The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Majora's Mask 3D Walkthrough

Mountain Village

After you get Odolwa's Remains from Woodfall Temple, Tatl says that your next destination should be the mountain to the north.


Enter the Village

If you aren't in Mountain Village yet, here is how to get there: Make sure you have some bombs and arrows. Go to North Clock Town and talk to the soldier to use the north exit. Go straight ahead, then down some steps to the left. There are Dodongos down below. Go north and walk up the ramp to the upper level. There is some ice blocking the path. Shoot the icicle twice with your bow. The ice blocking the path will shatter. Go past where the ice was.

Follow the path in this next area, avoiding tektites. At the end, snowballs block the way. Use a bomb to get rid of the snowballs. Continue along the path and turn left after the wooden sign. Keep going to reach Mountain Village.

Mountain Village

Find the owl statue and hit it with your sword. From there, go east, behind the Mountain Smithy, toward the Goron Village. Cross the bridges. White Wolfos will attack along the way. You can outrun the White Wolfos if you wear the Bunny Hood. Continue past the last bridge to reach the Goron Village.

Get a Treasure

In the village, there is a Goron who will open the gate of the Goron Shrine for you. But you don't need to visit the shrine yet.

Go to the far end of the village to find the owl, Kaepora Gaebora. Talk to him. He will fly to the entrance of the Lone Peak Shrine. He will leave his feathers on invisible platforms. Don't wear the Bunny Hood or you might jump too far and fall off of the invisible platforms. Jump from feather to feather until you reach the other side. Go into the cave and open the treasure chest to get the Lens of Truth.

There is an invisible skulltula guarding an invisible chest in the back of the room. The chest contains 20 rupees. Also, bomb the rocks to find a chest that contains 50 rupees.

Leave the cave and use the Lens of Truth to go back across the invisible platforms. At the end, you will see a ghost Goron. Talk to him. Follow behind him and you will reach a door. It's the exit to the previous area. Go through and walk to the end of the bridge and use the Lens of Truth there. The ghost Goron is there. Follow him again and he takes you back to the Mountain Village. The ghost Goron is straight ahead, so use the Lens of Truth and walk up to him. Follow him to the area of water that has floating ice chunks in it.

Get a New Mask

If you aren't there already, go to the Mountain Village, and find the pool of water with floating ice chunks in it. Jump on the big chunk near the sign, then wait for a small spinning chunk on the side to come close to you. Jump on it, then jump on the big chunk near the far wall. From there, jump to the other side. Use the Lens of Truth to see the invisible ladder on the wall. Climb up.

The ladder path splits several times on the way up. At the first split, go right. At the next split, go left. At the third split, go right. From there, you should be able to go up to reach the top.

Go into the cave next to the two Gorons. Walk up to the grave and use the Lens of Truth. You will see the ghost of the hero. Talk to him. He asks you to heal his sorrows. Play the Song of Healing.

After a cut scene, a Goron Mask appears. Darmani says you should read his grave. You won't be able to read it as a human, so put the Goron Mask on and read the grave. It tells you about using the mask:
1. As a Goron, hold the A button to curl up, then use the Control Stick to roll around.
2. If you have magic in your magic meter, keep rolling and you will eventually get a burst of speed, and spikes will come out of your body that can damage enemies.
3. As a Goron, you will drown immediately if you go into water.
4. Press B to punch. Press B repeatedly to do a barrage of punches.
5. If you hold A to curl up, press B while curled up and you will do a Ground Pound.

Revive the Hot Spring

Before you leave the Hero's Grave, walk behind the gravestone and, as a Goron, grab the gravestone by holding the A button. Then pull it backward until it stops. The hot spring water will come out. Transform back into normal form and use a bottle to collect some hot spring water. You can use it to thaw the Goron's frozen brother, but you will need to go back in and get more hot spring water afterward. Keep in mind that the hot spring water will turn back into normal water after a while.

When you have some hot spring water in a bottle, go back to the path between the Mountain Village and Goron Village (i.e. the area where White Wolfos attack). Go to the far end of the area where there is a chunk of ice on top of a hole. Use your hot spring water to melt that ice. Then fall into the hole to find another hot spring. Get some more hot spring water and go back outside.

Go down to the area below the bridges. As a Goron, walk or roll near the large snowballs until you find one that has a green Z-targeting target above it. Punch that snowball and you find the frozen Goron Elder. Pour hot spring water near the ice to thaw him out. Talk to him as a Goron until he teaches you the Lullaby Intro.

Learn the Lullaby

Go back to the Goron Village. Find the cold Goron who says that he will open the shrine for you. You don't have to talk to him; you can open the shrine yourself now since you can transform into a Goron. Fall off of the ledge to the right of the Goron who can open the door. You will be near the door to the Goron Shrine. As a Goron, curl up and press B to do a Ground Pound. This will open the door. Go inside.

Go to the back room to find the Goron Elder's son. Play the Lullaby Intro for him. You learn the Goron Lullaby.

Get a New Mask by Feeding the Hungry Goron

NOTE! If you do not get this mask now, you will have to fight the next dungeon boss twice if you want all of the Pieces of Heart in the game.

Now that you have made the Goron Elder's son stop crying, the torches in the boy's room will be lit again. This allows you to get a new (optional) mask. It is a mask that is not required to complete the game, but you will need it if you want all of the Pieces of Heart in the game. Furthermore, if you do not get it now, you will have to defeat the next dungeon's boss twice to get one of the game's Pieces of Heart.

If you don't have any Deku Sticks, break the pots in the Goron Elder's son's room. Light a Deku Stick using one of the torches in the Goron Elder's son's room. Then leave the room and use the burning Deku Stick to light all of the torches in the Goron Shrine. These torches go out after a while, so hurry. nce they are all lit, the chandelier up above will start spinning.

Go back into the boy's room and start rolling forward along the red carpet. When you leave the room, you eventually hit a ramp that propels you up to the chandelier. Move yourself so that you hit one of the spinning vases. Repeat this until the Rock Sirloin falls out of a vase.

Go down and pick up the Rock Sirloin by pressing A while standing near it. While carrying the Rock Sirloin, walk out of the Goron Shrine, out of the Goron Village, through the White Wolfos path, and into the Mountain Village. Find the hungry Goron who is standing on a ledge. Throw the Rock Sirloin onto his ledge. You will get the Don Gero Mask. Wearing this mask lets you talk to frogs.

Reach Snowhead

From the Mountain Village, find the path to Snowhead. It is in the northwest of the village, to the left of the owl statue. There are Ice Keese in the path that will freeze you if they hit you. You can remove the blue flames from the keese if you block with your shield when they hit you.

As a Goron, roll on the snow toward the wooden ramp. You need to get a burst of speed before you reach the ramp; otherwise, you won't reach the other side. Keep rolling along the path, watching the map to avoid falling off the edge. There is a second wooden ramp at the end, so keep rolling. At the end, you reach Snowhead.