Beginning the Game

This page explains how to begin a game of Story of Seasons, including creating your character and naming your farm.

Create your Character

After watching the intro, press the button to begin a new game. Choose gender, skin color, face, hair color, and eye color. You will be able to change all of these traits (except gender) any time after your first house upgrade in the game.

Set Birthday and Details

After you choose the options that you want, press X to go to the next options. Next, you must choose your birthday. You can't choose a month, but you can choose one of the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Then choose the day of that season that you want your character's birthday to occur on. Each season has 31 days.

After you have confirmed your character's birthday, enter your character's name. The default boy's name is Johnny, and the default girl's name is Annie. Your name can be up to six characters long. You can't change it afterward.

Finally, if all settings are correct, press A to confirm your choices and start the game.

My First Farm

After the cutscene, you meet Veronica, Guild Master of Oak Tree Town, who explains that your farm is not yet ready, so you will stay with another farmer, Eda, for a week.

Eda shows you to your room. There is a Toolbox, a Storage Box, and a bookshelf here. The Storage Box is for bugs and other collectable items. The bookshelf has information on different features of the game. More books will get added over time.

When you go to sleep, the day ends and you will wake up the next day. You can write in your journal to save the game. Eda gives you 1000 G.

After this, you will be prompted to save your game in one of the two save slots. After that, go to bed.

The next day is day 1 of your training week.