Training Week

After Veronica takes you to Eda's farm, you save the game and will start your week of training with Eda.

About Automatic Mode

You can press X during the cutscenes to switch to automatic text mode. The messages will automatically go past, so if you want them to stop, press X again. Automatic mode will turn off after the cutscene is over, so you will have to press X again the next time there is a cutscene if you want to switch to automatic mode.

Training Week, Day 1

On the first day of your training, you meet Giorgio. He is also a farmer. His farm is next to Fritz's.

Training Week, Day 2

Eda explains about your heart meter, which is in the upper-left corner of the screen. Your heart meter shows your stamina level. Your heart meter will deplete when you do physical activities like using tools. If your heart meter becomes empty, you'll collapse. You can replenish your heart meter by eating or sleeping.

The face icon next to the heart meter represents your health. If you aren't in good health, you will lose hearts more quickly. You can improve your health icon by eating or sleeping.

You and Eda share a meal, and your health and stamina are restored. A book about health and stamina is added to your bookshelf.

You will go outside and Eda will ask you to gather five pebbles and five twigs. Walk around the farm and pick up those items. After you have five of each, you will automatically go back to Eda. She gives you some orange juice. A couple of books are added to your bookshelf.

After this, Fritz arrives. You go together to the river, where he explains how to swim. Here is a more detailed explanation: walk onto the end of the dock until it says to press B to dive in. Press B to dive in, then use the Circle Pad to swim around. If an exclamation mark appears over your head, press A to dive underwater and look for an item. To get out of the water, swim close to the dock until it says to press B to get out, then press B. Keep an eye on your heart meter, because your stamina will be depleted a little bit each time you come up from a dive.

After you and Fritz swim in the river, you go home and Eda gives you 500 G before bed. After you save, check on the bed and go to sleep.

Training Week, Day 3

Eda takes you to the Trade Depot. Veronica explains that traders from other countries will come to the Trade Station to sell goods such as livestock, and seeds. A trader named Asche arrives from the Silk Country. Veronica introduces you. You can also sell things to the traders in the Trade Depot in addition to buying from them. Tomorrow, you will be able to visit the Trade Depot. Asche will be there from 9:00 to 21:00.

Veronica explains that Asche (and other merchants) will only come to the Trade Depot on specific days, so if there are no merchants in town, you won't be able to buy or sell anything. Be sure to keep that in mind. If you spend all of your money on a day when there are no merchants to sell to, you won't be able to buy anything in town, possibly for several days in a row.

At the entrance of the Trade Depot, you can talk to Jonas to find out which traders are in the Trade Depot right now, and you can see if a merchant is paying more for certain types of goods.

After this, the day ends and Eda gives you another 500 gold.

Training Week, Day 4

The next day, Eda teaches you about planting crops. Press X to go to your menu, and press A to equip the hoe, then press B to exit the menu. Or press R to see the tools menu, and choose the hoe from there. When you walk around the fenced-in area with the hoe equipped, you will see dotted lines on the ground. The lines indicate areas that you can use the hoe in. Hold the A button while standing in the dotted lines until the ground is plowed. Then go to another part of the fenced-in area to see more dotted lines, and plow that area as well. Plow all four areas.

Press Y to put the Hoe away, then talk to Eda when you are done. She gives you some turnip seeds. Press X to go into the menu and equip the seeds, then press B to exit the menu. Or press R twice to see the seed menu, and choose the seeds there. Stand on the plowed ground and press A. You will automatically put the seeds into all nine squares of soil. Do the same thing in the other three plowed areas.

After that, talk to Eda once more. She will give you a watering can. She explains that you need to put water in it first. Press X to go to the menu, then equip the watering can and press B to exit the menu. Or press R to see the tool menu, and choose the watering can from there. Walk over to the water that Eda showed you, then press A to fill the watering can. The gauge on the bottom-left of the screen shows how much water is in the watering can. Stand on one of the plowed fields and hold the A button to water the fields. Keep holding A until the white dotted line around the plowed area goes away. This means that the field has enough water for now.

Press Y to put the Watering Can away, then go back and talk to Eda when you are done. She explains that you will be growing these turnips during your training week. Be sure to keep checking these crops. You can even continue using this area of Eda's farm for planting crops after your training week is done.

Eda also mentions that different crops grow during different seasons, and these turnips will die if they aren't harvested before the end of their season. You can get rid of wilted crops with a Sickle, which Eda says you can buy at the General Store in town.

Eda gives you the hoe and watering can as gifts.

Eda says you're free to go into town. She explains how to use the map. You can tap the map to switch between the view of the entire town or the view of the current area that you are in. While in town, you can tap the house icon to show the names of shops and buildings. You can tap the arrow icon to show the path that you need to take to go back home. Eda suggests that you go to Otmar's General Store and the Carpenter's Shop.

Eda gives you 500 G.

Now you can go into town. Before you do, you might want to dive in Eda's river to look for items. The items that you find in the rivers are a good source of money early in the game. You can eat the fish, and many villagers like fish as gifts.

You can save the game using the touch screen. Just tap the journal icon, which looks like a book.

When you first leave the farm, you are taken to Elise's house, where there will be a cutscene.

In town, be sure to visit various places, such as the General Store, Carpentry Store, Hospital, Restaurant, and Antique Shop. Also, be sure to pick up any pebbles and twigs that you find, because you will need them to upgrade your house. You can also go to the Trade Depot to sell things. And you can swim in different places to look for underwater items.

After you are done exploring, go back to Eda's house, then save the game and sleep.

Training Week, Day 5

Eda will say that there are some turnips ready to be harvested. Check on the turnips with the A button and you will put them all into a box. Check on that box to put it into your inventory. After you have gotten the turnips from both fields, talk to Eda. You'll go inside and have a meal that Eda made with the turnips that you harvested.

Eda mentions that you can register items from your bag so you can have a shortcut for using them. Select an item in your inventory and press X to register it. Then close the inventory and press R to see the items that you have registered.

Eda gives you 500 G. Now you are free to explore town once more.

Be sure to water the seeds that you planted in the blue fenced area behind Eda's house.

The Silk Country is in the Trade Depot if you want to buy and sell things.

When you are ready, go back to Eda's farm and go to bed.

Training Week, Day 6

The next day, Eda teaches you how to take care of a cow. You work with Eda's cow, Hanako. Eda tells you to pet the cow, then says that you need to pet a cow each day so she will be happy and make good milk. Aside from petting the cow, you have to feed and milk them each day so they will be happy. Eda gives you a brush and a milker.

Then Eda explains how to feed the cow. There is a box in the corner that you can get fodder from. To put more fodder in, just put fodder into the storage box in the house. The fodder that you put into the storage box will automatically be available from the box in the barn. You can plant grass and use the sickle to harvest it to get more fodder, or you can buy fodder from the General Store. To actually feed the cows, you have to throw the fodder onto the gray area in the center of the barn.

Next, Eda explains brushing. Equip the brush and stand next to the cow, then hold the A button to brush. Keep brushing until the cow sparkles. You have to brush the cow daily to prevent her from getting sick. The cow might walk around while you brush, so be sure to follow her.

Eda then explains how to milk the cow. Equip the milker and stand next to the cow, then hold A until the milk meter in the bottom left is full. When this happens, a container of milk will appear. Pick up the container to put it into your inventory.

Now you need to take care of the cow as instructed, by petting, brushing, milking, and feeding the cow. Here are instructions in case you forgot: To feed the cow, go to the fodder box in the corner and take some fodder, then throw it onto the gray area in the middle of the barn. To brush, equip the brush and hold A while next to the cow. Keep brushing until the cow sparkles. Then to milk, equip the milker and hold A while next to the cow. Keep milking until a container of milk appears, then take the container.

Afterward, talk to Eda. She gives you 500 G, then goes back home.

Feel free to explore. The Silk Country is not in the Trade Depot today. Be sure to water the seeds that you planted in the blue fenced area behind Eda's house.

When you are ready, go back and rest.

Training Week, Day 7

The next day, Veronica says that your new farm is ready. When you go to your new farm, Veronica asks you to give your new farm a name. The default is Home. You can change your farm name any time by checking the bookshelf and choosing Almanac, then pressing X.

After you have named your farm, you go inside your new house. Your items have been moved into your new house.

The carpenter, Gunther, comes over and explains what you will need to upgrade your house: 15 Small Lumber and 15 Small Stones. Veronica says that you can find a lot of lumber and rocks around Gunther's house. Eda gives you a hammer and axe so you can turn raw wood and stone into building materials. You can use the hammer on Pebbles to break them into Small Stones, and you can use the axe on Twigs to turn them into Small Lumber.

Eda says that your house has a calendar. You can check the calendar to find out what is going on each day. It also tells you when there will be people in the Trade Depot. As mentioned before, you won't be able to sell anything if nobody is in the Trade Depot, so you have to plan your harvesting accordingly.

Eda gives you some turnip seeds and some stew, as well as 500 G.

After your Training

Your training has ended, and now you are free do to whatever you want to do in the game. You should try to upgrade your house as soon as possible, because some upcoming storyline events require it.