Version-Exclusive Items

Some items in Nintendogs + Cats—collars, discs, and toys, for example—are different colors depending on which version of the game you are playing. Below is a listing of the item differences between the different versions of the game.

Items that are Different in the Different Games

Toy PoodleFrench BulldogGolden Retriever
LeashRed Leash, Black LeashGreen Leash, Brown LeashYellow Leash, Pink Leash
Tennis BallPink Tennis BallLight Blue Tennis BallYellow Tennis Ball
Rubber BonePink Rubber BoneLight Blue Rubber BoneWhite Rubber Bone
Cat WandPink Cat WandBlue Cat WandGreen Cat Wand
Flying DiscGreen Flying DiscOrange Flying DiscBlue Flying Disc
Pro DiscBlue Pro DiscYellow Pro DiscPink Pro Disc
BoomerangYellow BoomerangBlue BoomerangRed Boomerang
LurePink LureYellow LureBlue Lure
Pro LureBlue Pro LureOrange Pro LureGreen Pro Lure
Leather CollarRed Leather Collar, White Leather CollarBlue Leather Collar, Green Leather CollarYellow Leather Collar, Brown Leather Collar
Dot CollarWhite Dot CollarRed Dot CollarBlack Dot Collar
Japanese-Print CollarRed Japanese-Print CollarBlue Japanese-Print CollarGreen Japanese-Print Collar
Faux CollarFaux-Zebra CollarFaux-Leopard CollarFaux-Python Collar
Bell CollarBrown Bell CollarGreen Bell CollarBlue Bell Collar
BowBlue Bow, Red Bow, Checkered BowPink Polka-Dot Bow, Yellow BowBlue Bow, Red Bow, Checkered Bow
CapRed CapBlack CapYellow Cap
Knit CapWhite Knit CapYellow Knit CapBlack Knit Cap
SunglassesRed SunglassesYellow SunglassesWhite Sunglasses
Movie-Star ShadesPink Movie-Star ShadesBrown Movie-Star ShadesBlack Movie-Star Shades