Nimbasa City

In the entrance to Nimbasa City, you find Cheren and Professor Juniper. The professor encourages you to enjoy your pokémon journey but urges you not to neglect your Pokédex. She gives you and Cheren ten Ultra Balls to further encourage you. Professor Juniper heads south to look for Bianca, and Cheren goes south to catch some pokémon.

When you get to Nimbasa City, you find a couple of Team Plasma grunts harassing the Day Care Man from Route 3. He rushes up to you and asks you to fight the grunts to stop them from trying to steal his pokémon. Only one grunt will fight you. He has a Level 18 Watchog and Level 18 Trubbish. The Watchog is Normal type, so it's weak to Fighting moves. The Trubbish is a Poison type, which is weak to Ground and Psychic. When you defeat the grunt, they run off.

In thanks for saving him, the Day Care Man gives you a Bicycle. This will speed up your travels considerably.

Musicals at Nimbasa

The Day Care Man leaves, and Bianca will stop by to say that she's going to check out the Pokémon Musical. When you go up to there, she will take you with her into the Musical Theater Hall. The owner will give each of you a Prop Case. Then you will be asked to pick one of your Pokémon to practice dressing up.

To dress up your pokémon, you drag around the ring of accessories to rotate it, then drag an accessory away from the ring to set it aside. Then you drag it onto your pokémon and it will snap into place. Some of the accessories won't fit on different types of pokémon, though, so they won't snap in place. For example, a skirt won't fit on a pokémon that walks on four legs, so the skirt won't snap into place.

After you practice dressing up your pokémon, Bianca will decide that she wants to check out the city before participating in the Musical. If you want to practice dressing up again, talk to the woman at the counter at the right. If you talk to the woman at the middle counter, you can choose a pokémon to participate in the musical. She will tell you more about the Musical if you choose Info. The woman at the counter on the left is the one you talk to if you want to have a musical with friends.

There are several musicals that you can choose to have your pokémon participate in. Your goal is to dress up your pokémon in a way that gets the best audience reaction. Sometimes it's best to use accessories on your pokémon that go well with the theme of the musical, but in other cases, an unusual accessory makes your pokémon stand out and get a better audience reaction. Doing well in the musical will unlock more accessories for your pokémon.

Bianca's Dad Pays a Visit

When you go outside from the Musical Theater, you will find that Bianca's Dad has caught up with Bianca, and he insists that she come home and stop her pokémon journey. However, Bianca is a bit more mature, and she tries to stand up for herself. However, her Dad is unconvinced until Elesa, the leader of the Nimbasa Gym, stops by and gives her words of wisdom about pokémon journeys. Bianca's Dad is finally convinced that he was being childish, and he agrees to let Bianca continue on her journey.

Encountering N at the Amusement Park

If you go through the colorful archway to the right of the Nimbasa City entrance, you enter the Amusement Park. There, you encounter none other than N, who knows that you are looking for Team Plasma. He takes you to the Ferris Wheel to look for them. Since they aren't there, N asks you to go on the Ferris Wheel with him.

On the Ferris Wheel, N reveals information that you might have already guessed: N is the king of Team Plasma.

After the Ferris Wheel ride, Team Plasma grunts show up. N says that he will battle with you so that the grunts can run away.

First, N sends out a Sandile. A flying type like Pidove would be a good choice because it is immune to Sandile's Ground attacks. Don't use Woobat, though, because its Psychic type makes it vulnerable to Sandile's Dark attacks.

Next, N uses a Scraggy. This is a Dark/Fighting, so its weaknesses are Fighting and Flying moves. You have many choices here, including Throh, Sawk, Timburr, and Pidove.

After that, N sends out Darumaka. This pure Fire type also has some normal attacks, so Roggenrola is a good choice because it is strong against both.

Finally, N uses Sigilyph. This is a Psychic/Flying type. Its weaknesses are Electric, Ice, Rock, Ghost, and Dark. It has both Psychic and Flying attacks. It also has Whirlwind, which will switch your active pokémon with a random one from your party. A Dark pokémon will be immune to the Psychic attack, so try Purrloin or Sandile.

When you defeat N, he will tell you that he plans to get all of the Gym badges and defeat the champion in order to get the power to force all people to release their pokémon. He says that the only way for you to stop him is to also get all of the Gym badges and defeat N, who will be waiting for you. After telling you this, N will leave.

Gear Station and Battle Subway

Just north of the exit to Route 4 is Gear Station, where you can ride the Battle Subway. When you go to the entrance, an Ace Trainer will step out and tell you a little about it, and she will give you a Vs. Recorder. Then she will leave for the Battle Institute.

Battle Institute

The Battle Institute is to the left of the Pokémon Center. Once you defeat the Elite Four, you can participate in battles here. If you try to participate before then, the guy will tell you that you can't do it yet. In a Single battle, you can choose three of your pokémon, and you will fight against five trainers, where each one is more difficult than the last. In Double Battle, you choose four of your pokémon.

Big Stadium and Small Court

These locations, at the north of town, contain trainers that you can battle each day. The type of sport being played in the Stadium depends on what day it currently is.

Big Stadium Schedule:

  • Sunday: Baseball
  • Monday: Baseball
  • Tuesday: Soccer
  • Wednesday: Football
  • Thursday: Baseball
  • Friday: Soccer
  • Saturday: Football

Small Court Schedule:

  • Sunday: Tennis
  • Monday: Tennis
  • Tuesday: Basketball
  • Wednesday: Tennis
  • Thursday: Basketball
  • Friday: Tennis
  • Saturday: Basketball