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Grass Valley

Begin your adventure as the Soul Blazer who must meet Lisa and liberate the people of Grass Valley.

Receive a Sword and Soul

The master will speak to you from on high, asking you to name yourself. Enter your name, then choose "ED" in the bottom-right corner of the name entry screen to confirm the name. Once you're done with that, step on the warp tile on the left.

You will find yourself in a room called the Room of Trial. A glowing spot on the floor (called a lair) is spitting out green monsters with purple hair. These monsters are called Cherry Heads.

To the north is a treasure chest. Open the chest to receive the Sword of Life. To equip it, press X, then choose the weapon.

Go over to the monsters and swing your sword at them until they're all dead. You can hold your sword in front of you by holding L or R. It will hurt enemies, but won't do as much damage as swinging your sword. Also, if you point your sword at a gold piece, the gold piece will move toward you. Bigger gold pieces move more slowly.

After you have killed all of the monsters from the lair, it will turn into a green glowing spot. Step on it to release the soul trapped inside of the monster lair. An old man will appear. The old man is secretly a heavenly being who was sent to Earth by the Master, and he is a magician. In thanks for rescuing him, he will join you as a spirit who can cast magic for you. He will be in the form of a glowing sphere that spins around you. This glowing sphere can be made to temporarily move away from you if you walk into a wall. However, once you stop moving, it will drift back to you.

You will also get the Flame Ball Magic. You can use magic if you press Y. Using magic costs GEMs (the gold pieces that you win from monsters). Using Flame Ball will shoot a flame ball out of the spinning ball of light in the direction that you're facing. Be sure to press X and equip the Flame Ball Magic if you want to use it.

Go to Grass Valley

Now that you have the soul of the magician and the flame ball magic, step on the warp tile to go back to the shrine. Note that being in a shrine heals up your health 100%. You can save the game by stepping on the orange tile at the top of the shrine.

The Master has opened up the warp tile to the south, so step on it to go to Grass Valley. It's empty because Deathtoll sealed all of the souls of the world in monster lairs just like the one that you unlocked in the Room of Trial. You must go around the world killing all of the monsters in order to rescue the souls trapped inside of their lairs.

From the place where you arrived in Grass Valley, walk west and then south. There will be a gap in the stones that you can go through to find a stairway leading down. Go down the stairs and the flower will tell you to go into the Underground Castle to find the monster lairs. The entrance is to the right of the flower. Go into the Underground Castle.

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