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Pieces of Heart Checklist

01. Kakariko Village - Fall off the ledge into the hole at the northwest of town, then bomb the cracked wall for a piece of heart.

02. Kakariko Village - In the stone building with bars (the former thieves' hideout), bomb the wall downstairs for a piece of heart.

03. Kakariko Village - Win the race in the southwest area of Kakariko.

04. Lost Woods - Cut the center bush in the 9-bush formation behind the open stump and fall in for a piece of heart.

05. Marsh - Pull the right-hand lever inside the floodgate building to open the gate and drain the pool outside. A piece of heart will be revealed.

06. Desert of Mystery - After going through the first part of the Desert Palace, dash down the ledge at the west side of the desert to find a piece of heart.

07. Desert of Mystery - In the central north area of the desert is a cave. A man is in there, and the southern wall is cracked. Bomb the wall for the piece of heart.

08. Zora's Domain - After getting the flippers, swim down the first waterfall and head west for this piece of heart.

09. Near Sanctuary - This piece of heart is under a pile of rocks on a hill overlooking the Sanctuary. Dash at the rocks to break them, then go down the stairs and open the chest for a piece of heart.

10. Death Mountain - After climbing the long ladder to the top of the mountain, head east. When you reach the doorway in Spectacle Rock with a boulder sitting in front of it, jump off the ledge below, to the left side of the bit of rock, to land on a ledge with a door. Go inside. Go north, up two stairways, to find a piece of heart.

11. Death Mountain - Use the warp tile east of Spectacle Rock to enter the Dark World. Stand where Spectacle Rock was in the Light World and use the Magic Mirror, and you will end up atop the rock. Grab the piece of heart here.

12. Pyramid of Power - From where you end up on the top of the pyramid, descend the stairs, then go down the eastern stairs, and jump off a small ledge to the east. Follow the path to the end to reach a piece of heart.

13. Dark World Lake - In the Dark World, go to where Lake Hylia is in the Light World. Swim to the northwest of the lake to find a shallow area surrounded by stones. Stand in the shallows and use your Magic Mirror to be transported back to the Light World. You end up on an island where a piece of heart sits!

14. Lumberjack's House - Use your Magic Mirror to return to the Light World, then find the place where the lumberjacks were cutting the tree near the entrance to the Lost Woods. The tree they were cutting now has different colored leaves. Dash into the tree and the leaves will fall, revealing a hole in the stump. Fall into it. Go through the door to find a piece of heart on a ledge.

15. South of Flute Kid's Grove - In the Dark World, south and west from the bomb shop, you will see an arrow of purple bushes pointing down. Follow them down to an area behind a big rock where a green and orange monster is bouncing. Kill the monster, then cut one of the purple bushes and go inside the circle. Use your Magic Mirror to go to the Light World. Go into the cave here, lift the pots, and collect the heart container!

16. Digging Game - West of the archery game, southwest of where Kakariko is in the Light world, is a digging game. Pay 80 rupees to play, and dig near the center of the field to find a piece of heart.

17. Graveyard - In the Dark World, get to the north end of the graveyard by dashing into a pile of rocks, and walking behind a totem-like statue to cut a bush into the area blocked by dark skulls. Cut the other bush to get to the ladder. Climb up it and stand at the left side of the ledge. Use the Magic Mirror and go inside the cave. Lift the pots and bomb the wall to reach a piece of heart.

18. Northwest of "Sanctuary" Cave - In the Dark World, get to where the cave is in the Light World that leads to Death Mountain (south of where the lumberjacks were in the Light World). Pull up the boulder and go into the cave. Your way appears to be blocked by a blue bouncy thing, but now that you have the Magic Cape, you can turn invisible and walk right through it! Do that, and you reach the piece of heart on the ledge outside!

19. Village of Outcasts - Play the treasure chest game in the house in the northwest of town until you find a piece of heart.

20. Village of Outcasts - Once you have the Titan's Mitt, you can use the south-east exit of town to where the Smithy is in the Light World. Lift the black boulders, then pound all the purple posts into the ground with your hammer. Once all of them are down, stairs appear at the bottom of the screen. Go down them for a piece of heart.

21. Swamp of Evil - In the northwest corner of the swamp is a face-like thing with a mouth you can walk into, so go into it. Inside, avoid the fireballs as you head north, down the stairs, to a block puzzle. In the bottom row there are two blocks. Push the right-hand one to the right. That gives you access to the first chest. Then, still in the bottom row, push the left-hand block to the left. Push the block above you up, then get around to the right side of the block in front of the chest and push it left. Get both chests for a piece of heart (left chest) and 20 rupees (right).

22. Swamp of Evil - Go to the northeast corner of the swamp (from where you got the last piece of heart, you can just go around the north of it and walk along the north wall of the swamp). The northwest corner kind of goes into the wall a bit; stand nestled in that spot and use your Magic Mirror to return to the Light World. You find yourself on a ledge in the desert next to a large white stone. Pick it up to reveal steps down. Go down them to find another block puzzle protecting the piece of heart. There are two blocks you can push from where you enter. Push the bottom block to the right, then push the block above you up, the block to your right right, and the block above that right, and you reach the piece of heart.

23. Dark World's Death Mountain - To get this piece of heart you need to start at Turtle Rock. Exit west. Pick up the white boulder below and go down the stairs. There are many platforms here, some with chests. They all just contain rupees. I won't tell you how to get them; you probably don't need them. Head north up the path until it ends. There is actually an invisible path north of you. If you use the Ether Medallion, the path will be illuminated briefly, but you may not be able to remember the exact path with just that brief glimpse. Another way to cross the path is to create an orange block with the Cane of Somaria, and push it forward (SLOWLY) along the invisible path until it falls off the edge. Now you know you need to turn in another direction. Face east and create another block. Push it until it falls. The next turn is north, then west, then you have a straight shot north so you don't need to create a block. Bomb the north wall, then in the next room bomb the west wall. (The north wall just leads to a fairy fountain, and the east wall can't be bombed.) Exit west (the north wall just leads to a few fairies floating around), then exit south to the outside. Use the Magic Mirror to get back to the Light World, where a piece of heart will be sitting right there waiting for you.

24. Outside of Turtle Rock - There is a piece of heart that you can only get from the outside ledge you reach during the Turtle Rock dungeon. Don't miss it! Go to the far right edge of the outside ledge and use the Magic Mirror. In the Light World, go into the cave entrance. There are four blue Goriyas here. To get the ones on the right, grab hold of the barrier separating them from you, and move the controller so that the Goriya comes right up to you, then hit it with your sword. One hit with the Golden Sword should kill it. Then go up and pound down the pink things to kill the top two Goriyas. The door will open, leading to a chest on a lovely blue altar that holds the very last piece of heart.

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