Rose Way

After you meet with Frogfucius in Tadpole Pond, you continue on to Rose Way.

After you meet with Frogfucius in Tadpole Pond, you continue on to Rose Way.

How to Reach Rose Way

You can go to Rose Way after you have been to Tadpole Pond.

Explore Rose Way

A note near the entrance explains how to use the floating yellow blocks.

As you proceed through this area, Starslaps will jump out of the water and spin around. If they hit you, you will battle them and other monsters, such as Shy Guys and Arachne.

Jump onto the yellow block and it will take you to an island with another yellow block nearby. Step onto the other yellow block to be taken to the next island, where you can pick up a mushroom.

Get back on the yellow block and it will take you to the next island, where there is another yellow block. Step onto it, but ignore the first island that it takes you to, and it will move on to an island with a Fire Flower.

Get back on the block and then step onto the next block to reach the northwest area.

Northwest Area

There are two yellow blocks swinging from side to side, each with a Shy Guy on top. For a challenge, you can try to use the yellow blocks to go to the treasure box in the corner. If the blocks get out of sync, you can jump in front of one to temporarily stop it.

Central Area

Go south to return to the central area, and get on the yellow block. You can stay on the block to go to the optional northeast area (and be sure to jump to get the coin on the way). The northeast area is a place to get more experience by battling Crooks and Shy Guys. Crooks are likely to run away, but if you defeat them, they drop 10 coins each. If you jump to the Shy Guy on the Lakitu's fishing line, you will also battle a Snapdragon in addition to two Shy Guys. Another Shy Guy will appear on the fishing line afterward.

Back in the central area, use the yellow blocks to get the coins from the east side of the area, then go to the southeast area. There are Shy Guys on top of treasure chests here. If you hit a treasure chest, the Shy Guy will fall off and start wandering around. If you want to battle them, you can walk up to them. Otherwise, you can ignore them. Some of the chests contain multiple coins, so be sure to hit them again if they still have a question mark.

Go to the southeast area and make your way east and then north. There will be a cutscene. Afterward, go north and you can continue to Rose Town.