The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Majora's Mask 3D Walkthrough

Snowhead Temple

After you get the Goron Mask in the Mountain Village and learn the Goron's Lullaby, you can get rid of the giant Goron in Snowhead who is blocking the path to Snowhead Temple.


Get a Stray Fairy

Kill the White Boes in the first room, then break the icicles in front of the stone in the wall. As a Goron, push the stone inward until it falls. In the next room, a White Wolfos attacks. Go into the door next to the frozen door.

Before proceeding through this room, go down the ladder near the door. There is lava at the bottom, but you can walk over it, although you will be damamged. Wear the Goron mask and roll over the lava to minimize damage.

On the other side, go to the far left and look up at the column of stone in the middle. There is a stray fairy bubble up there. If you use the Lens of Truth, you should still be able to see the fairy from this side. If not, you are on the wrong side. When you have found a place where you can see the fairy even when using the Lens of Truth, pop the bubble with an arrow then wear the Great Fairy Mask to make the Stray Fairy come to you.

Get a Second Stray Fairy

Look to the left of the stone column that had the first Stray Fairy in it. There is a Stray Fairy in a bubble under a ledge. Pop the bubble with an arrow and wear the Great Fairy Mask to make the fairy come to you.

Get a Third Stray Fairy

Go back across the lava and up the ladder. If you don't have any magic in your magic meter, break the snowballs here to find magic jars. As a Goron, stand on the ice and start rolling toward the bridge. Rolling on ice will make you move forward slowly so that you can build up a burst of speed before you go over the bridge. When you get a burst of speed, go over the bridge and you will go over the ramp. When you reach the other side, let go of the A button so you stop rolling. Break the nearby pots to get arrows if you don't have any. Then jump to the ledge with the stairs. Go up the stairs.

In this room on 2F, there is a Real Bombchu. Hit it with your shield, and keep holding up your shield to protect yourself when it explodes.

There is a Stray Fairy to the right of the door. You can walk up to it or just wear your Great Fairy Mask to make it come to you.

Get the Dungeon Map

To the left of the entrance, there is a chest that contains the map.

Get a Key

Now go back down the stairs. Go across the gap and go right. Go into the door.

Go across the large stone in the middle of the room and go through the door with the brown border around it.

To the left, there are two small stones in the wall. Pull them out from the wall. Behind the stones, there is a chest. It contains a key.

Get the Compass

Now push the two stacked stones as far away from their starting point as possible, to the spot in the west side of the room. Once you do that, a chest appears on the upper level. You can't reach it yet.

Go back to the previous room and go to the door that is frozen but has two torches next to it. Shoot an arrow through the flames and onto the ice chunk to melt the ice. Go through the door that was frozen.

You'll be back in the first room. A White Wolfos appears. Go through the locked door.

There are a couple of Wolfos in this room. Walk straight ahead to find a chest. Open the treasure chest to get the compass.

Get a Fourth Stray Fairy

Use a bomb on the cracked wall to break it open. Then go up the stairs.

There are icicles on the ceiling just like the one that you knocked down to reach the Mountain Village. Knock these icicles down with arrows, then jump up the platforms. Look at the southeast wall to see some icicles. Use the Lens of Truth there to find a hidden opening. Go through and open the chest (from the back side) to get another Stray Fairy.

Get a Second Key

Leave the hidden alcove and go up the other platforms in the icicle room. Break the big snowball at the top to find a chest that contains a key. Use the key on the locked door in this room.

Get a Fifth Stray Fairy

This room has brown and green switches in the floor, a pit full of snow, and White Boes. Use Lens of Truth in this room to see a Stray Fairy in a bubble in the ceiling. Shoot the bubble, then wear the Great Fairy Mask to make the stray fairy come to you.

Reach the Mini-Boss

As a Goron, stand on the brown round platform to the right. Hold A to curl and press B while curled up to do a Ground Pound on the brown platform. This makes a brown platform rise up in the snow pit. As normal link, hop across the gap using the brown platform that rose up. On the other side, Ground Pound the green platform. Then stand on the tall brown platform that you jumped across to reach this side. Ground Pound it to make the other brown platform go back down. Then as normal link, climb up onto the green platform in the snow pit and jump from it to the door. Go through the door before the brown platform comes back up.

In this room, as Goron link, roll over the ramp in the middle. On the other side, roll around the curved snow to the right. This allows you to reach the other bridge. You don't have to roll very quickly. If you fall and land on the wood down below, just walk over to the ladder to go back up and try again. When you make it around the curve, roll over the next bridge and ramp, then go through the door at the end.


A Wizzrobe (spelled Wizrobe in the game) attacks. It will appear in one of the purple columns of light. If it throws an ice flame at you, you will temporarily freeze. If you walk on the ice that the flame puts on the floor, you will temporarily freeze. If you walk too close to the Wizzrobe before it fully materializes, it will disappear and reappear in a different column of light. If you want to attack Wizzrobe at close range, wait for it to fully materialize before rolling over to it and attacking.

If you prefer to attack with arrows, wait for Wizzrobe to start spinning its staff, then hit it with an arrow.

After a few hits, fake Wizzrobes will appear in some of the columns of light. The real one is marked on the map as a red dot. Also, the real one will have a flame on its staff (the fake ones do not), and the real one is not transparent. Keep hitting the real Wizzrobe until it dies.

Get the Dungeon Treasure

After the battle, open the chest that appears. You get the Fire Arrows. These arrows require magic. You can burn things with them. You can shoot a Fire Arrow at ice to melt it. You can shoot Fire Arrows to light unlit torches.

Now that you have Fire Arrows, you can get Powder Kegs, although you would have to leave the dungeon to do so. You can play the Song of Soaring to warp back to the entrance. If you want to do that, you can read about how to get Powder Kegs on the page about what to do after you defeat the Snowhead Temple boss. Getting Powder Kegs unlocks a lot of new items and powerups, so afterward you might want to go collect upgrades and then come back here after you are stronger.

Get a Sixth Stray Fairy

Exit the Wizzrobe room. Fall all the way down to B1. Step on the switch as a Goron to make a chest appear. It contains a Stray Fairy.

Get a Seventh Stray Fairy

From the central room of B1, use the east exit to go up the stairs. Go across the large stone in the center of the room and use your Fire Arrows to melt the doors. Go into the door that is in the middle of the west wall and has a green border around it.

You should now be in the northwest room of 1F. Kill all three of the Freezards to make a chest appear. It contains a Stray Fairy.

Raise the Central Pillar

Light the three torches in this room to unlock the middle door. Go through that door. As a Goron, stand on the brown switch and do a Ground Pound. This makes the giant stone pillar rise up in the center of the room.

This central pillar can be a confusing part of this dungeon. It is currently blocking access to parts of the third and fourth floors. All you need to know is that you can lower it when you're on the second floor, then after that you can lower it when you're on the third floor. This guide will tell you the best times to punch the pillar, and what to do if you're stuck because of the pillar.

Get an Eighth Stray Fairy

You should currently be in the room on the first floor with the Goron switch that raised the central pillar. Go back to the previous room and go out by the south exit. You will be in the big central room. Go around to the south exit that has a red border around it. Go through. You will be back in the first room, where a White Wolfos appears. Go through the door to your right.

There are big chunks of ice in here, and a couple of White Wolfos. Go to the northwest of the room and throw a bomb at the crate that is on the pillar. There is a Stray Fairy inside. Wear the Great Fairy Mask to make it come to you.

Get a Ninth Stray Fairy

Go to the southwest of the room and melt the ice, then step on the switch that was in the ice. This makes a chest appear. Use a Fire Arrow to melt the ice covering the stone block. Push the block north, then east, then south. Climb up it to reach the chest that appeared, but be careful of falling icicles. Open the chest to get a Stray Fairy.

Get a Tenth Stray Fairy

Go back down to the floor. Push the block west, then north, then west. Climb up and jump to the ledge to reach the door. Jump across the stacked stone blocks to reach the chest. If the stone blocks are not where you need them to be, you will have to go down below and push them, then come back here. The chest contains a Stray Fairy.

Get a Third Key

Jump down to the floor and exit the room through the east door. You will be back in the large central room. Go back to the southern door that has a red border around it. Go in. Once again, you are in the first room with the White Wolfos. Go through the door to your left.

You are back in the room with the bridge and the Freezards. Kill all of the Freezards and melt the ice to reach a chest that contins a small key.

Get an Eleventh Stray Fairy

Jump across to the ledge and go up the stairs. This is the room with a Real Bombchu, where you got the Dungeon Map. If you did not get the Stray Fairy that is in this room, get it now.

Stand on the stone in the middle of the floor and shoot a Fire Arrow at the frozen diamond eye in the wall up above. The stone will rise. Jump across to the upper floor. Before you go through the door, face away from the door and use the Lens of Truth to see invisible platforms on the far wall. Jump up those platforms to find a ledge in the wall that contains a chest. Open the chest to get a Stray Fairy.

Lower the Central Pillar on the Second Floor

Go back down to the upper ledge of the room below. Go through the door there.

You will be back in the big central room, on the second floor. Before continuing, go to the big central pillar, transform into a Goron, and punch the ice to make the pillar become lower. Be sure to punch both ice discs, until you can't lower the pillar any farther. If you forget to do this, you will have to come back later.

Get a Twelfth Stray Fairy

Still in the second floor of the big central room, jump down into the wooden area next to the snow that curves along the wall. Climb up the ladder at the end and melt the ice with a Fire Arrow. Go up the stairs.

On this floor, don't punch the ice of the central pillar yet. (Note that the ice might not be accessible here if you forgot to punch the pillar while you were on the second floor. Feel free to go back and do that now.) Back here on the third floor in the central room, go to the curve of snow against the wall. Roll (slowly) across this snow to reach the west door. Unlock it and go through.

This room is full of snow-throwing monsters called Eeno. Look at the south wall with the Lens of Truth to see a hidden area. There is a Stray Fairy in a bubble there. Shoot the bubble and wear the Great Fairy Mask to get the fairy.

Get a Thirteenth and Fourteenth Stray Fairy

Go to the north wall of this room and melt the ice. Go upstairs.

Kill the two Dinofols in this room to get two Stray Fairies.

Reach the Second Mini-Boss

After the Dinofols are gone, go through the door. You should be able to walk straight across to the door on the opposite wall. If not, see below.

If the Stone Pillar is Blocking Your Path

After the Dinofols room, if the central pillar is blocking you from walking across the central room, then go back into the Dinofols room, down the stairs, through the southeast door, roll around the snow that curves on the wall, and go down the stairs at the end. You should now be on the second floor. Walk to the stone pillar in the middle and punch the chunks of ice in the central pillar until you can't lower the pillar anymore. Then go back up the stairs that you came down, ignore the ice chunks in the pillar here on the third floor, roll around the ice on the wall, go into the Eeno room, go to the stairs at the north end of the Eeno room, and go upstairs. Go to the east door to leave the Dinofols room. You should now be able to walk across to the door in the east wall.

If the Stone Pillar is Below You on the Third Floor

If you have reached the fourth floor after the Dinofols room and the stone pillar is below you so that you have nothing to walk across in the middle of this fourth floor room, then fall down to the top of the stone pillar, which is below you on the third floor. Walk over to the snowballs on the ramp, punch them out of the way, and go up the stairs. At the top, start rolling while standing on the ice so you can do a Goron Jump over the ramp in the middle. Then on the other side, become a Deku Scrub and get into the flower, then float to the east side of the room so that you land near the door on the east side of the floor below.

Enter the East Door on the Fourth Floor

After following the appropriate instructions above, you should be on the fourth floor, in the central room, in front of the east door. Go through.

Wizzrobe, part 2

This is another Wizzrobe fight. It works the same way as before, but this time there are more pillars of light. Just use the same strategy as in the first Wizzrobe section up above.

Get the Boss Key

After the battle, go through the door that opened up in the northwest of the room. Open the chest to get the Boss Key.

Get the Fifteenth Stray Fairy

After getting the Boss Key, go out through the door that is between the two sets of bars. Fall down to the third floor. If there are blue ice chunks in the central pillar here, punch them out of the way. Then roll along the curve of snow to reach the upper platform, and walk onto the top of the central pillar.

The fifteenth Stray Fairy is in a hidden alcove that you can see with the Lens of Truth. It's in the northwest wall of the second floor, below where you are now. If you want to collect it, you can either do so by rolling as a Goron or floating as a Deku Scrub. If you want to try the first option, roll as a Goron from the top of the stone pillar toward the hidden alcove. The trick is to let go of the A button before you hit the northwest wall so that you won't bounce off of the wall and your momentum will carry you into the hidden alcove.

If you would rather float as a Deku Scrub into the hidden alcove, then from the top of the stone pillar (which you should have lowered twice by punching it on the second floor, then the third floor), go to the snowballs here on the third floor and punch them out of the way, and go up the stairs at the end.

Then on the fourth floor, stand on the ice, then start rolling north so you do a Goron Jump over the ramp in the middle. If you want to collect the fifteenth Stray Fairy now, then on the other side, become a Deku Scrub and get into the flower. Use it to float toward the northwest wall of the central room. Be sure to stop moving the control stick once you are touching the northwest wall; this allows you to continue floating without breaking your spinning flowers. Float down to the hidden area in the northwest wall of the second floor. In that hidden room, there is a Stray Fairy.

Reach the Boss Door

If you got the fifteenth Stray Fairy, you need to return to the fourth floor. From the Stray Fairy's hidden alcove on the second floor, get into the Deku Flower and float to the left, then land in front of the stairs and go up. From there, walk straight ahead, punch the snowballs if there are any, and go up the stairs. At the top, stand on the ice and roll as a Goron to do a Goron Jump over the ramp. Then open the Boss Door at the end.


Shoot Goht with a Fire Arrow to start the battle.

For an easy but slow way to defeat Goht, just stand in the entrance and shoot arrows at Goht whenever it passes by. You can see Goht approaching from the right, so stand on the far left of the entrance area to have the best angle to see Goht as early as possible. You will be mostly protected from damage there, although you could get hit with a bomb blast later in the battle. The jars in the entrance will reappear after a few moments, so use them to replenish your arrows.

Otherwise, roll toward Goht as Goron Link until spikes come out. Break the green jars around the room if you get low on magic. If you hit Goht in the legs with your spikes, it will go more quickly and will spit energy orbs that come back and hit you. If they hit you, you'll be injured and will stop rolling.

If you instead hit Goht from above by hitting him after you have jumped over a ramp, you will stun Goht and can hit repeatedly while he is down. Try to roll forward so that you are next to Goht, then when you hit a ramp, move over to hit his side from above.

After Goht sustains some damage, rocks will start flying backward from his hooves, and eventually there will be electricity coming from his back, making it more difficult to attack from above. Also, stalactites will start falling from the ceiling and landing on the ground in front of you, creating obstacles that you need to avoid if you don't want to stop rolling. In addition, Goht will start to drop bombs behind him that will damage you and stop you if they explode on you.

If you get too far behind, Goht will stop and turn to face you, and will shoot electric energy at you until you get closer again.

Get the Heart Container and Goht's Remains

After the battle, get the Heart Container, then step into the light and get Goht's Remains. You will meet another Guardian Spirit. Afterward, the mountain area will unfreeze. Keep in mind that if you play the Song of Time now, the mountain area will be frozen again. To unfreeze it, you have to go back into Snowhead Temple and step on the mask symbol in the first room, then defeat Goht all over again. If you don't want to have to fight Goht again, there are a few things that you should do after you defeat Goht. All of those things are optional, though, so if you are ready to move on, go to the Great Bay Coast page.