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Big Poe Locations

After you pull the Master Sword, you can find Big Poes around Hyrule. If you kill all of them and take the proof to the right person, you will get an empty bottle.


As an adult, Big Poes can be found around Hyrule Field. It can be easier to hunt them while riding Epona. Read How to Get Epona if you don't have her yet.

The map below shows where you can find Big Poes. Be aware that you might also encounter regular Poes in those locations, especially if you are on foot instead of on horseback. Regular Poes fly in a circle around you, but Big Poes fly backward in a straight line away from you. Ride Epona to make it more likely to find Big Poes.

If you stay still at one of the hot spot locations listed below, the Big Poe will appear and fly backward away from you, then disappear. If you stay in that location, the Big Poe will keep reappearing and doing the same thing. You can turn to face a different direction, and the Big Poe will fly backward from the direction you are facing.

To catch the Big Poe, just wait for it to appear, then turn to face a direction that causes the Big Poe to fly in a straight line away from you. It's easier to hit the Big Poe with arrows if it moves away in a straight line.

Shoot it twice to kill it, then make sure that you have an empty bottle, and walk into the Poe Soul and you will be asked to put it into an empty bottle.

Then go to the guardhouse in Hyrule Castle town, just inside of the drawbridge, and sell it to the guy there to get 50 rupees and 100 points. After you give the guy all ten Big Poes, he gives you an empty bottle.

Big Poe Map

A map of Hyrule Field in the video game Ocarina of Time, with the locations of Big Poes marked.

Description of Big Poe Locations

  • On the ledge above the river between Kakariko and Zora's River. You can also stand underneath that ledge to make the Big Poe appear.
  • The crossroads in front of the Hyrule Castle Town entrance, near the wooden sign.
  • Near the corner of the angled wall east of Lon Lon Ranch.
  • Next to the stone on the path south of Lon Lon Ranch, just before the fence.
  • At the crossroads near the Gerudo Valley entrance.
  • At the bush that is closest to the tree near the Gerudo Valley entrance.
  • In the circle of bushes near the small wooded area in the southern area of Hyrule Field.
  • Next to one of the trees in the small wooded area in the southern area of Hyrule Field.
  • Next to one of the bushes west of Hyrule Castle Town, near where the river is flowing.
  • Next to the tree at the Lon Lon Ranch entrance.

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