Nuvema Town

Your pokémon adventure begins in Nuvema Town.

Starting the Game

After choosing New Game, Professor Juniper will tell you about the world of Pokémon. She will ask you if you are a boy or a girl. Press the left arrow or right arrow to choose between the picture of the boy or the girl. Press A to confirm your choice.

After choosing your gender, Professor Juniper will ask you for your name. After entering your name, you will start your adventure.

Choose your starter

You will see an animation of Professor Juniper stopping by at your house. After that, you will be in your room with your friends Cheren and Bianca. There will be a gift from the Professor on your table, and Cheren and Bianca will ask you to open it.

Check on the gift. It contains three pokéballs, each of which contains one of the starter pokémon. Snivy is the grass starter, Tepig is the fire starter, and Oshawott is the water starter.

Once you make your choice, Cheren and Bianca will choose their pokémon. In my game, Cheren chose the starter that had a type advantage over my starter, and Bianca chose the starter that had a type disadvantage.

Your First Battles

Bianca will challenge you to a pokémon battle right there in your room. Just have your pokémon use Tackle on each turn to defeat Bianca. Your room will be trashed, and then Cheren will challenge you.

After defeating Cheren, you will all go downstairs to apologize to your mom. Bianca will leave to head home, and Cheren will go to Professor Juniper's lab. If you go to Bianca's house, you will hear her father telling her that she can't leave on a pokémon adventure, but her mother will say that he is just being overprotective.

Obtain the Pokédex

Go to Professor Juniper's lab. She will give each of you a Pokédex and ask you to go on an adventure to catch as many different types of pokémon as you can find. Then she will ask you to go meet her on Route 1 so that she can demonstrate how to catch a pokémon.

Learn How to Catch Pokémon

Go to Route 1 and talk to Professor Juniper. You will watch as she catches a pokémon (you don't have to press any buttons while she is in battle.) Then she will give each of you five pokéballs and ask you to meet her in Accumula Town.

In the grass here, you can find Patrat and Lillipup.