Clock Town

After the Skull Kid turns you into a Deku Scrub, you meet the Happy Mask Salesman and go to Clock Town.


Arriving in Clock Town

Tatl tells you to go see the Great Fairy, who is in the shrine near the North Gate. You're currently in South Clock Town, so you need to reach North Clock Town. You just came out of the Clock Tower, and the entrance to North Clock Town is behind the tower. So go around the back of the tower up some ramps, then go through the door at the top.

By the way, be careful if you go back to South Clock Town, because there is a little dog that doesn't like Deku Scrubs, so it will attack you if you let it get too close to you.

Meet the Great Fairy

Go to the left from where you entered North Clock Town. There is a ramp that goes up to a opening in the wall. Go into there to reach the fairy fountain. Walk into the fountain and you find out that the Skull Kid shattered the Great Fairy into pieces. In order to fix her, you need to find the one stray fairy that got lost in town. Leave the fairy fountain.

Outside, you might want to buy a Clock Town map from Tingle, who is standing near the guard. If you don't have any rupees, you can use your spinning attack to cut the bushes near the wall. However, the bushes will get up and start running away when you use your attack near them. If the bushes all disappear before you can get 5 rupees, leave the area and come back in. The bushes will be there again.

If it's daytime (i.e. the clock on the bottom of the screen has a spinning sun), the Stray Fairy will be in the Laundry Pool. If it's night (i.e. the clock on the bottom of the screen has a spinning moon), the Stray Fairy will be in East Clock Town near the treasure chest game building. If you can't reach the Stray Fairy, use a flower to float up and get it.

After collecting the fairy, go back to the Fairy Fountain in North Clock Town. The Great Fairy gives you magic power. You now have the power to shoot bubble blasts if you press B. You can hold B to charge up a large bubble, although if you hold the B button too long, the bubble will pop. Let go of B to spit the bubble. When you spit a bubble, it uses up some magic. You can replenish magic by finding magic bottles and jars.

The Great Fairy says to visit the old man in the observatory just outside of town to find out where Skull Kid went. However, guards are blocking all of the exits from town, and they won't let you through if you don't have a weapon. You will have to find another way to get to the observatory.

Go to the Observatory

There are some kids around town who know a secret route to the observatory. They call themselves the Bombers. They wear bandanas and blue shorts. You saw one of them near the Fairy Fountain who was using a blow gun to try to pop a balloon. That kid is Jim, the leader of the Bombers. He won't talk to you unless you pop the balloon. Use your new bubble power to pop the balloon. Just hold the B button, then look at the balloon and let go of B to spit the bubble at the balloon. The balloon will pop, and Jim will be willing to talk to you.

Jim says that if you pass his test, he will tell you the secret code to get into the secret path to the observatory. The five bombers will hide around town and you have to find them before tomorrow morning. If you don't make it in time, just talk to Jim again to start over.

1. One of the kids is near you in North Clock Town behind a tree. Use your Spin Attack (press A) to move more quickly. When you get close enough, the kid will give up.
2. Jim is also in North Clock Town, in the corner near the slide and the bushes.
3. One bomber is in East Clock Town on the roof near the jugglers. 4. One bomber is also on a roof in East Clock Town, holding a Cucco. 5. There is also a Bomber in West Clock Town.

After you find all of the kids, you learn the secret code. The code is random each game, so you have to pass the Bombers' hide and seek test to learn it. Now that you know the code, go to East Clock Town. There is a Bomber in the northeast part of East Clock Town who is blocking the secret entrance. Tell him the code, then go into the passageway behind him.


Follow the path into the observatory. You find some water up ahead. Go to the right. You can hop over the water for a short distance, but after a few hops, if you didn't reach the next platform, you will fall in and have to start again (but you don't lose any hearts if this happens). Hop over the water to reach the platforms. After the platforms, be careful, because there is a hidden Skulltula hanging from the ceiling above the dry, raised part of the floor. You can use your bubble attack on the Skulltula when it turns its dark stomach toward you. Don't walk too close to the Skulltula or it might spin and hit you.

After you get past the Skulltula, go to the torch at the end and follow the narrow path next to that torch. In the room up ahead, use the bubble attack to burst the balloon, then go up the ladder that it was blocking. Go into the passageway at the top of the ladder.

This is the observatory. There is a scarecrow here who can make time pass by quickly. If it's night, he can make it become dawn on the next day. If it's day, he can make it become night. Don't do this yet! He can also tell you about some songs that can manipulate time. By the way, there is another scarecrow in the item shop in West Clock Town. The item shop is between the Curiosity Shop and the Bomb Shop.

Go up the colorful stairs and walk up to the old man who is looking into a telescope at the top. Look into the telescope when the old man asks you to. Move the telescope up to find the clock tower. Look at the top of the tower and press A to zoom. You will see the Skull Kid. He will look up at the moon, but the moon has a scary face on it and it seems to be dangerously close. An object falls out of the moon's eye and crashes near the observatory. Press B to quit. The astronomer says to go out through the door to see if that's another Moon's Tear outside. He also wonders how the Skull Kid got on top of the tower since the door only opens on the eve of the carnival

Go out through the door on the upper level of the observatory. Outside, walk up to the glowing blue object to get the Moon's Tear. Go back into the observatory, then go back through the secret passage to return to Clock Town.

Go to the Top of the Tower

Go to South Clock Town and go to the Clock Tower. There is a yellow Deku flower near where the little dog is running around. Walk onto the flower and a Business Scrub will fly down into it. The Deku Scrub wants a Moon's Tear. When the Deku Scrub says to press Start, do so, and then put the cursor on the Moon's Tear, then press a C button to equip it. Press Start to exit the pause screen, then press the C button to give the Moon's Tear. The Deku Scrub will leave, allowing you to use the flower. You can use the flower to go on top of the Clock Tower. There is a Piece of Heart up there, so be sure to collect it.

However, as the astronomer said, the door of the Clock Tower doesn't open until midnight on the third day. You can do things around town to pass the time if you want to, but otherwise, if you want time to pass quickly, go back to the item shop in West Clock Town. The item shop is between the bomb shop and the curiosity shop. Talk to the Scarecrow and ask him to dance until the next day. Make time go forward until the Night of the Third Day.

Then go back to the Clock Tower and use the Deku Scrub's flower as mentioned earlier. Float to the platform on the front of the tower. There is a Piece of Heart there. At midnight on the third day, you will see fireworks around the tower, and the door will open. A timer starts at that point. When this happens, go up those stairs to reach the top of the tower.

Retrieve the "Precious Thing"

A cutscene will occur. Tael will tell you to go to the Swamp, Mountain, Ocean, and Canyon, and bring the four who are there to the Clock Tower. After that, Skull Kid uses magic to make the moon start falling rapidly to the Tower. You have five minutes before the moon crashes.

Use the Z button to target the Skull Kid, then press B to shoot bubbles at him. Try to let the bubble inflate for a short time to make it bigger, because the bubble will go in more of a straight line if it's bigger. Do this until you hit Skull Kid. He will drop the Ocarina of Time. Run over and pick it up. After you get it, there will be a cutscene where Zelda teaches you the Song of Time. Press the correct buttons after she plays the song and you will remember the Song of Time.

When you are back on the Clock Tower, equip the Ocarina of Time and play the Song of Time. If you forgot it, press Start and go to the Quest Status screen, then hover over the grey musical note to see the melody.

After you play the Song of Time, say Yes when prompted to save and return to the Dawn of the First Day.

You will go back in time to the moment when you first stepped out of the Clock Tower and into Clock Town. And yet somehow you still have the Ocarina of Time.

Get Help from the Mask Salesman

By playing the Song of Time and returning to the Dawn of the First Day, you have saved the game, so it's safe to turn off the console if you want to. When you load the saved game again, you will be in front of the Clock Tower.

Go back into the Clock Tower and talk to the Mask Salesman. He will teach you the Song of Healing. You will be transformed back into your normal form, and a Deku Mask will appear. You can now transform into a Deku Scrub and transform back again whenever you wish. Just press the appropriate C button to put the mask on or take it off. After the first transformation scene, you can press any button to skip the transformation scene.

The Mask Salesman asks for his stolen mask back, but you don't have it. He tells you that the stolen mask is Majora's Mask, which houses an evil spirit that possesses whoever wears it. Your task now is to take Majora's Mask away from Skull Kid and give it back to the Mask Salesman.

Tael told you to go to the Swamp, Mountain, Ocean, and Canyon, and bring back the four who are there. They have the power to stop Skull Kid.

Go through the doors to exit the Clock Tower. Tatl mentions the four places that Tael said to go to. She says that you can go straight ahead to reach the Swamp.

Prepare for the Journey

Now that you have returned to your true form, you can save the game at owl statues (note: the owl save feature is not available in the Japanese version of the game). To use an owl statue, hit it with your sword to activate it, then talk to the owl to save and quit. This allows you to save the game without going back to the Dawn of the First Day. However, owl saves are temporary: after you reload an owl save, you have to save again or you will lose your progress since the most recent Dawn of the First Day.

There are many owl statues all around the land, so be sure to look for them. For instance, there is an owl statue around the side of the Clock Tower in South Clock Town. And remember, if you want to save the game and you are ready to go back to the Dawn of the First Day, just play the Song of Time to save and go back.

Now that you are back in your normal form, you can go to North Clock Town and get the Piece of Heart on top of the tree near Tingle. Just climb up onto the short platform near the slide and jump across the platforms to the tree.

Important Ocarina Songs

If you talk to a Scarecrow, such as the one in the observatory and the one in the item shop in West Clock Town, he will tell you about two new songs. He said to try playing "that mysterious song" backward. He also said to try playing each note of that song twice. The "mysterious song" that he's talking about is the Song of Time.

How to Slow Time

If you play the Song of Time backward, it's the Inverted Song of Time, which slows the current flow of time (or returns it to normal if you play it again). When time is going slowly, the diamond in the clock at the bottom of the screen will be blue. If time is going at the normal rate, the diamond in the clock at the bottom of the screen will be green.

How to Skip Forward

If you play each note of the normal Song of Time twice, it's the Song of Double Time, which causes you to jump ahead to night time if it's day, or causes you to jump ahead to dawn of the next day if it's night. These songs are not recorded on your Quest Status screen, but they are very important!

Get the Bombers Notebook

Be sure to go to the observatory using the secret code that you learned before. When you go back to Clock Town from the observatory afterward, Jim asks how you knew the secret code. Then he decides to let you join the Bombers. You get the Bombers Notebook. You can read it from the Quest Status Screen. When you talk to certain people, they will be added to the notebook and you will get hints about how to make those people happy. The blue bars next to a person's entry give you hints about times of day when you will have an opportunity to help that person. The ending of the game changes depending on how much you fill up the Bomber's Notebook.

Now that you are in human form, the Great Fairy can give you new power. However, since you went back in time, she has been shattered again. If it's daytime, find the Stray Fairy in the Laundry Pool. If it's night, find the Stray Fairy in East Clock Town near the treasure chest building. Then take the Stray Fairy to the Fairy Fountain in North Clock Tower. She will give you a Great Fairy Mask. You will find Stray Fairies in dungeons, and if you wear the mask, the fairies will fly toward you. The mask's hair will shimmer and float if you are in the same room as a Stray Fairy.

Get the Bremen Mask

If you go to the Laundry Pool at night on the first or second day, Guru-Guru will be sitting there playing music. Talk to him and listen to his story to get the Bremen Mask.

Get the Bunny Hood

If you have the Bremen Mask, you can get the Bunny Hood. The Bunny Hood is a helpful item that makes you run more quickly. However, at this point in the game you can only get it if you wait for the Final Day. On the Final Day, go to Milk Road, which is southwest of Clock Town (just talk to a guard while in human form and he will let you leave town), and from there go to Romani's Ranch to the west. At the far side of the Ranch, there is a wooden wall with Cuccos painted on the front. Go inside and wear the Bremen Mask, then hold the B button to march around to all ten of the baby Cuccos that are walking around this area. When all ten are following you, continue marching and the babies will grow up and become Adult Cuccos. Afterward, talk to Grog (the guy with spiky hair) and he gives you the Bunny Hood.

Get the Blast Mask

You can get the Blast Mask if you are in North Clock Town at midnight. You will see the prancing man steal the little old lady's bag. Run after him and hit him (wear the Bunny Hood to catch him more easily), then wait for him to leave the area. The little old lady will give you the Blast Mask to thank you for returning her bag. Wear the Blast Mask and press B to create a bomb blast. The explosion will hurt you, but you can hold R (and no other buttons) to avoid damage.

Go to the Next Area

You can collect more items around Termina, but when you are ready, go south from South Clock Town and talk to the guard if he is blocking your path. Then go outside to Termina Field, where you can continue south to the Southern Swamp.