Route 10

Route 10 is the last numbered route that you will travel on before the Elite Four. You can catch some new pokémon here, and there are some items and trainers for you to fight.

Pokémon that you can catch here

New pokémon to catch here are Rufflet if you are playing White or Vullaby if you are playing Black. You can also catch Bouffalant here.

Guide to the Trainers

In the grass near the entrance you find Battle Girl Amy who has an L39 Scrafty and an L39 Mienfoo.

Up the stairs is Ace Trainer Johan, who has an L39 Fraxure, Eelektrik, and Accelgor.

A little beyond Johan is Veteran Karla who has an L39 Maractus and Alomomola as well as an L40 Cryogonal.

Battle with Cheren

Once you are almost all the way across the bridge, Cheren will ask you to stop. He and Bianca will show up, and Cheren says that he wants to test you one last time to make sure that you are ready for the Elite Four and N.

He has an L43 Unfezant, an L43 elemental monkey (Simisage, Simipour, or Simisear), an L43 Liepard, and his L45 starter (Serperior, Samurott, or Emboar.)

More Trainers

After you defeat Cheren, Bianca gives you a Max Revive, and you can continue on. If you head north through the dark grass just past the bridge, you encounter Black Belt Corey who has an L40 Sawk.

Nearby is Hiker Bret who has an L38 Gurdurr and Boldore.

After passing through this northern area of trainers, you will find TM05 Roar.

Going back across the bridge, you'll encounter Ace Trainer Cheyenne who has an L40 Sawsbuck and Jellicent.

Finally there is Veteran Chester who has an L39 Beartic and Seismitoad as well as an L40 Escavalier.

Now you can head into the Badge Check Gate. When you walk up to each gate, the guard will check to make sure that you have the badge that matches the one on the gate, and then the gate will open. Each area beyond the gate reflects the theme of the badge that opened it.

Once you have made it through each gate, you find yourself at Victory Road.