Sheem Dagoze Shrine Guide: Moving in Parallel

A guide on how to find and complete the Sheem Dagoze shrine and solve the "Moving in Parallel" puzzle.

How to Find the Shrine

From Rota Ooh Shrine, go north on the path that goes past the shrine. Eventually, you will cross Jeddo Bridge. Just after that bridge, you will find Kass the Bard. Talk to him and listen to his song to get a clue to finding the shrine. You need to shoot an arrow through two of the rings. There are two rings in the western side of the area that face the same direction, so you can shoot an arrow through them.

How to Solve the Shrine

To get the treasure chest in this shrine, float down to the platform down below, between the two ramps. The chest contains a Great Thunderblade. Then step on the switch to make the moving platform move back to the ledge that you started on.

Next, turn around to face the ramps, then step on the switch to the right to make the rightmost orb roll down. Then step on the switch on the left to make the leftmost orb start rolling. Then as soon as the orb on the right has started rolling down the ramp to the target on the right, step on the switch on the left so that the orb on the left will roll down to the left target.

When you have put an orb into both targets, the gate will open and you can talk to Sheem Dagoze to get the Spirit Orb.