Beginning the Game


Create a Save File

Start a new game by choosing one of the empty save slots. Use the Erase feature if all of the slots are in use. You can choose New Game to start from the beginning, or if you have completed Oracle of Ages and received a Secret of Holodrum password you can choose Secrets to enter the password and begin a Linked Game of Oracle of Seasons.

After choosing New Game, create a name for your character, then choose OK. You will be prompted to choose the message speed. You can change the message speed each time you play. After choosing it, the game begins.

Arrival in Holodrum

After the Triforce asks you to accept the quest, you end up in a field. A red-haired girl finds you there, but when you wake up, she's nowhere to be found. You end up next to a wagon and can hear some music in the distance. Exit to the east.

Meet Din

You find a troupe of performers, which includes the red-haired girl from earlier. She is a dancer named Din, and she has been taking care of you since you appeared nearby. Talk to everyone, then talk to Din. She gets you to dance (awkwardly) with her. She is surprised to notice the Triforce symbol on your hand, which indicates that you are a hero with a special fate.

Suddenly lightning strikes, and Onox kidnaps Din with a tornado. He chains her to a rock and says that he will bury the temple of the Season Spirits in order to throw the seasons into chaos. He seals Din in a crystal and buries the Temple of Seasons.

Talk to the Maku Tree

After these events, you awaken in a snowy field, and Impa reveals that she is Zelda's nurse, and was sent to Holodrum to bring Din to safety after Zelda sensed she was in danger. Impa asks you to meet the Maku Tree in Horon Village and tell him that Din was captured.