Shae Mo'sah Shrine Guide: Swinging Flames

A guide on how to find and complete the Shae Mo'sah shrine and solve the "Swinging Flames" puzzle.

How to Reach the Shrine

This shrine is in Goron City. Read the Reach Goron City page for instructions on how to get there.

How to Solve the Shrine

Up ahead, there are dry leaves on the ground and walls. If you don't have fire arrows or another source of fire, you can shoot an arrow at the chain holding the flame ball above the hole in the ceiling. When you burn the leaves, the stone barrel will fall. Put it on the switch to open the bars. Go through.

There is a treasure chest to the left. It contains a Stone Smasher. Across from the chest, there is a gear on the wall. To the right of the gear, there are a few Guardian Scouts. You can defeat them by doing a perfect guard when they shoot a beam at you, or you can just attack with your weapons.

In a corner of the area with the Guardian Scouts, there is a treasure chest. It contains a ruby.

In another corner, there is a ramp up to the next area. Go up that ramp. You will see some bars nearby, but you can go away from those bars to find stairs up to a glowing orange floor switch. Step on it to make a flame ball drop from above. Use Magnesis to pull the ball toward you, then let go to make the ball hit the leaves. The leaves will burn the wooden platform, making the small metal ball roll down until it stops at some bars.

Before you continue, drop down to the area below where the flame ball was hanging. There is a treasure chest there. It contains ice arrows.

From the switch that you stepped on to make the flame ball fall, go along the raised path that goes alongside the ramp that the metal ball is on. Go all the way to the wall with the constellation on it, and go left to find a switch. Step on it to open the bars, allowing the metal ball to roll and rotate the gear. This opens some nearby bars. Go through to find a treasure chest that contains a small key. Then go up the ramp to leave this caged area.

Go back to the wall of bars with the locked door, and unlock it. Step on the orange switch to make two flame balls drop down. Use Magnesis to make one of them swing back and forth, then shoot an arrow at the chain when the ball is moving away from you. It will hit the burning leaves, making the stone barrel fall. Put the barrel on the orange switch and go through the door. Talk to Shae Mo'sah to get the Spirit Orb.