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Journey to the Desert Colossus

After you free the carpenters and become an honorary Gerudo, you can go to the Haunted Wasteland.

Go to the Wasteland

Go to the large gate in the northwest of the Gerudo Fortress area. Climb up the ladder to reach the Gerudo up above. Talk to her and she will open the gate. You can't take Epona with you into the Haunted Wasteland, so just walk through the gate.

Haunted Wasteland

Put on the Hover Boots to avoid sinking into the quicksand. Stand on the crate up ahead and use the Longshot on another crate across the gap. From here, use the Longshot on the flagpoles to make your way through the desert. Keep an eye on the map to make sure you aren't going back the way you came.

After a while, you reach a small building. Go through the front door and climb down the ladder, then light the unlit torches to make a chest appear. It contains 50 rupees.

Be sure to kill the Gold Skulltula in here, then go back outside.

Go up the ramp to the roof of the building. Turn on the Lens of Truth to see a poe. It will start moving, so follow it. You may find it easier to follow it if you don't target it. You will get attacked by Leevers along the way, but don't stop to fight them or you will lose the Poe. If you stray too far from the Poe's path, you will be sent back to the beginning of the Haunted Wasteland. Eventually, the poe will go a long way straight ahead to a solitary flagpole in the distance. If the poe starts to go back the way it came, don't follow it. Just keep going straight ahead to reach a new area.

Desert Colossus

There is a cracked wall on the right side, between two palm trees. Bomb it and go through. Stand on the Triforce and play Zelda's Lullaby to get Nayru's Love, which uses magic to create a shield around you.

There is a dry pond in the area. You can play the Song of Storms to refill it and make some fairies appear.

Go into the big temple.

Spirit Temple

You can't go any farther into the temple, so just leave.

Learn a New Song

Sheik will teach you the Requiem of Spirit, allowing you to return to this temple, even as a child. Play the Prelude of Light to return to the Temple of Time. Put the Master Sword into the pedestal to become a child again.

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