During fall of the first year, an animal ranger named Agate returns to Oak Tree Town and opens the Safari.

Unlocking the Safari

The Safari unlocks in Fall of Year 1 when Agate returns to Oak Tree Town. Visit the Guild during Fall to trigger the cutscene where Agate returns and opens the Safari.

How to Go to the Safari

You can go to the Safari once per day.

One way to go to the Safari is to visit the Guild between 9:00 and 17:00 and talk to Veronica. Ask to go to the Safari, and she will ask if you want to bring any livestock. You can bring up to 16 of your livestock with you, but you can't bring pets or horses. You have to pay 100 G per animal that you want to bring.

Another way to go to the Safari is to check on a horse barn (such as the one at the south end of your farm) and choose "Go to Safari". This allows you to go to the Safari for free, but you won't be able to bring your livestock or pets with you.

What You Can Do at the Safari

At the Safari, you can gather materials from the ground, from tree stumps, and from the Mining Point. Some of the materials that you can find in the Safari are hard or impossible to find anywhere else, such as Downy Tufts.

You can also dive and go fishing in the Safari.

You can bring livestock to reduce their stress. Livestock that spend a total of 100 in-game hours or more in the Safari will always produce the "plus" version of their product.

You can also befriend wild animals by feeding them foods that they like. If you have a strong enough friendship with a type of wild animal, there will be a one-time event where the animal gives you a gift.

You can add more wild animals to the Safari by increasing your friendship with traders in the trading depot. After a trader offers an animal, talk to Gunther to upgrade the Safari so the new animal can be added.

Bringing Your Animals

For a fee of 100 G per animal, you can bring your animals to the Safari if you you talk to Veronica in the Guild. You can bring up to 16 animals with you (but not pets or horses). You can't bring your animals if you ride your horse to the Safari.

If you bring your livestock, their stress will go down. Also, if a farm animal spends a total of 100 or more in-game hours in the Safari, that animal will always produce the "plus" version of its product. For example, a Cow that has been to the Safari for 100 or more in-game hours will always produce Milk Plus. If you still want normal livestock products (such as normal Milk, normal Wool, etc.), be sure to leave at least one of that type of livestock at home!

Mining in the Safari

In the east side of the Safari, there is a Mining Point. Use your Hammer on the Mining Point to make items come out. There is a chance of finding rare gems and minerals, including Philosopher's Stones. Upgrade your hammer to increase your chance of getting rare items from the Mining Point.

Feeding Wild Animals

You can put food down to befriend wild animals.

To feed wild animals that are in the water, don't throw the food into the water, because it will be considered littering, which causes your friendship with everyone in town to decrease. Instead, put the food into the Feeding Area that is in the water, then jump into the water and go toward the animals to make them go toward the food.

Similarly, to feed animals that are on the ground, put the food on the ground (being careful not to throw it into the water), then walk toward the wild animal to make it go toward the food.

Add More Wild Animals

You can unlock more wild animals for the Safari by improving your relationship with traders in the Trade Depot. To do that, you should buy from or sell to each trader at least once per day that they are there. Also, on Spring 25, Veronica will have a tea party for the traders. Talk to Veronica to participate, then choose drinks from your inventory. The event will boost your relationship with each trader a lot. Also, on Spring 28, Year 1, traders will start requesting specific items, and if you complete those requests, your relationship with them will improve. Talk to Jonas at the entrance of the Trade Depot to find out what the traders want, then give that item directly to the trader when you have it. Each fulfilled request increases your relationship. It's not limited to once per day.

When your relationship with a trader has increased enough, the trader will tell you that he or she has a gift. The next time the trader arrives, you will receive a wild animal if your Safari or town has room for it. Most of these animals will go to the Safari. You may need to expand the Safari before the animal appears. To do that, go to the Carpentry Shop and talk to Gunther. After the expansion, you can encounter the new wild animals in the Safari.

Leaving the Safari

When you are done in the Safari, if you brought your livestock, go back and talk to Agate in the west side of the Safari. She will lead you out of the Safari.

If you rode your horse to the Safari, check on the horse shed and choose to return to your farm.