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Palace of Darkness

Go to the left and step on the switch to open the door above. Go through. This masked monster, a hiploop, can only be defeated by throwing a skull at it at this point. You will get an item later that is more effective against it. Go down the stairs in this room.

Avoiding the fireballs from the center statues, pick up the skull in the bottom-left corner of the room to reveal a switch. Step on it to reveal a chest in the bottom-right corner. Open it for a small key. Then go back upstairs. Pick up the top-left skull for the switch to open the door below. Exit through it.

Head to the right side of this room now, stepping on the switch to open the door. Go through it. Kill this hiploop and go down the stairs above. You may turn the bubble into a fairy by sprinkling magic powder on it. Step on the orange warp tile to be sent to another room.

There is a tile on the wall above; if you touch it, Zelda speaks to you! She tells you she is being held captive in Turtle Rock on Death Mountain, and begs you to hurry. In this room, dash against the bottom cracked wall to break it open. Go through it.

Be careful of the Bari in here; they will electrify randomly, so try to kill them with your sword beam or arrows to avoid electrocution. Go to the end of this room where the wall is cracked, and dash into it (on the right side) to go to the next room.

The goriya in here will mimic your movements. The red one is more dangerous; if you face it, it spits a beam at you. To kill the red one, fire an arrow to one side of it, then move yourself in such a way as to cause the goriya to walk into the path of your arrow and get hit. It takes two arrows to kill. The green goriyas can simply be killed with your sword. Move on to the next room.

Parts of the floor are moving in certain directions. The first half of the floor is moving towards the south, so you will have to struggle north to get past it. The second half of the floor is moving north, so either stand still or move carefully so as not to get hit by a spike trap or Bari (the red one splits into two small ones). Go up the stairs above.

Open the chest for a map. Kill the red Bari if you wish, careful not to get electrocuted, and bomb the left wall to find a key. Pick up the skulls in the last room to replenish your bombs. If you bomb the right wall, you find a fairy fountain.

Now you must go back the long way to the room with the orange warp tile. It's a straight path. The tile is blocked in; to get to it, push the block below it to the left or right. Go up the stairs.

In the room with the hiploop, the statue on this side can be pulled or pushed, so pull it out of the way to reach the locked door. Go through it.

Avoid the turtles that come from above; you can't hurt them yet. Go left and up, and place a bomb where the floor is cracked. Fall down below, then exit through the locked door above to go up some stairs. You reach a chest, and it contains the big key! Fall off the edge to the right.

You're back in the last room, but on the bottom floor. stalfos fall from above, so avoid them carefully. Pick up the skull to the left of the blocks to reveal a switch, then step on it to reveal a chest. Open it for a key. Then use the orange warp in the top-right corner.

You return to the room with the bubble. Go up the stairs, then pull the statue out of the way to get to the big room with the two turtles and blue Bari. Go up the right fork now, and push the bottom block right off the edge so you can go north through the door. Open the chest for a small key, then jump down off the edge with the arrow to go below, between the blue blocks. Be sure to kill the hardhat beetles to your left! Go up the stairs and kill the hardhat beetle, then go left and up and through the locked door.

HURRY in this room. The path will crumble behind you as you dash up. Pick up a skull, walk onto the path, kill the hiploop, dash north up the narrow path, and avoid the hiploop as best you can. Once you reach the top, pick up a pot and walk up to safe ground. Go through the locked door to the left.

This is a dark maze. Before going anywhere, watch for flames, and kill the fire-breathing enemies. Make your way to the bottom-right of the room (ignoring the top-left chest until you come back, it contains bombs). At the bottom-right of the maze is a chest containing a small key. Then, in the middle-right of the room, there is a cracked wall; bomb it. Go through the hole to find the big chest, containing this dungeon's treasure: the hammer! Go back into the maze, grabbing the bombs at the top-left, and find the top-right exit where you came in.

In this room where the floor crumbled, go across through the door to the right. Use your trusty new hammer to pound the turtles, flipping them over and revealing their vulnerable bellies. You can now kill them with your sword, but if you take too long, they flip back over and start walking really fast. Get the turtles out of the way and open the chest for the compass. Now go down either set of stairs in the north wall.

You find yourself in a dark corridor with a bunch of rupees scattered about. Collect the rupees, avoiding the bubbles, and get to the bottom of the room, where you find a small key and a single arrow in chests. Then go up the other corridor for more rupees, and go back up to where you got the compass. Exit through the locked door below.

How to get past the spike traps in this narrow passage? First, pick up the skull to the left and open the chest for 5 rupees. Then, push the statue here towards the right, forcing the spike trap to the side so you can get past and down through the door.

To make life easier for you in this next part, go straight down between the blue blocks and kill any hardhat beetles that approach from the left. Then, jump down to the lower platform from the arrow ledge above, go around the bouncy blue thing, and throw your boomerang at the crystal switch below. Go through the door that was past the blue blocks.

Hit the crystal switch to turn it orange, then pick up all the pots at the top-right of the room. At the very top is a switch, but if you step on it and go away, the door closes again. Push the top-right statue onto the switch to keep it open. Go through.

Kill the goriyas as before, and go through the door. Wait for the spike trap to be to your left, and quickly run out of the doorframe and to the right, and up to safety. Shoot an arrow into the statue's eye, and the wall will move, revealing stairs down.

Use your hammer on the pink bouncy things to get past, and kill the turtles. Go to the left, beyond the orange line, then throw your boomerang from here to hit the crystal switch. The orange blocks go up, the blue blocks go down, and you can go through the locked door.

Kill the turtle in this narrow corridor and go through to the next room, where you are ambushed by many turtles. Light the torches if you need to, and kill them all, then go through the door to the right that opens.

Push the top-right block towards the left to reach the orange warp tile. Use it and you're back in the dark room where you collected all the rupees. There are turtles coming at you from above, so use your hammer to kill them. At the very top of the room is the door to the boss. If you're ready for the fight, go through to meet the Helmasaur King!

-- Helmasaur King --

You can't hurt this beast while it still wears its mask, so use your hammer to smash the mask to bits. Avoid the fireballs the monster spits; they split into smaller fireballs after he spits them. Be careful, also, not to get hit when it swings its tail; stand close to its face when it does this and you won't get hit. Once you've smashed apart the mask, Helmasaur King will move around faster. Hit the monster's face with your sword until it dies.

Collect the heart container and stand in the middle of the room, where a crystal will fall into your hands. It floats up, grows larger and translucent, and you see something inside... one of the kidnapped maidens! She thanks you for rescuing her, and explains the Golden Land, where the Triforce was hidden, was transformed to the Dark World by the wish of Ganon, boss of thieves. The girl says that all seven maidens together can break open the barrier protecting Ganon's hideout. She marks the locations of the other seven maidens on your map. Once all seven maidens are rescued, they will return to their original forms. Say you understand, and your hearts and magic will be filled, and you are returned to the entrance of the dungeon!

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