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Littleroot Town

You have moved into Littleroot Town, and Professor Birch has asked you to meet him in his pokémon lab there.

Check Out Your New Home

After you exit the truck, your Mom takes you into your new home. After the pokémon movers are done, your Mom asks you to go up to your room and set the time on the clock that your Dad got for you, so go upstairs now. You can run by holding the B button.

Check on the clock on the wall. You will automatically set it to the time in your 3DS. Afterward, your Mom will come up and ask you to make sure that everything is there on your desk. Check on the book on your desk to see the adventure rules that you have written down.

After you are done checking out the room, go downstairs. Your Mom will call you over to the TV, where she was watching your Dad being interviewed. He's the gym leader of Petalburg Gym. The TV also mentions an upcoming meteor shower.

Afterward, your Mom asks you to go next door to meet your Dad's friend Professor Birch. When you go inside, the lady of the house says they have a child your age who is upstairs. Go upstairs. If you chose to be the boy character, you will meet May upstairs. If you chose to be the girl character, you will meet Brendan upstairs. Your neighbor will leave to help Professor Birch catch pokémon. Read the book on the desk for some more pokémon information if you want, then go downstairs and outside.

If you go to the pokémon lab to the south, the scientist there will tell you that Professor Birch is in Route 101 now. Go north to reach Route 101.

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