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Jagged Pass

After getting the Meteorite back from the leader of Team Magma/Aqua on Mt. Chimney, you go south to Jagged Pass.

Explore the Route

In this route, you can catch Machop, Numel, and Spoink.

Go down the stairs. If you do not have the Acro Bike, you will not be able to return to Mt. Chimney after you jump down the ledge. You can ride the cable car from Mt. Chimney and go back to Mauville City if you want to switch to the Acro Bike.

If you are ready, hop down the ledges south of the stairs, then go west. If you have the Acro Bike, you can hold the B button until the bike starts hopping, then hop down the round stones here to get a Super Repel. Hop back up the rocks with the Acro Bike to go back to where you were.

Go east from there and use the Acro Bike to hop down the round stones and reach TM43 Flame Charge.

Go down the stairs from there, then hop down the rock. You can go down the stairs here to battle Expert Shelby, who has Meditite and Hariyama.

West of Shelby, use the Dowsing Machine to find a hidden Full Heal on a rock.

Go up the stairs near Expert Shelby, then go to the left and hop up the rock with the Acro Bike. Go west until you slide down a slope. Go north from there and use the Acro Bike to hop up the three stones. You will find TM69 Rock Polish. There is also a Secret Spot here.

Go south from here and hop down a ledge. In this area, you can battle Hiker Eric, who has Graveler.

Go down the ledge south of the Hiker, then slide down the middle slope to get a Full Heal.

Slide down the next slope. You can battle Fairy Tale Girl Nellie in this area. She has Skitty and Jigglypuff.

Go east from the Fairy Tale Girl and hop up the rocks until you can reach Camper Ethan. He has a Gulpin.

Use the Dowsing Machine east of Ethan to find a hidden Great Ball behind the tree.

Hop down the ledge south of Ethan to find a Max Ether.

Slide down the slope, then hop down the ledges and go west. You find Picnicker Diana, who has Gloom and Swablu.

Go west from Diana, then hop down the rocks to get an X Defense.

Hop back up the rocks, then go east and down the stairs. Keep going south to reach the south part of Route 112.

Route 112 South

Carefully go east and get the Nugget. Don't go any farther than the guy who is running back and forth, though, or you will have to ride the cable car and go through Jagged Pass all over again to get back here.

Go west from where you got the Nugget and you will reach Lavaridge Town.

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