Snake's Remains

The Rod of Seasons makes it possible to reach the second dungeon, known as Snake's Remains.


Get Five Rupees

Go west from the entrance and go past the blade traps. There are hidden green Zols in this room, so be careful as you go to the left side of the room to reach the chest on the left side of the room. It contains five rupees.

Get a Key

Go north from where you got the five rupees from the chest. Kill all of the Ropes to make a key fall from the ceiling in the center of the room.

Get the Compass

Go back to the entrance of the dungeon and light the two torches. Go through the door that opens. In the next room, go east. Push the middle-right block to the right to reveal a chest. It contains the compass.

Get a Bunch of Rupees

Go west from where you got the compass, then go north. Bomb the west wall where the arrow is pointing. Go inside to find a room full of rupees. The amount might be random. I got 176 rupees in this room.

Get the Power Bracelet

Go east from the rupee room, then unlock the door in the north wall and go through. Knock the Hardhat Beetles into the holes (the shield lets you bump into them without getting hurt) to make the door on the left open. Go through.

Use your boomerang to stun the Moblins across the gap, then use bombs to kill them or knock them into the hole. When they are gone, a chest appears. Open it to get the Power Bracelet.

If you equip it, you can lift heavy items like pots and stones. Just walk up to the object and press the button that you equipped the Power Bracelet to and press the control pad in the opposite direction from the way that you are facing.

Get the Dungeon Map

Go east from where you got the power bracelet and lift the pot in front of the chest. Open the chest to get the Dungeon Map.

Get a Second Key

Go south from where you got the map. Kill the monsters in this room if any, then exit east. Kill all of the Ropes and Gels in this room, then push the rightmost block to the right (it won't move until the monsters are gone). Go east.

Avoid the large blade traps in this room to go around to the chest. It contains a key.

Get a Gasha Seed

Go to the right side of this room and use the exit in the south wall.

Use the Power Bracelet to push the rollers out of the way. Walk to the stairs in the bottom-right corner of this room and go up. You end up outside, next to a chest. It contains a Gasha Seed.

Get a Third Key

Go to the left from the chest where you got the Gasha Seed. You find some stairs leading down. Go down.

You're back in the dungeon, in a different area. On the left side of this room, there is a business scrub who will sell you bombs. Go north and cut the bushes. Exit to the north.

You have a limited time to reach the chest in the center of this room before it disappears. If it does disappear, you have to leave the room and go back in to make it reappear. Don't bomb the block to your right. Instead, go up and bomb the block there. Continue bombing the blocks in your way to reach the chest in the center. It contains a key.

Get 10 Rupees

Go back the way that you came until you're in the room with the rollers. Push them out of the way and go north.

In the room with the giant blade traps, go east. Bomb through the cracked blocks to reach the stairs on the right. Go down.

Go down the ladder and make your way west. Walk near the Thwomp to make it fall, then walk on top of it and continue west.

In the room with the four Thwomps, simply walk under them without stopping. Just be careful of Keese. Keep going west and up the ladder at the end.

Push the rollers out of the way and go to the bottom of this room to find a chest that contains 10 rupees.

Reach the Mini-Boss

From the room where you got 10 rupees in a chest, exit east. Go to the middle of the roller and push it right, then go to the bottom of the roller before pushing it farther to the right. Go down to the lower half of the room, then go east to the second roller.

Go to the middle of the second roller and push it to the right twice, then quickly walk to the north half of the room. Use the Power Bracelet to get rid of the pots in the way and follow the path down to the locked door. Open it.

Mini-Boss: Facade

Facade is only vulnerable to bombs, so put bombs on the face when it appears. Facade always appears in the center of the room, so always put the bombs there. Facade may make fireballs fall down from the ceiling, or might make Beetles fall from the ceiling. Facade might also open holes in the floor, so keep moving.

Get the Boss Key

Go east from Facade's room, then go east again. Go through the key block. (Just push the key block until it unlocks.) From here, go south to find a rotating device. Walk into it and exit west. In this room with the Pols Voices, bomb the north wall where it is cracked (near the top-right corner). Go north.

Lift the pots, then go east twice. Get past the blade traps and exit south. Carefully use the moving platforms to reach the east side of the room. Go up the steps and exit north. Open the chest to get the boss key.

Reach the Boss

Jump down from the ledge and go south. Use the moving platforms to go to the left side of the room. Exit west. Use the rotating device. If you used it earlier as described, it should put you in the south part of the room. Exit south.

Use the moving platforms to go to the bottom half of the room. Lift the pots to access the boss door. Unlock it and go through.


Stay in front of Dodongo's face as he walks around. When he opens his mouth, throw a bomb into it, then use the Power Bracelet to lift Dodongo and throw him onto the spikes in the middle of the room. Dodongo might sometimes run quickly toward you, so be careful.

Get the Essence

Once Dodongo is defeated, use the south exit to reach the Gift of Time. Afterward, the Maku Tree mentions Spool Swamp, which is to the west.