All is Not Well in Slowpoke Well

When you climb down the well, you find Kurt, who hurt his back from overdoing it a little in his Team Rocket-busting attempts. He leaves it up to you to cleanse Slowpoke Well of those Team Rocket slimeballs.

You'll have to fight some Team Rocket Grunts. Keep on the lookout for items that you can pick up here.

Eventually, you must battle against Team Rocket Executive Proton. He has a level 8 Zubat and a level 12 Koffing.

Zubat is Poison/Flying, which means that it is:

  • Weak against moves: rock, electric, psychic, ice
  • Strong against moves: poison
  • Very strong against moves: fight, bug, grass
  • Immune to moves: ground

This Zubat has a Bug move, which means:

  • Don't bring pokémon with types grass, psychic, or dark against it
  • Try bringing pokémon with types fight, flying, poison, ghost, steel, fire against it
  • Other types will do OK but not as well as the recommended ones above

As for the Koffing, it is purely a Poison type pok&ecaute;mon, which means:

  • Weak against moves: ground, psychic
  • Strong against moves: fight, poison, bug, grass

The Koffing has Poison and Normal moves, so:

  • Don't bring pokémon with types: grass
  • Try bringing pokémon with types: poison, ground, rock, ghost, steel

Once you've dealt with him, he'll leave, and the Slowpokes will be safe from Team Rocket evilness. Kurt arrives and tells you that Team Rocket had been defeated by a guy named Red three years ago, but now Team Rocket seems to be back. He'll give you a Fast Ball, which makes it easier to catch pokémon that have a high base speed, and then you can ask him to make pokéballs from your apricorns. He can take multiple apricorns but can only make one batch a day. He'll finish up at midnight.

Talk to his granddaughter to get his phone number. You can call him with your pokégear to ask if he's done yet. Then you'll have to go back to his house to pick them up.