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World of Evil

After you release King Magridd and get the Black Stone, you can reach the World of Evil.

Open the World of Evil

When you reach the shrine to the World of Evil, go south from the upper tile. The 6 Stones will react, unlocking the World of Evil between the aurora. The Master says that Deathtoll's palace will not appear until you have found the three symbols of the Phoenix.

You can get the Red-Hot Mirror and Red-Hot Stick now. The Red-Hot Ball can be found later in the World of Evil.

Red-Hot Mirror

To get the Red-Hot Mirror, go to the Light Shrine in GreenWood and use the Spirit Sword to kill the Fire Spirits that float around in the upper and lower floors. One of the lairs releases a bird. Talk to the bird while standing behind it. The bird will give you the Red-Hot Mirror.

Red-Hot Stick

Return to St. Elle's Seabed. Equip the bubble armor and go underwater, then go to the southwest area with the glowing rocks. Follow the path to the northwest of the glowing rock area to go up to the volcano of Durean. Equip the Zantetsu Sword, go up the nearby stairs, then go west and kill the Metal Gorillas to release a mermaid. Talk to the mermaid that you released and she will give you the Red-Hot Stick.

Enter the World of Evil

After you have revealed the World of Evil, use the bottom tile in the World of Evil shrine to enter the World of Evil.

In the World of Evil go northeast to find a lair of Purple Demons. Kill them, using magic on the one near the treasure chest, and step on the lair to remove some pillars behind the treasure chest. Now go to the left and do the same thing.

Go between the silvery walls in the middle and go north. There are two Metal Fire Fly lairs. Clear them to remove the Green Guardian statues. Go and open the two treasure chests to the left and right. The one on the left contains 200 GEMs. The one on the right contains a Medical Herb.

Now go to either the northwest or northeast of the area. There is a downward path next to the Green Guardian statue. Go down that path to go to the middle of the area. Go up between the columns to find a Purple Demon lair and a Metal Fire Fly lair. Clear them to remove the two Green Guardian statues up above.

Go north and clear the Metal Fire Fly lair to remove the Green Guardian statue. Use magic on the Purple Demons on the other side of the columns to clear the other lair, revealing a warp tile back to the shrine.

Go all the way back to the warp tile in the bottom middle of this area to return to the shrine, then use the new warp tile that has opened up. Go south from it to reach the treasure chest that contains The Red-Hot Ball.

Get Phoenix Magic

Now that you have all three of the Red-Hot items (if you don't, this page explains how to get all of them) go back to the Mountain of Souls and talk to the king. The Grandmas will work their magic and you will receive the Magic of Phoenix. The Phoenix will tell you that it will help you, and it says that Deathtoll's palace has now appeared.

The king says that you need the Soul Blade and the Soul Armor to use the Phoenix's magic. You will get these in the World of Evil.

Now go back to the World of Evil and go to the warp tile in the north part of the first area.

In the second area of the world of evil, go southwest or southeast. Go north from there and use magic to get rid of the Purple Demons. Step on the lair to remove one of the silvery barriers. You can do this on the other side as well if you want to.

Go up past the silvery barrier(s) that you got rid of. To the north, there is a Metal Fire Fly lair. There are Rotating Walls here that you can't damage yet. The walls are not associated with a monster lair. For now, just clear the Metal Fire Fly lair that is in the southwest and northeast corners of the Rotating Wall area. This removes a barrier on the left and on the right.

Go south to exit the area with the Rotating Walls. Then go west and then go up. There are two Rotating Walls in this narrow path, so stand to the side to avoid them. Go north past the Rotating Walls. You will see a Green Guardian statue up above. Go east from it, until you reach a Green Guardian statue on the right side. Go south from that statue, avoiding the Rotating Walls down below. All the way to the south, there is a treasure chest that contains the Soul Armor. You have to wear this to survive in the next area of the World of Evil, so equip it now.

Go to the top middle of this area and use the warp tile there.

Dazzling Space

This area is called Dazzling Space, and you can see tormented souls floating in the sky from time to time. If you are not wearing the Soul Armor here, your health will steadily decrease.

Step to the left or right to avoid the Rotating Wall that comes down from the north, then go to the southwest corner of this area to find a chest. It contains 200 GEMs.

Go north from there and go north past the Rotating Wall up above. Go into the gap in the columns to the right to avoid getting hit by a wall, then go east past the walls to the Metal Fire Fly in the middle. Clear that lair to remove the columns to the north that are between the Green Guardians.

Before you go north, go east past the Rotating Walls and south to the southeast corner of the area, where you find a treasure chest that contains the Soul Blade. Equip it now. You can now kill the Rotating Walls. The walls give you 4000 EXP each, and they regenerate themselves because they are not tied to a monster lair, so you can go back and forth between the warp tiles in the world of area, killing the rotating walls to get a lot of EXP to level up before the final battle with Deathtoll.

Go north and then west past the rotating walls to go to the middle of the area. Go north between the two Green Guardian statues. Go northeast and kill the Purple Demons and step on the lair to reveal a warp tile back to the shrine. You can go back and save the game.

If you have all three of the Red-Hot items, Deathtoll's palace will be at the north end of this area. Read the instructions earlier on this page to find the Red-Hot items if you don't have them. When you get them, talk to the king in the Mountain of Souls to get the Phoenix magic. Deathtoll's palace will appear.

When you are ready for the final battle, go into Deathtoll's palace.


Be sure to equip the Soul Blade, the Soul Armor, and the Phoenix magic in order to damage Deathtoll. The Phoenix automatically comes from your sword as long as its magic is equipped. Walk north to reach Deathtoll's chamber. Deathtoll appears, and, after a few words, attacks you.

Deathtoll warps to different spots, then shoots three energy balls downward. These energy balls then move left and right to hit you. Walk out of the way and hit Deathtoll until the fight ends.

Lord Deathtoll

After defeating the cloaked figure, it disappears and the floating skull speaks to you, then transforms into Lord Deathtoll.

Remember to equip the Soul Blade, Soul Armor, and Phoenix magic. The phoenix will come out of your sword whenever you swing it. It costs 2 GEMs per swing, but you can equip the Magic Bell (see the Master's Emblem locations page if you don't have it) to use Phoenix without using GEMs. You can also get more GEMs during this battle.

In this battle, Deathtoll can shoot slow-moving lasers from his staffs. The lasers move diagonally downward toward you, changing direction after going a certain distance, but always changing direction toward you. Try standing near one side of the platform to make the lasers go in that direction, then move to the other side to get out of the range of the lasers.

Blue flames appear in the area around you. You have to destroy all of these flames to make Deathtoll vulnerable to the Phoenix magic. The blue flames drop GEMs. After you destroy the blue flames, Deathtoll's forehead gem glows, and he spits out three fireballs. You can damage Deathtoll during that time, but he doesn't have a damage meter like other enemies. He will flash when you damage him. Note that Deathtoll's horns are also a vulnerable point, so you can stand below a horn to avoid getting hit by a fireball when he spits them out.

It can be helpful to destroy all but one blue flame and wait for the lasers to shoot so that you can sidestep them, then destroy the last flame and quickly turn and face Deathtoll so you can start swinging your sword as soon as the last flame is gone. This way, you don't have to try to avoid both the lasers and Deathtoll's flames at the same time.

After you deal enough damage, Deathtoll will die. Congratulations! Enjoy the ending!

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