Getting a Tyrogue from Kiyo in Mt. Mortar

Kiyo is a fighting master who hangs out in Mt. Mortar. If you defeat him in battle, he rewards you with a Level 10 Tyrogue. This is the only way to get a Tyrogue within the game. Be sure to go into Mt. Mortar with at least one empty slot in your party, or you'll have to leave and come back!

To reach Kiyo, you must bring a Pokémon that knows Surf and a Pokémon that knows Waterfall. If you have a Pokémon that knows Strength, that can give you access to more items and will give you an easier way to get out of the cave. If you have a Pokémon that knows Dig, it will be very easy to get out of the cave. Or, just bring an Escape Rope.

Since both of Kiyo's Pokémon are Fighting type, you should bring a Pokémon that has powerful Flying or Psychic moves. Kiyo's Hitmonlee knows Fighting and Normal attacks, so don't bring a Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark, or Steel Pokémon against it. His Hitmonchan knows Fighting, Electric, Ice, and Fire moves, so the only types that it isn't super-effective against are: Fighting, Poison, Ghost, Fire, Electric, and Psychic. Some good dual-types against it are Fire/Fight and Water/Dragon, Normal/Psychic, and Water/Electric. Check the single and dual type chart to find more dual types that work well against Kiyo's Hitmonchan.

Use the center entrance to Mt. Mortar to get inside. This center entrance is only accessible by surfing to it from Route 42.

From the center entrance, surf north, then use waterfall to go up. Go all the way to the back wall and go into the door that you find in the center.

From this door, go all the way to the right until you reach some water. Surf all the way to the right and get onto the land in the corner. From there, get into the water to the north and surf up to the next piece of land.

Once again, get in the water to the north of you, but this time, exit the water on the left side. From here, walk left until there is a ledge to the south that you can drop down. Once you drop down, go all the way to the left. There is water here, so surf in it, going north until you can get off at some land.

Now walk to the right until you find more water. Surf in it, and get off at the top edge of the water. From here, walk right and get into the water at the top right corner. Surf north, then get off at the upper left area of land.

Now walk all the way to the left. You will eventually find some water. Surf in it, going all the way to the left until you find a ladder going down. Go down it.

From the ladder, go to the right, and then go south when you can. Use the third set of stairs that you can reach, and cross this raised area to take the stairs to the south. From here, go to the right until you reach some stairs. Go right, and then down when you can. Follow the path until you find more stairs. Go down those, then go down the ladder.

From the ladder, go down one flight of stairs, then go to the right, and go down the long set of stairs here. Just to the north is Kiyo! If you defeat him, he rewards you with a Level 10 Tyrogue, as long as you have an empty slot in your party. If you don't, you'll have to leave and come back, and he'll give you the Tyrogue. When Tyrogue reaches level 20, it will evolve. There are three possible evolutions for Tyrogue:

  • It becomes Hitmonchan if its Defense is higher than its Attack.
  • It becomes Hitmonlee if its Attack is higher than its Defense.
  • It becomes Hitmontop if its Attack equals its Defense.

These three evolved forms can all make eggs at the Day Care. An egg from either of these three will always hatch into a Tyrogue, allowing you to try to obtain a different evolution. Using vitamins is one way to alter your Tyrogue's stats. Also, having Tyrogue selectively fight specific Pokémon that give Effort Values in Attack or Defense, depending on which of the two you want to raise, is another way to ensure that your Tyrogue evolves into the desired form. Bulbapedia's list of Pokémon by effort value yield can help you plan this. If you are unsure of how much your Tyrogue's stats will increase when it levels up at level 20, you can use an Everstone to prevent the evolution (or just tap the screen when it tries to evolve) and then use a Rare Candy when its stats are to your liking.