Keeha Yoog Shrine Guide: Keeha Yoog's Blessing

A guide on how to find and complete the Keeha Yoog shrine.

How to Find the Shrine

Near Shae Loya Shrine, talk to Geggle to get the shrine quest "Cliffside Etchings". Place a pin on the etchings that Geggle points out.

Southwest of Shae Loya Shrine, you will find Lake Illumeni. Go south from the lake to go up a slope leading to the mountains. Be careful of the enemies that drop boulders and explosive barrels on you. There is a treasure chest along the way that contains shock arrows.

At the end of the upward slope, you find a gust of air. Float upward in it, then float southwest and land near the cliffside etchings. Use a Shock Arrow to shoot the glowing thing in the middle of the etchings. (If you try to shoot at it while floating in the gust of air, you will be too far away, so be sure to land before you shoot.) The shrine will appear.

About the Shrine

The chest in the shrine contains a diamond.