Bean Valley

Your visit to Monstro Town provides a way up the cliff at Land's End, and you find Bean Valley at the top.

Your visit to Monstro Town provides a way up the cliff at Land's End, and you find Bean Valley at the top.

Optional: Get the Bright Card

Before you explore Bean Valley, you might want to go back up Booster Tower until you find Knife Guy, the juggling clown that you battled earlier. If you talk to him and keep playing his game, he will eventually give you the Bright Card, which you can use to get into , which you can access from Bean Valley.

Explore Bean Valley

Ignore the pipe on the left, because it just leads to a dead end. Go down the pipe on the right, and you reach an area with two Stingers and another pipe, but before you go down that pipe, go to the westernmost part of this area and jump to reveal a hidden chest that contains a Frog Coin. Then go down the pipe on the left.

In this area with three Stingers, go south and go down the pipe there to find a chest that contains a Flower. Then go back down the pipe. From here, go through the northwest exit.

You will find a Shy Away watering some piranha plant buds. You can optionally go down these pipes to find some treasure and an optional area. Do do so, wait for a piranha plant to grow into a fully grown plant, then jump on it to fight it. Defeat it and you can then go down the pipe that it was growing on. When you do, you end up in an underground area.

Bean Valley Pipe Treasure Rooms

The northernmost pipe leads to an area with a few Geckits, and you can go to the northwest part of the room where there is a Chomp Chomp. If you stand just northwest of the Chomp Chomp, you can jump to reveal a hidden platform and a northwest exit up above. Jump on the platform to go to the upper area, then go northwest through the exit that was revealed. You will be back on the world map, where you now have access to Grate Guy's Casino. However, to access the casino, you need a Bright Card, and to get that, you need to go back up Booster Tower until you find Knife Guy. Talk to him and play his game until he gives you the Bright Card. Then you can come back to Grate Guy's Casino, where you can play a slot machine, Blackjack, and if you talk to Grate Guy several times, you can play "look the other way", where you press left or right, and if Grate Guy doesn't point the same direction, you win. If you win 100 times (not kidding), you get the Star Egg, which does 100 damage to all enemies and can be used an infinite number of times.

If you have done everything at Grate Guy's Casino and don't want to go back, you can sell it for 777 coins to any shop, but you'll never be able to get it back. If you don't want it taking up space in your inventory but you want to be able to buy it back later, you can talk to the old man in the Marrymore Inn, but you should refuse to sell it until he gives up, then talk to him again. If you refuse his offer of 100, you can sell it for five Frog Coins, and if you refuse that, you can sell it for 10 Frog Coins. If you want it back, you can buy it back from the old man for 15 Frog Coins.

When you're done, exit the casino and return to the area in Bean Valley with five pipes. Go down the westernmost pipe and southwestern pipe to play slot machines, and go down the southeastern pipe to play a slot machine that also has a hidden chest southwest of it that contains a Croaka Cola/KeroKeroCola. Down the northeast pipe, there is a chest that has a monster in it but you don't get a reward for defeating it, and east of the monster chest there is a hidden chest near the east corner of the room that contains a Red Essence. You can then go up the stairs in this room and jump on the spring to reach an area with a chest that contains a Frog Coin.

When you're done, go back to the area with five pipes, use the Save Block, then go northeast to the next area. After the Shy Away waters the plant, jump on it and you will have a battle with multiple Smilax, followed by Megasmilax.