Mr. R Recyclables

Here is a list of items that can be used at Mr. R's shop in exchange for items. You can find these when you go on walks. The types of items that you can find depend on which path you walk on. NOTE: The secret path will have the recyclable items from the path where you saw the secret path sign. So for example, if you were walking in the seaside and saw the secret path sign there, then the secret path will have plastic.

MaterialWhere to find it
MetalAll paths (rare)
StardustAll paths (rare)

Items you Can Get from Mr. R

Below is a list of items that can be obtained from Mr. R along with the recyclable materials that are required.

Item Wood Metal Rubber Leather Plastic Stardust
Dumbbell Toy002000
Combat Copter022020
Fish Bowl200220
Rainbow Disc200321
Rainbow Lure200321
Club Dog000110
Rainbow Ring000301
Party Hat203001
Rainbow Wig302001
Berry Hood103400
Koopa-shell Chair320030
Cat Tower321000
RoboPup Voucher757773
Flat-Screen TV023402
Thank You000110