Pokémon Dream World Guide

This page explains the Pokémon Dream World feature.

Due to the closure of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, this feature is no longer available.


The Pokémon Dream World is an online feature of Pokémon Black and White that you can access on your computer after connecting your game to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and using the Game Sync feature of the C-Gear. You can visit the Dream World as soon as you get your C-Gear from Fennel. The C-Gear's Game Sync allows you to tuck in a pokémon in a bed. After a while, the pokémon will start dreaming, and you will be able to go to the Pokémon Global Link web site, sign up for a trainer ID and log on, then explore the Dream World with your pokémon. Read below for step-by-step instructions on how to connect to the Pokémon Dream World, as well as answers to FAQs.

You can only visit the Dream World for an hour, after which you will be required to wake up your pokémon if you have not done so. You will not be able to visit the Dream World again until 24 hours have passed since your last visit. If you have both games, you can tuck in two pokémon and visit the Dream World two times. Visit the Dream World with one game, and then visit with the other game. You don't have to wait 24 hours to visit with your other game.

Step One: Sign up for a Trainer Club Account on Pokémon.com

Go to the Pokémon.com Trainer Club Sign Up Page and follow the instructions to create a Trainer Club Account.

Step Two: Log into your Trainer Club Account at Pokémon-GL.com

Visit Pokémon-GL.com and log in with your Trainer Club Account login name and password. If you forgot your Trainer Club user name or password, the Pokémon web site has a page to retrieve your Trainer Club user name or retrieve your Trainer Club password. Follow any instructions that it displays on the screen. If it asks you for a Game Sync ID, proceed to Step Three of this guide to receive your Game Sync ID. You can sign up for an account without a Game Sync ID, but it will tell you that you are using the Demo version. After you enter your Game Sync ID in your Pokémon-GL.com Profile, you will switch from using the Demo version to using the full version.

Step Three: Get your Game Sync ID by choosing Game Sync Settings in the main menu

Before you can use Game Sync, you need to set up your DS to connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (Nintendo WFC for short).

Once you have set up your DS to connect to the Nintendo WFC, start your game, and then in the main menu (the one where you choose your saved game), scroll down and choose Game Sync Settings. It will ask you if you want to connect to the Nintendo WFC. Say yes. If it gives you an error code, visit the Nintendo Error Codes page to find out why you are having the error.

After connecting to the Nintendo WFC, it will ask if it is OK to create Game Sync Data. Say yes. Wait for a while, and eventually it will display your Game Sync ID. You can check your ID from Game Sync Settings screen in the main menu.

Once you receive your Game Sync ID (it's in Game Sync Settings in your game's main menu) log in at the Pokémon Global Link. If you didn't enter a Game Sync ID when you created your account, click the Profile button on the left side of the screen. Then click the Game Sync ID registration button at the upper right. Enter your Game Sync ID into the text field that is next to the version of the game that you are playing (Black or White).

Step Five: Choose a Pokémon to Tuck In

To tuck in a pokémon, start your game, turn on your C-Gear, then tap Online, and then tap Game Sync. Connect to the Nintendo WFC. Once you are connected to the Nintendo WFC, the game will ask you to select a sleepy Pokémon from your PC to tuck in (there are some pokémon that can't be tucked in, but you should be able to choose from most of them). Choose a pokémon, and it will be placed in the bed. You will then have to wait for your game to say that your pokémon fell asleep. The game will say something like "Your (pokémon's name) fell asleep. It's sleeping soundly!"

Once your pokémon has fallen asleep, you can tap the screen and the Game Sync will disconnect from the Nintendo WFC. Your pokémon will still be asleep even after you disconnect. Your game doesn't have to be connected to the Nintendo WFC for you to visit the Dream World.

Eventually, your pokémon will start dreaming. It might take a while. Go to Pokémon-GL.com to see if your pokémon has started dreaming yet. If it says something like "Ready to Play" under your pokémon's name, then it means that your pokémon is dreaming. Once it is dreaming, you can visit the Dream World. You can only send one pokémon to the Dream World at a time. You can't send more than one.

Step Six: Visit the Dream World

After tucking in one of your pokémon in the Game Sync in your C-Gear (tap Online in your C-Gear, then Game Sync) log in at Pokémon-GL.com and click the Pokémon Dream World button at the bottom of the page. If your pokémon is dreaming, you can connect to the Dream World by pressing the Dream World button on Pokémon-GL.com. It will take you to the Dream World.

If your pokémon has not started dreaming yet, Fennel will tell you to wait five minutes. Once a pokémon starts dreaming, if it is the first time that you have visited the Dream World, Fennel will give you some instructions.

How long it takes for a pokémon to start dreaming:

Although Fennel says to wait five minutes, sometimes it might take a lot longer than five minutes. It really just depends on how many other people's pokémon are dreaming around the world. If there are a lot, then it might take your pokémon a while to start dreaming. This is normal and nothing to worry about. Just be patient and keep checking the page. There isn't anything you can do to get your pokémon to dream sooner. You can't manually make your pokémon start dreaming. All you can do is wait.

After your pokémon starts dreaming, press the Dream World button on Pokémon-GL.com to go to the Dream World.

Step Seven: When you are done, wake up your pokémon

After you are done playing in the Dream World (read below for what you can do there), be sure to wake up your pokémon. You can wake up your pokémon at any time by clicking the power button at the upper right of the Dream World screen. You can also log in at the Pokémon-GL.com page, look at your profile, and check the Dream World tab to see which of your pokémon is sleeping. There is a button below the picture of your pokémon that says Wake Up. Click that button to wake up your pokémon.

Once you have woken up your pokémon on the web site, use the Game Sync in your game. Connect to the Nintendo WFC and say yes when it asks you to wake up your pokémon.

There is a time limit of one hour that you are allowed to spend in the Dream World, so if an hour has passed, the Dream World will tell you that you have to wake up your pokémon. You will be able to go back to the Dream World 24 hours after your last visit. Your time in the Dream World starts when you click the Dream World button on Pokémon-GL.com and enter the Dream World (the countdown doesn't start if your pokémon hasn't started dreaming yet.) Waking up your pokémon will automatically send the pokémon that you wished for at the Tree of Dreams to the Entralink Forest in your game, which you can access by tapping Wireless in your C-Gear, then tapping Entralink (you have to be outside).

Dream World Topics and Frequently Asked Questions

Your House

Your house in the Dream World is where you can send items from the Dream World to your game. You can also decorate your house and check on the Dream Board to see which pokémon you are sending to your game.

Buying Furniture and Decorations

By collecting berries in the Dream World, you can order new furniture and decorations from the Dream Catalog, which is in your house, next to the door. Be sure to plant plenty of berries in your garden outside of your house to get plenty of berries to use in the Dream World.

Dream Board

Your Dream Board is in your house, to the right of the door. It will show you which pokémon are waiting for you in the Entralink Forest in your game, as well as all of the pokémon that you have caught in your Entralink forest. You can only send one pokémon to your Entralink Forest per Dream World session. Your Entralink Forest can only hold up to 50 pokémon at a time. If there are 50 pokémon waiting to be caught in the Entralink Forest in your game, you will have to catch at least one of them before you can send another pokémon to the Entralink Forest. You can access the Entralink Forest by tapping Wireless in your C-Gear, then tapping Entralink (you have to be outside).

Treasure Chest

The Treasure Chest shows you which berries and items you have found in the Dream World. By clicking the Send button next to an item, you can send the item to your game. You CAN'T send items from your game to the Dream World, though, so keep that in mind.

Placing items on the Share Shelf

Outside of your house, you can use your Share Shelf. You can place items on the Share Shelf, and people who visit your island can trade their items with the items on your shelf. However, in order to swap an item from a Share Shelf, you can't have the same type of item in your own treasure chest. So, for example, if you have an Oran berry in your Treasure Chest, you can't take an Oran Berry from anyone's Share Shelf.

Growing Berries

See also: List of Dream World Berries

Near your house is a garden patch where you can plant berries. Tap one of the holes in the ground and you will be prompted to put a berry there. You can go to the back rows of berry holes by clicking the arrow at the bottom of the screen.

The first time that you put a berry in the soil, the soil will be moist and it will not need to be watered, so you won't be able to use the watering can on it. The next time that you visit, if the berry has sprouted but hasn't made berries yet, you can use the watering can on it by clicking on it. Watering the berry plants will help them grow more berries.

When they mature, you can click on the berry plants to harvest the berries and add them to your inventory. Once the berry plant has berries on it, you can't water it anymore, so you will have to harvest the berries.

You will get more garden plots for your berries by getting more Dream Points. You can check your Dream Points in your Pokémon-GL.com Profile. See below for how to collect Dream Points.

Visiting the Island of Dreams

Outside of your house, there is a rainbow. When you are on the screen with the rainbow, press the up arrow at the bottom of the screen to cross the bridge. (You won't be able to cross the bridge if you used a berry at the Tree of Dreams already.) Crossing the rainbow takes you to the Island of Dreams. Every time you take a step in the Island of Dreams, you move closer to the Tree of Dreams (even if you walk back to a place that you have already been to). Whenever you take a step, wait a moment to look around for sparkling areas or shaking bushes or trees. Check on sparkling areas to find items. Check on shaking bushes and trees to find pokémon.

Dream World Areas

When you first start going to the Dream World, the only area that you will find on the Island of Dreams is Pleasant Forest. Then, when you have collected 2500 Dream Points and obtained at least 4 Gym Badges in the game, the Windswept Sky area will be unlocked. Then, after you have collected 5000 Dream Points and have obtained all 8 Gym Badges in the game, the Sparkling Sea area is unlocked. The area that you visit is randomly chosen when you visit the Island of Dreams.

Finding Pokémon in the Island of Dreams

When you walk around the Island of Dreams, which you reach by crossing the rainbow, you might find pokémon in shaking bushes and trees. Click on a shaking bush or tree to make the pokémon appear. You can play a game with that pokémon to befriend it.

Play with Wailord

One of the games is called Play with Wailord. In this game, you can move Wailord around on the bottom of the screen by moving your mouse. Catch the falling pokémon on Wailord's water. Then, click the mouse to make Wailord raise the water. This will make the pokémon on the water jump into the air. Make the pokémon jump up to hit the balloon balls. The pokémon can only open the balloon balls that match their color pattern. Open as many balloon balls as you can in the time limit, and try not to let the pokémon fall into the water. The pokémon will jump back out of the water after a while, though, so don't worry.

Find the Missing (Pokémon)

One of the games is Find the Missing (Pokémon)! In this game, you must walk around an area looking for a missing pokémon. (The steps that you take in this game don't bring you closer to the Tree of Dreams). In each area, wait for a moment to see if there are any sparkles or shaking bushes, trees, rocks, grass, etc. If you click on a shaking object, a pokémon will jump out, but it might not be the one that you are looking for. You can click the Listen Carefully button at the bottom right of the screen to check if the pokémon you are looking for is nearby. However, when you listen carefully, it takes some time away from your time limit, so keep that in mind. Use Listen Carefully when you see a shaking object, because it will tell you if the shaking object is hiding the pokémon that you are looking for. If you see any sparkles, be sure to click them, because it is an item that belongs to the missing pokémon, and you will get bonus points for finding it. A good strategy is to go around looking for the sparkles, because the missing pokémon is always in a screen close to the item. When you find the missing pokémon, the game will end.

Pile Ice Cream

To play the Pile Ice Cream game, you will use a berry. You will not be able to play if you don't have a berry. In the game, there are three buckets of ice cream on the left, and a bowl in the middle of the screen. The types of ice cream on the left depend on which berry you chose. The type of berry affects how easy it is to scoop the ice cream, as well as how sticky the ice cream is.

Click an ice cream bucket to scoop the ice cream, and then drag the mouse so that the scoop of ice cream is over the bowl. Let go of the mouse button to let the ice cream drop into the bowl. Try to make a really tall pile of ice cream in the bowl. It needs to be at least as tall as the yellow line on the screen. You get bonus points for making a scoop that is the best size. The best size is displayed in the box on the right as a blue circle. You might have to hold the ice cream scoop over the bucket of ice cream for a long time in order to make the scoop that size.

Remember not to hold your ice cream too far above the ice cream in the bowl, because the higher you hold the scoop, the faster it will be moving when it lands on the scoop, which makes it more likely to roll off of the ice cream instead of sticking. You should hold the next scoop close to the last one to try to make sure that it sticks.

Your score is calculated by multiplying the ice cream's centimeter height by 75 and rounding up. Then you get a multiplier of up to two for using a balanced number of flavors. In other words, if you use an equal number of scoops from each flavor, your multiplier is 2. But if there is more of one flavor than another, then this multiplier will be lower. You also get a multiplier of up to two for making scoops of the ideal size (which, as mentioned earlier, is displayed as a blue circle in the box on the right.) You get the multiplier of 2 if all of the scoops are the ideal size, but it will be lower if you have any scoops that are not the ideal size.

Pelipper's Sky Race: Let's play with a Flying Pokémon

Pelipper will follow the white and red flags, which you move with your mouse. Collect the droplet symbols to increase Pelipper's speed. Avoid the lighting symbols, because touching one will slow Pelipper down and make it unable to move for a while. Clouds also slow you down, but not too much. Just avoid getting stuck behind a cloud or going all the way through a cloud. Brushing up against the cloud isn't going to slow you down that much. Continue collecting droplet symbols to increase Pelipper's speed even more. The game is more difficult the faster Pelipper goes, so be careful. Eventually, Pelipper will reach the goal unless you run out of time.

Blow Out Candles

Blow Out Candles is a game where you try to make the other player blow out the last candle on a chandelier. If you are the one to blow out the last candle, you lose that round. You keep playing new rounds until the candle on the right side of the screen has completely melted.

There are golden candles that are worth more points to blow out. There are blue candles that lower your score if you blow them out. There are large candles that you have to blow out twice before they disappear.

You can blow out multiple candles if they are all next to each other on the same row.

The game will suggest a move for you if you wait long enough without making a move. The suggested move is always a winning move.

To win, try to force there to be three separate candles (not next to each other in a row.) The other player will blow out one, then you will blow out one, and then there will only be one left, so you will win.

Collect Gems with Sableye

Sableye will ride in a mine cart. There are different rails that Sableye can jump to. There is an area on the lower left side of the screen that you can draw in. To jump to a different rail, you have to draw the symbol that appears on that rail. You only have a limited time to draw the symbol. If you run out of time, you won't be able to jump to that rail.

Your goal is to collect gems. There are star-shaped gems that are worth more points. If you get onto a rail with a cave entrance, you will go into a cave where there are many more gems than usual. If your mine cart runs into a plant, it will make the mine cart shake, and you might lose some gems.

The Tree of Dreams

After taking a number of steps on the Island of Dreams, you will arrive at the Tree of Dreams. The pokémon floating in bubbles around the tree are other players' pokémon who are in the Dream World right now. You can't capture or befriend them, but you can read their information by clicking on them.

How to Wish at the Tree of Dreams

When you have befriended pokémon, you can click the sparkles in the base of the tree. You will see a list of pokémon that you met, and you can use a berry to make a wish to send one, and only one, to your Entralink. (You can choose NOT to send a pokémon to the Entralink, if you don't want to. It's optional.)

Once you choose a pokémon to send to the Entralink, you will be sent back to your house and you will not be able to cross the bridge to return to the Island of Dreams until the next time that you tuck in a pokémon. If you can't get to the Island of Dreams, you have to wait until the next time you visit the Dream World. You can look at the Dream Board in your house to see which Pokémon you have befriended. You can access the Entralink Forest by tapping Wireless in your C-Gear, then tapping Entralink (you have to be outside).

Dream Points

You earn Dream Points for doing different things in the Dream World. Like Watts in the Pokéwalker, Dream Points will unlock new areas of the Dream World that you can visit, and will expand your berry garden. If you collect 500 Dream Points during a single stay in the Dream World, your pokémon will go up a level when you wake it up.

Where to check your Dream Points:

You can see how many Dream Points you have by signing in at Pokémon-GL.com and checking your profile.

How to Earn Dream Points

Doing different things in the Dream World will earn you Dream Points. See below for a list of ways to earn Dream Points.

Points EarnedAction Performed
10Water another player's berries
20 *Successfully complete a minigame on the Island of Dreams
50Logging into the Dream World

* In April 2011, mini-games were changed to give 20 Dream Points for successful completion, no matter the score.

Dream Point Rewards

The following things will be unlocked when you accumulate the required number of Dream Points.

Points RequiredReward
0Pleasant Forest area is accessible in the Island of Dreams
900You get a third row in your garden to plant more berries
2100You get a fourth row in your garden to plant more berries
2500 and 4 Gym BadgesWindswept Sky area is unlocked in the Island of Dreams
3600You get a fifth row in your garden to plant more berries
5000 and 8 Gym BadgesSparkling Sea area is unlocked in the Island of Dreams

How to Earn a Lot of Dream Points

The best way to earn a lot of Dream Points is to go through the Island of Dreams multiple times during a visit. You don't have to make a wish at the Tree of Dreams (which would make you unable to visit the Island of Dreams again until your next visit.) You can instead click "Return to Home" at the top left of the screen. This will allow you to return to the Island of Dreams and play more minigames, each of which gives you 20 Dream Points.

Since each game takes about two minutes to complete, you could theoretically get a maximum of 500 Dream Points or so from mini-games alone during your hour in the Dream World. However, after you have visited the Island of Dreams a certain number of times, you stop meeting pokémon on the island. Therefore, be sure to always play the games with the pokémon that you meet, because you will eventually run out of pokémon to play mini-games with.

If you make multiple visits to the Island of Dreams, make sure to keep an eye on the the time so that you don't run out of time before you get a chance to make a wish at the tree.

Another good way to make more Dream Points is to water other players' berries. You can do this by making friends and watering their berries, or, if your privacy settings are set to public, you will also see a random player's island along with your friends' when you check your Dream Pal Map, and you can go water that random player's berries (if any). You can only water berry plants that don't have moist soil and haven't sprouted berries yet. You get 10 points for each berry that you water, and you can water up to 20 berries during your hour in the Dream World, so you can get up to 200 points during your visit this way. Japanese players have had access to the Dream World for much longer than the rest of the world, so in general, a Japanese player is more likely to have berries for you to water.

How to Send Dream World Pokémon to Your Game

After you befriend a pokémon and spend a berry to make a wish at the Tree of Dreams, you can send that pokémon to your game. Here is how.

To send the pokémon that you wished for at the Tree of Dreams to your game, all you have to do is wake up the pokémon that you brought to the Dream World. But keep in mind that when you wake up your sleeping pokémon, you end your hour in the Dream World and won't be able to go back for 23 hours. Once you use Game Sync to wake up your pokémon, see below for how to go to the Entralink Forest.

To receive the pokémon that you sent from the Dream World to your game, you have to go to the Entralink. To visit the Entralink, tap Wireless in your C-Gear. Then, make sure that your character is outside and not in a doorway, and tap Entralink. This takes you to the Entralink Forest. The pokémon that you wished for at the Tree of Dreams will be walking around in the northern part of the forest if you woke up the pokémon that you sent the Dream World.

You can access the Entralink Forest by tapping Wireless in your C-Gear, then tapping Entralink (you have to be outside). After arriving in the Entralink, go north to the forest. Look for a pokémon walking around, and talk to it. It will look like you are battling it, but you can't actually fight it. Instead, you should choose Bag from the menu in the touch screen, then choose the Dream Ball from your Poké Balls bag. This Dream Ball only appears when you are in the Entralink (you can't get or use Dream Balls outside of the Entralink), and it will always catch a pokémon without fail. So, just throw the pokéball at the pokémon and it will be caught and sent to your PC.

Dream Pals and the Dream Roster

Dream Pals are people whose islands are connected to yours. You can have up to 20 Dream Pals. When you are at your house and you choose Check Dream Pal Map, you will see your Dream Pals' islands connected to yours with a rainbow. In addition, if you have your privacy settings set to allow everybody, you will see a random person's island attached to yours.

To make a Dream Pal request, just visit another player's island and click the button in the top left to send a Dream Pal Request. If the person does not approve the request within a week, the request is automatically deleted.

If someone has sent you a Dream Pal request, you will see the request if you click on your Footprint Mat in front of your house. Click the footprint that is yellow and says Request Mode, or, if you don't see a yellow footprint, click See More at the bottom of the mat and then scroll through the list to find the Dream Pal Request. Then visit that player's house and click Become a Dream Pal to become that player's Dream Pal.

You can delete Dream Pals by logging in to Pokemon-GL.com and viewing your profile, then going to the purple Dream World tab and clicking Delete under the Dream Pal in your list that you want to delete.

About Dream World Privacy Settings

Before you can see Dream Pals in the Dream World, be sure to visit Pokémon.com (not Pokémon-GL.com) and sign in with your Trainer Club account, then edit your Pokémon.com profile to update your privacy settings to allow Friends or Everybody to see your Global Link Profile and Pal Rosters. If your settings are left at Nobody, then you will not be able to interact with other players in the Dream World.

How do I add someone from my Pal Pad as a Dream Pal?

If you have someone on your Pal Pad in the game, you might not see that person listed as a Dream Pal in the Dream World. This is because, in order for you to see that person in your Dream Roster, you have to have interacted with that friend via Wi-Fi in your game. What this means is, you and your friend must go upstairs in any Pokémon Center in your respective games, visit the middle room (the Wi-Fi room), and then connect to each other and interact in some way via the Wi-Fi Room. Once you do, your friend will EVENTUALLY show up in one of the tabs of your Dream Roster. However, it might take up to 72 hours for this friend to show up in your Dream Roster. If that person never shows up in the roster, try re-adding that friend to your Pal Pad.

Random Dream Pals

If your privacy settings are set to Everybody, then when you are on your own island, you can click Check Dream Pal Map in the top left to see a random person's Island connected to yours. You can visit that person's island and request to be that person's friend. This is a good way to build up a network of friends, allowing you to accumulate a bunch of Dream Points for watering that person's berries and trading items with that person, and so on.

Time Limit and How Often you can Visit the Dream World

As mentioned above, your pokémon can only visit the Dream World for an hour at a time. You can wake up your pokémon at any time, but if an hour has passed, the Dream World will tell you that you have to wake up your pokémon. You will be able to visit the Dream World again after 24 hours have passed since your last visit. So, if you started visiting the Dream World at 5PM, then the next time that you can visit is 5PM the next day.

Why is there a Time Limit for Visiting the Dream World?

There is a one hour time limit in the Dream World because there is a limit to the number of pokémon around the world who can be dreaming at a given time. In order for all of the pokémon to get a chance to dream, each pokémon can only dream for one hour. After a pokémon wakes up, it makes more room in the Dream World for other pokémon to be able to dream. This is also why it sometimes takes a while for a pokémon to start dreaming: it's because there isn't enough room in the Dream World yet for your pokémon. You just have to wait a while and then your pokémon will start dreaming eventually.