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Desert Palace

You go to the Desert Palace in search of the second pendant.

Enter the Palace

There are leevers all around this palace, they come up out of the ground and attack you. Make sure a leever isn't about to pop out of the ground right underneath you.

Walk north and you see a beamos with its eye circling around. Keep moving! If the beamos sees you, it will zap you. I find that if you circle the beamos in the opposite direction that it's spinning, its beam will miss you as you run past. Pick up the pots to the left of it and exit north.

Stand near the quicksand but not in the center, then slash your sword as the monster surfaces to kill it. Then go through the door above you. Get the leevers out of the way. There are a couple of cyclopses in this room. Kill one of them, then throw the pot that was between it and the other cyclops, and step on the switch to reveal a chest containing the map. Leave this room the way you came in.

Exit west, then go through the north door. Careful of the beamos in here. The tile in the back will just tell you that you must always collect all the treasures in each dungeon (this is not necessarily true). Dash into the lamp with the key on top to make it fall. Collect it and leave.

Exit east twice, then south. Open the door with your key. You have to defeat all the jelly enemies in here (you can't kill the beamos) so try to hide behind the lamps to avoid the beamos' fire. Open the chest for the compass. Once the monsters are all gone, the door opens. Go through.

Walk north. There are two things on the wall that spit out black blobs. You have to walk past when the blobs are out of the way, so carefully get past them and go north to a chest containing the big key. Then exit the way you came in, exit the beamos room, exit north, then west two times, and finally west through the door.

The first pot from the left on the top hides the switch that opens the door. The other pots hide items, so collect stuff if you want, but be warned that the pots don't stop the beamos' beam. When you're ready go through the door to the north that you opened.

Get the big chest for the power glove, which allows you to pick up small or large white stones in the ground. Leave the way you came in, hit the switch again, and exit east.

Exit south, fighting a quicksand monster on the way, continue south and exit through the southwest door. If you want to go into the room above (it's a fairy fountain, you might want to put the two fairies in your bottles), in the group of blocks on the left, push the first block from the right to open the door. Otherwise exit south to leave this part of the palace.

Before continuing to the next part of the palace, go straight down the strip of land to the south (it's easier to dash there) and you find a piece of heart. Dash back north and go around behind where you first entered the palace to find some white stones blocking a door. Now that you have the power glove you can pick up the stones, so get one out of the way and go through the door.

As usual, avoid the beamos in here. To open this door, in the group of blocks on the right, push the bottom block to the right. Go through the door.

DON'T MOVE. In this room, the floor tiles will come flying out of the floor at you and will hurt you, but if you stand in the doorway they can't touch you. Wait until they're all done flying at you, then pick up the bottom left pot for the key. Go through the door.

Exit south in this creepy room, then kill all the jellies in the next room to proceed. In the room after that, if you kill the jelly straight to the right when you're standing in a certain position, a shadow will appear behind you for a second. What IS that? Just a glitch. Moving on, go north where there are a couple of beamos to avoid, so be careful. The second pot from the right hides the key, so grab it while avoiding getting hit by a beam, and exit north.

DON'T MOVE again, this is another flying tile room. Wait for them to stop, then get the top right pot for the key and go through.

Kill the red cyclops with a couple of arrows, then use your lantern to light the four torches. The wall to the left will move back, revealing the door to the boss room. The bottom two pots hide hearts if you need them. The top two hide arrows and a magic jar.

When you're ready, go through the boss door.


These three worm-like creatures pop out of the ground and fly around the room. You'll see a brown spot on the ground in the three places where the lanmolas are about to come up. Once they burst from the ground, they shoot four rocks out diagonally, which will hurt you. A good strategy is to stand next to one of the brown spots where a lanmola is about to appear, not in a diagonal direction from the brown spot. Right when the lanmola comes out of the ground, swing your sword and you'll hit it. Their heads are their only vulnerable parts. If you can, try to hit a lanmola as it flies across the room. Once you defeat two of the lanmolas, the final one will shoot rocks in all directions when it comes out of the ground, so be careful. When you hit a lanmola you get pushed back a little, and if you're lucky you can hit the last lanmola as soon as it comes out of the ground and it will push you out of the way of one of the rocks.

Once you've beaten them all, collect your heart container, then stand in the middle of the room to grab the pendant of power! Only one left...

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