The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Majora's Mask 3D Walkthrough

Masks Guide

This page tells you how to get all of the masks in Majora's Mask, in the order that they can be obtained.


Deku Scrub Mask

Requirements: The Ocarina of Time, the Song of Time, the Song of Healing
The Deku Scrub Mask is the first mask that you get. To obtain it, you have to encounter the Skull Kid atop the Clock Tower after midnight on the final day. Spit a bubble at him to make him drop the Ocarina of Time. Take the Ocarina and you will learn the Song of Time. Play the Song of Time after the cut scene and you will return to the Dawn of the First Day. Go into the Clock Tower and talk to the Creepy Happy Mask Salesman to learn the Song of Healing. You will get the Deku Scrub Mask.

Great Fairy Mask

Requirements: Stray Fairy from Clock Town (in the Laundry Pool during the day, in East Clock Town at night)
To get the Great Fairy Mask, find the Stray Fairy from Clock Town. During the day, the Stray Fairy is in the Laundry Pool. At night, the Stray Fairy is in East Clock Town near the treasure chest building. Get the fairy and take it to the Great Fairy Fountain in North Clock Town. The Great Fairy gives you the Great Fairy Mask.

Kafei's Mask

Where to Get it: From Madame Aroma in the Mayor's Residence in East Clock Town
When to Get it: After 10AM on the First or Second Day

Keaton Mask

Where to Get it: Laundry Pool Hideout
Do the Anju and Kafei Quest to get the Keaton Mask.

Couple's Mask

Complete the Anju and Kafei Quest to get the Couple's Mask.

Bremen Mask

Where to Get it: Laundry Pool
When to Get it: Between 10PM and 6AM on the first or second day
Go to the Laundry Pool between 10PM and 6AM on the first or second day to find Guru-Guru sitting on the bench there. Talk to him to receive the Bremen mask.

Bunny Hood

Requirements: Bremen Mask
Where to Get it: The chicken coop in Romani Ranch
You can enter Romani Ranch on the Final Day by going through Milk Road in southwest Termina Field. At the far end of the ranch, there is a wooden wall with cuccos painted on it. Go inside and wear the Bremen Mask, then hold the B button to march. While marching, walk up to all ten of the baby cuccos in this area. Keep marching when all ten are following you and they will become adult cuccos. After they all grow up, Grog gives you the Bunny Hood.

Kamaro's Mask

When to Get it: At night on the First or Second Day
Where to Get it: From Kamaro, who dances on top of the mushroom-shaped stones in north Termina Field

Find Kamaro dancing on top of a mushroom-shaped stone in north Termina Field. Play the Song of Healing for him to get Kamaro's Mask.

Blast Mask

Where to Get it: North Clock Town
When to Get it: Midnight on the first day
Go to North Clock Town on midnight of the first day and you will witness the prancing man stealing from the Bomb Shop owner's mother. Run after the prancing man and hit him with your sword. The old woman will give you the Blast Mask to thank you for stopping the robbery.

All-Night Mask

Requirements: Blast Mask
Where to Get it: Curiosity Shop in West Clock Town
When to Get it: After 10PM on the Final Day

Mask of Truth

Requirements: Deku Stick/Fire Arrows, Rescue Koume from the Woods of Mystery/Have Bow & Arrows
Where to Get it: Fearful Spider House in Southern Swamp
Go to the Southern Swamp, which is south of Clock Town. If you don't have Fire Arrows, be sure to get a Deku Stick.

If you don't have the bow and arrow, then wear the Deku Mask and hop along the lily pads next to the wooden house in the Southern Swamp to reach the Magic Hag's Potion Shop. Go into the Woods of Mystery behind the potion shop and follow the monkey to reach Koume. Go back to the potion shop to get a free red potion. Then go back to Koume and give her the potion. Afterward, you can get a free boat cruise in the wooden house in the Southern Swamp. The boat will hit the Octorok and get rid of it. Then you can get off of the boat at the Deku Palace and jump along the lilypads to reach an island with a dome on it that has a spiderweb door.

If you do have the Bow and Arrow, you can hop along the lilypads in the Southern Swamp until you reach the Octorok that is blocking the way, then jump onto one of the small red flowers near the Octorok and shoot it with an arrow. Then continue hopping along the lilypads to the next area and go to an island that has a dome on it, with a door covered in spiderwebs.

At the spiderweb door, if you have Fire Arrows, shoot one at the spiderweb. Otherwise, you need to use a Deku Stick and light it on fire with the nearby torch, then make the burning Deku Stick touch the spiderweb door to burn it open. Go in and kill all of the gold skulltulas in the Fearful Spider House, then talk to the guy in the entrance to get the Mask of Truth.

Mask of Scents

Requirements: Rescue the Deku Princess
After you defeat Odolwa and bring the Deku Princess back to the Deku Palace, go into the cave next to the Deku Palace and follow the Deku Butler to the end of the course. You get the Mask of Scents.

Goron Mask

Requirements: Hero's Bow, Lens of Truth
Use the Hero's Bow to enter the Mountain Village that is north of Clock Town. From there, go as far northeast as you can. There is an area

Romani's Mask

Requirements: Powder Keg
Where to Get it: Romani's Ranch
After you get Fire Arrows, you can use them to melt the ice in the north wall of the Goron Village. Alternatively, you can wait until after you have defeated the Snowhead Temple boss, because the aforementioned ice will melt then. Go into that north door in Goron Village to find a Goron who gives you a Powder Keg test. Pass his test. After that, you can buy Powder Kegs from the Goron in the Bomb Shop in West Clock Town if you talk to that Goron while wearing the Goron Mask. Get a Powder Keg before 6PM on the First Day and use it in Milk Road (southwest of Clock Town) to blast the boulder at the end of Milk Road. Go into Romani Ranch and talk to the girl in the middle. Agree to practice shooting "them". Then return to Romani's Ranch before 2AM on the First Day and prevent the aliens from reaching the barn. If you succeed, you can meet Cremia in front of the barn at 6PM on the Second Day. Ride in the wagon with her and prevent the thieves from breaking all of the milk bottles. If at least one milk bottle is still unbroken, Cremia gives you Romani's Mask.

Stone Mask

Requirements: Epona's Song, Lens of Truth
Where to Get it: Ikana Valley
Go east from Clock Town and ride Epona to get over the fences in Ikana Valley. Go to the right from the cliff to find a Circle of Stones. Use the Lens of Truth to see an invisible soldier in the middle of the stone circle. Talk to him to get the Stone Mask.

Garo's Mask

Requirements: Epona's Song
Where to Get it: Gorman Brothers' Racetrack in Milk Road
After you learn Epona's Song, bring Epona to the Gorman Brothers' Racetrack in Milk Road, which is in southwest Termina Field. Win the race against the Gorman Brothers to get the Garo's Mask.

Captain's Hat

Requirements: Epona's Song
Where to Get it: Ikana Graveyard
When to Get it: First or Second Day
Go east from Clock Town to reach Ikana Valley. You need to ride Epona to get in. Go to the left of the cliff to find Ikana Graveyard. Go to the far end to find a giant skeleton. Play the Sonata of Awakening to wake it up. Then hit it with arrows to stun it, kill the Stalchildren to get close to it, then hit the giant skeleton with your sword. When it is defeated, it removes the flames from the treasure chest. You can use the Hookshot on the chest or jump over with the Bunny Hood. Open the chest to get the Captain's Hat.

Don Gero's Mask

Requirements: Goron Mask

In the mountain village of the gorons where you meet the crying baby goron, shoot a fire arrow at the center of the chandelier to make it spin. Alternatively, use a deku stick in the crying goron's room to light it and then go around to light all of the torches on fire. When the chandelier starts spinning, go up to the top ledge and transform into a Goron, then roll off of the ramp to hit the chandelier. Do this until the Rock Sirloin falls out. Go down below as a Goron and pick up the Rock Sirloin. Now you have to carry it back to the Mountain Village to the area where the Mountain Smithy is. You'll lose it if an enemy hits you. Find the Hungry Goron who is standing up on a ledge. Throw the Rock Sirloin onto that ledge to get the Don Gero Mask.

Zora Mask

Requirements: Epona's Song
Enter the Great Bay (west of Clock Town) while riding Epona. Go to the water and swim to the Zora that is floating in the water. Get behind him and swim toward the beach to push him out of the water, then talk to him again. Play the Song of Healing and you will get the Zora Mask.

Circus Leader's Mask

Requirements: Deku Mask, Goron Mask, Zora Mask, Romani's Mask
When to Get it: After 10PM on the First or Second Day
Where to Get it: Latte Bar in East Clock Town
Wear Romani's Mask to enter the Latte Bar in East Clock Town after 10PM. Go up on stage and Toto will ask you to play some notes. Do this as a human, a Deku, a Goron, and a Zora. Afterward, you get the Circus Leader's Mask.

Gibdo Mask

Requirements: Epona's Song, Garo Mask, Hookshot, Captain's Hat, Ice Arrows, Song of Storms
Where to Get it: From the Music Box House in Ikana Canyon
After you play the Song of Storms to make the river flow, sneak into the Music Box House while Pamela is outside. It helps if you wear the Stone Mask. Then go downstairs and approach the colorful closet. Play the Song of Healing for the one who comes out. You will get the Gibdo Mask.

Giant's Mask

Requirements: Elegy of Emptiness, Light Arrows
Where to Get it: Stone Tower Temple

Fierce Deity's Mask

Requirements: All of the 23 other masks in the game
Where to Get it: The Moon
After you have defeated all of the dungeon bosses and played the Oath to Order on top of the Clock Tower after midnight on the Final Day, give all of your masks to the Moon Children and complete their mini-dungeons. When you talk to the Majora's Mask kid who sits under the tree, he gives you the Fierce Deity's Mask.