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Up the Mountain

From here, go west again, then north. Continue north past the trees until you see a sign that tells you not to go up the mountain. Ignore the sign and remove the boulder to the east, and go through the door beyond.

In this dark cavern, jump down the ledge and go north until the path splits. Then head east, southeast, and north through a really narrow passage. To your right will be a lost old man. Approach him and he'll follow you. Go through the door that was behind him.

Head east, and when you approach the hole, the old man will tell you to be careful. He'll also tell you not to get too involved in the quest for the Golden Power, as many people have attempted to climb the mountain to find it, and got lost.

Go down and around the hole to the east, and when the path splits, continue east. When you approach a crossroads, the man will speak up again, saying his daughter was taken to the castle by the King and has never returned.

Go south, beyond the keese, and outside. Continue east, avoiding boulders, and the brown, winged monsters (they turn to stone if you hit them with your sword), and find the door. When you approach, the old man says he believes a Hero will rescue the missing maidens. He will give you the Magic Mirror and go inside. Follow him in. Talk to him and he tells you that you will need the Moon Pearl from the tower atop the mountain. He will also heal you up for free.

Go up the stairs behind the old man and through the door. If you dash straight east from the door you will kill all three keese in one swoop. Kind of fun. Go south from here and through the door into another dark cavern. Take the south path whenever you're faced with a choice, and you find a door to the outside. Go through.

Quickly head west along the path, avoiding boulders, and climb up the ladder. No more boulders at this higher level, thankfully. Head east. You will find Spectacle Rock here (so named because of its shape). When you reach the doorway in Spectacle Rock, where a boulder is sitting in front of it, jump off the ledge below, to the left side of the bit of rock, to land on a ledge with a door. Go inside. Go north, up two stairways, to find a piece of heart. Go back outside the way you came in.

Drop down from this ledge, then once again head west and up the long ladder back to the level you were on. Head east and you find a strange glowing tile; step onto it.

Suddenly the world around you changes, and you turn into a pink rabbit! To the west is an orange, horned creature kicking around a pink ball. What are these things? If you approach the pink ball, it tells you that evil has twisted this world, and the Golden Power has changed everyone's shape to reflect what is in their hearts and minds. It says if you have the Moon Pearl, you can keep your original shape.

The area of the ground where the orange monster and pink ball are is lighter brown than the rest of the ground. There are two diamond-shaped darker brown spots in it. This is where Spectacle Rock was in the other world. Stand in the middle of this lighter brown area, and use the Magic Mirror. The world changes again, and you are back in your old world, with your old Hylian shape. You are also standing near a piece of heart, so grab it!

Jump off the top edge of Spectacle Rock and head east to find the Tower of Hera, the last dungeon that hides the last pendant!

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