In Nintendogs + Cats, your pet's physique can range from Underfed, Skinny, Ideal, Plump and Overfed. Your pet's physique will change depending on what you feed it, and how much. In general, if your pet is overfed or plump, feed it diet food and water. If it is underfed or skinny, feed it formula and wet food. The type of food with the best nutritional balance is Fine Food.

Helping your Overweight Puppy/Kitty Lose Weight

If your pet is overfed or plump, you need to help it lose weight. To do this, you need to control what your pet eats. Never feed your pet formula when it is overweight. Instead, give it water. Similarly, never use Wet Food for your pet when it is overweight. Instead, give it diet food. Also, feed it the most expensive treats, which have the best nutritional balance. Finally, avoid taking overweight puppies to the café, because the food there is fattening.

In addition, you should exercise your overweight pet as much as you can. For dogs, this means going on plenty of walks and doing a lot of disc and lure training, as well as having it play with other dogs and having it play with its favorite toys. For cats, this means having it play with toys as much as you can. Having multiple pets at home is also helpful, because the pets have more of an incentive to get up and play. Finally, try playing some of the records. Some of them get your pets to run around a lot.

Helping your Underweight Pets to Gain Weight

If your pets are underfed or skinny, you should feed them with fattening foods like formula and wet food. Also, feed them with the cheapest treats, which are the most fattening. Also, take puppies to the café, where they serve fattening foods.

Maintaining your Pets' Ideal Weight

If your pet's physique is ideal, then the best diet for it is probably water and Fine Food, as well as the most expensive treats. These foods have the best nutritional balance. Also, if you wait for your pet to become hungry before feeding it, you reduce the chance that your puppy will gain weight from your feeding.