Sunken Treasure Side Quest

This page explains how to start and complete the Sunken Treasure side quest.


How to Start the Quest

Talk to Rozel in Lurelin Village, which is east of Faron Tower, to start the quest.

How to Complete the Quest

The "golden triangles" that Rozel mentions are are three triangular rocks in the bay south of Lurelin Village. They form a triangle on the map. Look for this triangle on the map and put a pin in the middle of it.

If you don't have a Korok Leaf, cut down trees until you get one. If you don't have an axe to cut down trees, there are two axes in the bottom of the large pond in the eastern part of Lurelin Village.

Once you have a Korok Leaf, you can use the raft in the western part of Lurelin Village to go south into the bay (use the Korok Leaf to blow gusts of air at the sail), and go the middle of the triangle of rocks. There you will find several treasure chests underwater that you can pull up with Magnesis. They contain rare ores and a Thunderblade.

After you have pulled up the chests and taken the treasure, go back and talk to Rozel to complete the quest.