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Super Secret Bases Guide

This is a guide to Super Secret Bases in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Super Secret Bases are an improved version of the Secret Bases that were found in the original Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. This page explains how to create your base and find other players' bases.

How to Unlock Super Secret Bases

Step 1: Get the Dynamo Badge

Before you can create Super Secret Bases, you have to get the third gym badge (the Dynamo Badge) from Wattson in the Mauville Gym.

Step 2: Meet Aarune and get Secret Power

After you get the Dynamo Badge, you will go north to Route 111 and meet Aarune, a traveller from the Unova region who gives you TM94 Secret Power and helps you open up a new Secret Base.

How to Create a New Super Secret Base

Step 1: Teach Secret Power to a Pokémon

Use the TM that Aarune gave you to teach Secret Power to a pokémon. You will need to use that move to create a new Secret Base.

Step 2: Use Secret Power at a Secret Spot

As Aarune showed you, there are certain places that can be turned into a secret base. Look at trees, rock walls with holes in them, and other places, and be sure to bring a pokémon that knows Secret Power. Then check on the spot. If it is a Secret Spot, it will open up and you will enter your new Secret Base.

Step 3: Abandon Your Old Base

In order to create a new Secret Base, you have to abandon your old one. All of your decorations will be put back into the Secret PC.

Finding Other Players' Secret Bases with StreetPass

Step 1: Activate StreetPass with BuzzNav

Back in Rustboro City, after you defeated the Team Magma/Aqua grunt in Rusturf Tunnel, the president of Devon Corporation (Mr. Stone) added BuzzNav to your PokéNav Plus. If you have never used the BuzzNav, be sure to tap the BuzzNav tab in the touch screen (it has a person on it) and then choose to activate StreetPass.

Step 2: Walk Around with your 3DS in Sleep Mode

If your 3DS is playing a 3DS game or is in the Home Screen, you can close it and walk around with your 3DS to find people with StreetPass. If you pass somebody who has created a Secret Base in his or her game of Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire, that person's base will get added to your game.

Step 3: Check BuzzNav Notifications to Get the Bases

After you have StreetPassed with other players of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, you should see a mailbox icon on the BuzzNav tab in the touch screen. Tap the BuzzNav tab, then tap the mailbox icon in the corner. Agree to get the latest updates. You will get any Secret Bases of players that you passed by.

Step 4: Check Your Map, and Go!

Tap the map icon in the touch screen, then tap the map to open it. Tap the Bases button in the bottom of the screen. Places that have white flashing squares in them have secret bases. Tap those squares to see a list of Secret Bases in the area. Go to that area and look around for Secret Bases. You don't need to use Secret Power to enter other players' bases. Just walk right in.

Sharing Secret Bases with QR Codes

How to Scan QR Codes of Other Players

When you are in your Secret Base, use the Secret PC and choose "Manage QR Code patterns". Then choose Find a Secret Base. The 3DS will turn on the camera. Point the camera at another player's QR code, then press A when it is lined up properly. The other player's Secret Base will get added to your game.

How to Get Your QR Code

When you are in your Secret Base, use the Secret PC and choose "Manage QR Code patterns". Then choose Share a Secret Base. The game will generate your QR code. You can show this code to another player, who can scan the code as described in the section above. You can also edit the message that is shared along with your QR Code. While viewing your QR code, you can also choose to save the image to your SD Card in your 3DS.

Decorating Your Secret Base

To decorate your base, check your Secret PC in your base, then choose decorate your base. Then move the cursor and press A to select the location that the cursor is on. Then you can choose one of your decorations to put down. If the cursor is red, it means that you can't put the decoration where the cursor is, so move the cursor. If the cursor is green, it means that you can put the decoration where the cursor is. Press L or R to rotate the item (some items can't be rotated) and press A to put the item down. Press Y to put the item away, or press B to select a different item. You can press X when no item is selected and it will open the list of your decorations. Press B when no item is selected and you will stop decorating.

Be sure to put a bed in your base, because you can heal up your pokémon with it! Visitors to your base can, too.

Interacting with Players in Their Secret Bases

When you enter the Secret Base of another player, you can take the flag next to that player's Secret PC.

Be sure to talk to the players in their Secret Bases, because they might give you a random item.

When you first talk to the other player, that player will tell you about something that happened recently in his or her game.

You can choose to battle the player. The player's team will be the pokémon that that player had with him or her at the time that you found the player's Secret Base. The player's pokémon will have an adjusted level depending on how many gym badges you have.

You can also choose to make a player your pal. The pal will go to your Secret Base. You can then talk to the pal in your base to receive items and more.

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