Hia Miu Shrine Guide: A Major Test of Strength

A guide on how to find and complete the Hia Miu shrine.

How to Find the Shrine

Hia Miu shrine is in the far northwest corner of the Hebra Mountains. One way to get there is to go to To Quomo Shrine, then leave the cave (watch out for rolling snowballs) and go east to the top of the slope. Then climb up the wall to the north, and go north over the valley. Then make your way west along the northern edge of the Hebra Mountains. There are updrafts that you can float on as you go along.

About the Shrine

This is a Major Test of Strength shrine. Instead of cracked pillars, this room has magnetic blocks in the floor that you can pull up to use as obstacles. The Guardian Scout wields a Guardian Spear++, Ancient Battle Axe++, and Guardian Sword++. The chest in the shrine contains a sapphire.