After you race Booster up Booster Hill, you arrive in the town of Marrymore.

After you race Booster up Booster Hill, you arrive in the town of Marrymore.

Explore Marrymore

In Marrymore, there is an inn where you can also buy items, including the Happy armor for your characters. If you go into the first hotel room, you can stand on the tallest part of the shelf and jump to find a hidden chest.

If you stay in the Suite, you can order Pick Me Ups for 10 coins and Croaka Cola/KeroKeroCola for 150 coins. There is also a shower.

Go Into the Chapel

If you talk to the people in front of the Chapel, there will be a cutscene. Afterward, if you try the door, you find that it's locked. But the Snifit mentions a back entrance, so go southeast from the door, then go behind the building. There is a wooden crate next to the building here. If you go southwest from this crate and wall into the back of the wall of the small tower, you will go into the back entrance. Go down the stairs.

Go west and you can talk to the chefs. You can also jump onto the cake to see some dialogue. When you're ready, go up the stairs north of the cake.

Go west and the Snifit will stop you. When the Snifit tells you to jump, press the jump button. When the Snifit tries to break the door down, stand next to it and run toward the door at the same time to break down the door.

Equip the Amulet on someone if you haven't already. Use the Save Block to save, then check on the door, and there will be a cutscene. When Bowser tries to break down the door, run alongside him like you did with the Snifit, and you will break down the door.

Find the Princess's Belongings

The princess dropped her shoes, ring, brooch, and crown. After the cutscene, the candles along the aisle will start to light up as time goes by. This gives you an idea of how long you take to retrieve the items. Talk to each of the three Snifits to get the belongings back. Then jump onto Booster's head to get the crown, and then talk to Booster. The next cutscene will depend on how quickly you found the items.

Afterward, you have to battle Bundt.