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Contest Guide

Pokémon Contest Spectaculars are a unique way of showing off your pokémon's qualities. Boost your pokémon's qualities with Pokéblocks and choose the best moves!

Why Should I Do Contests?

The first time you participate in a contest, you get the special Cosplay Pikachu that can wear costumes and learn moves that other Pikachu can't learn. In addition, participating in contests gives you the chance to win prizes, some of them rare. Furthermore, if you win all the contest ranks and get first place vs. Lilia and Ali, you get Lucario's Mega Evolution stone, Lucarionite.

About Contest Qualities

For the purpose of Contest Spectaculars, your pokémon has a set of five qualities: Coolness, Cuteness, Toughness, Cleverness, and Cuteness. In addition, your pokémon's moves each have one of these qualities.

You can see your pokémon's contest qualities in the pokémon's Summary screen. Just tap the contest ribbon icon near the bottom-left of the screen, which is in the middle of the three icons in the bottom-left of the screen.

The star in the top screen shows the current values of your pokémon's qualities. In the bottom screen, it shows you the qualities of your pokémon's moves. Tap on a move to see the Appeal, Jamming, and a description of what the move will do in the contests.

About Pokéblocks

Pokéblocks are snacks that you can feed to your pokémon. The Pokéblock will boost the pokémon's contest quality that matches the block color. For example, a red Pokéblock boosts Coolness.

Making Pokéblocks

Your Pokéblock Kit comes with some pre-made Pokéblocks. You can make new Pokéblocks by putting berries into the Pokéblock Kit.

Each berry has a color that is listed on the screen when you choose it while using the Pokéblock kit. To make a block of a specific color, use berries of that color. If you use four berries that each have a different color, you have a chance of creating Rainbow Pokéblocks, which boost all five contest conditions. If you use a combination of different berry colors, but at least two have the same color, you will end up with a solid-color Pokéblock.

Also, certain combinations will create a Pokéblock Plus, which increases contest conditions more than regular Pokéblocks do.

Preparing Your Pokémon for Victory

There is a contest for each of the five qualities, so you should enter a pokémon into the contest that matches the qualities of its moves. For example, if your pokémon's moves are all Clever moves, you should enter that pokémon into the Cleverness contest.

You should also use Pokéblocks to boost the pokémon's condition that matches the contest type that you will enter. For example, when entering the Cleverness contest, feed your pokémon green Pokéblocks to boost its Clever quality. To use Pokéblocks, open up the Pokéblock Kit (in the Key Items pocket) and you can choose Pokéblocks to give to your pokémon.


There are also scarves that you can give to your pokémon to boost a contest quality. You can get scarves from the chairman of the Pokémon Fan Club in Slateport City by showing him a pokémon with a high contest quality. The chairman will give you a scarf of the color that matches that pokémon's high contest quality. For example, if you show him a pokémon with a high level of Coolness, the chairman will give you a Red Scarf.

Contest Ranks and Prizes

There are four contest ranks: Normal, Super, Hyper, and Master. The first time you win first place in a rank, the next rank is unlocked. If you win first place in the five Master Rank contests, you will compete against Lisia and Ali in the next Master Rank contest you enter. If you win, you get Lucarionite.

After contests, there will be fans in the lobby of the contest hall who will give you special items and berries if you talk to them.

Cosplay Pikachu

The first time you participate in a Contest, you receive Cosplay Pikachu. This is a Pikachu that can wear costumes! She has a heart-shaped mark on the end of her tail, which is different from other female Pikachus: they have a heart-shaped tail but no mark on the end.

Cosplay Pikachu's contest qualities are very high to begin with, making it easier to win contests with her.

You can change Cosplay Pikachu's costume by going to the dressing room of the contest hall and telling the woman there that you would like to change Pikachu's costume. You can also choose to have her not wear a costume.

When you change Cosplay Pikachu's costume, she learns a move that Pikachu normally can't learn. The Coolness costume teaches her Meteor Mash (Steel-type attack), the Beauty costume teaches her Icicle Crash (Ice-type attack), the Cuteness costume teaches her Draining Kiss (Fairy-type attack), The Cleverness costume teaches her Electric Terrain (Electric-type status move), and the Toughness costume teaches her Flying Press (Fighting-type attack).

If Cosplay Pikachu doesn't wear a costume, the special move is removed and she will only know three moves.

The Introduction Round

The first round of the contest is the Introduction Round. In this round, your pokémon earns points based on its quality that matches the current contest. For example, if you enter the Toughness contest, your pokémon will do better the higher its Toughness is, which you can boost with Yellow Pokéblocks and the Yellow Scarf.

The Talent Round

The talent round is more complicated. In this round, each pokémon takes turns showing off one of its moves. After all four pokémon have made a move, you repeat the process. Each pokémon will get the chance to do five moves.

You need to use moves that match the type of contest that you entered, and the audience will get bored if you use the same move twice in a row, so make sure that your pokémon has at least two moves that match the contest type.

Move Appeal

During the contest, you will see each pokémon in a box in the touch screen. When each pokémon uses a move, the audience reacts with hearts. These hearts are added to the box for the pokémon who moved. The more hearts you have, the better your score. The hearts that you earn for a move are determined by the move's Appeal, which is listed in the pokémon's Summary screen in the contest info section.

Move Jamming

Some moves also have a Jamming value. These types of moves will reduce hearts from your opponents' scores.

Move Effects

Moves also can have other effects during the contest, such as startling the other pokémon, changing the order that the pokémon make their moves, making the audience bored, and so on. Be sure to read the descriptions of your pokémon's moves in the pokémon's Summary screen in the contest info section to learn about the effects of the moves during the contest.

Nervous, Startled, or Calm

Some moves can cause the other pokémon to become nervous, which makes unable to use a move on their turn. Some moves can cause the other pokémon to be startled, which makes them lose appeal hearts from their box. Some moves cause your pokémon to become calm, preventing the opponents' moves from startling it or making it nervous. Keep this in mind so you can use your moves strategically to maximize your hearts and minimize your opponents' hearts.

Audience Excitement

The stars in the top left of the top screen represent audience excitement. All four pokémon in the contest can affect the audience's excitement. If the excitement meter has five stars on your turn, your pokémon will perform a special move, earning a lot of appeal. If that pokémon is able to Mega Evolve, it will do so while performing the special move.

Audience Boredom

The audience doesn't like to see the same move twice in a row, and stars will be removed from the excitement gauge if they get bored Make sure to look at the colors of the names of your pokémon's moves during the contest. The move that you used last time will be blue, so don't perform a move that is blue! Also, be sure to read the description of each move, because some moves can cause boredom, while other moves can be used repeatedly without causing boredom.

Move Combos

You can get a bonus to your score if you perform certain move combinations. For example, if you perform Yawn, then use Wake-Up Slap in the next round, it's a combo. Check the color of the moves during the contest. If a move is red, it will give you a bonus if you perform it. If a move can be used in a combo, the text during the contest will mention it.

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