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How to Get It Unlock the Sakura Country and buy all the Basic recipe sets from Silk, Cabin, and Sakura countries. Then eat at Raeger's restaurant 27 times to get the Stew recipe.
Ingredients Required to Make Stew
People who Like or Dislike Stew

Klaus likes Stew

Iris likes Stew

Margot likes Stew

Gunther likes Stew

Corona likes Stew

Torque likes Stew

Mistel dislikes Stew

Nadi dislikes Stew

Lillie dislikes Stew

Veronica dislikes Stew

Otmar dislikes Stew

Boy Child dislikes Stew

Dessie dislikes Stew

Agate hates Stew

Eda hates Stew

Marian hates Stew