: Energetic, Quiet, or Weird? Child: Girlfriend? Child: Chicken or Egg? Child: Strong?
1PlayHyperactiveQuiet, Weird, or NoneEither

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